Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 68

With the help of the sprint, Sasuke took a heavy blow, and after failing, he wanted to adjust his posture in front of him and continue to attack.

Don't put me in the eyes?

Or is it self-confident?

Sure enough, Sasuke hadn't adjusted his posture before he was screwed by Kuroyoshi's collar.

Then, pulling forward, his left leg stretched out and tripped under the foot while leaning on his side.

Sasuke's body suddenly lost balance and fell forward.

He also reacted extremely quickly, reaching out his hands at the moment his body lost his balance, trying to support the ground at the moment he fell, and then took advantage of the momentum to flip his body to fight back.

However, without waiting for his actual action, Kuroyoshi behind him took advantage of the momentum and smashed him.

The strength and weight made Sasuke lie on the ground.

Kurayoshi pressed down on Sasuke, pressed his right hand and knee on the back of Sasuke's neck, and his left hand grabbed his hair and pulled it back.

As long as he feels his force trying to break free, he will pull his hair back.

The pain and breathing difficulties caused by the raised neck made it difficult for him to gather energy.

"Give up, I won't let go." Kuroyoshi said lightly.

"Who, who wants to admit defeat!"

Sasuke struggled, but it didn't work.

On the contrary, the lack of oxygen caused by the struggle caused the face and neck to become flushed.

"Stop, Kurayoshi won this duel." Iluka spoke out in time to stop the fight.

Seeing this, Kuroyoshi let go of Sasuke, stood up, and took a few steps back.

Sasuke also stood up.

He coughed for a while, and looked at Iluka unconvincedly after returning to normal breathing, "Teacher, don't pronounce the verdict casually, the battle is not over yet."

"Sasuke, I can understand that everyone is competitive, but" Iruka shook his head slightly, "If you lose, you lose. Face your own shortcomings, and then make progress through practice. This is the purpose of the practice."

"But Me"

"Okay, do you want to question my judgment as a ninja?" Iluka said with a straight face: "If Kuroyoshi hadn't been merciful just now, your neck would be broken in an instant. Even so, if I don't Stop, you will also fainted due to hypoxia. You should thank your classmates for showing mercy. If you are on the battlefield, you have no chance to come back."

Sasuke no longer refuted.

He lowered his head and bit his lower lip, his knuckles turned white with clenched fists.

He knew that Iruka was telling the truth, but he was unwilling to lose to other peers.

At first, he was full of confidence, but he was easily killed by someone.

This kind of psychological gap is really unacceptable.

Looking at Sasuke like this, Iluka sighed inwardly.

Although he has not yet taken the exam for his age, Sasuke has always been ranked first in his training performance on weekdays.

Now he was easily defeated by the normally humble Kurayoshi.

This is a big blow to Sasuke, but this world is like this, and everything goes well.

If Sasuke can't face up to this failure, it will cause huge hidden dangers to his future ninja career.

Therefore, Iruka also changed from the past gentleness, not only did not have a good word to comfort, but spoke out.

"Sasuke, make the seal of reconciliation!"

Sasuke raised his head, staring at Kuraki with piercing eyes.

Kuroyoshi remained calm and looked at him quietly.

"Next time, I will definitely win."

Sasuke extended his right hand to Kuroyoshi, his fighting spirit in his eyes became more vigorous.

Kuroyoshi stretched out his right hand and printed with him, with a faint smile on his face, "I will never lose."

Chapter 48 Degraded Immortal Crystal

After the battle was over, Kurayoshi returned to watch under the tree holding the book.

Iluka glanced, and said nothing.

Although it is only Zhong Ren, but there is still the vision that should be.

In previous battles, Kuroyoshi's reaction, strength, and skills were far from what a freshman should have.

At this moment, Iluka understood.

Kuroyoshi didn't take a short run to be lazy in class, but because these courses didn't work for him, so he used it for other purposes.

Conduct the exercises in an orderly manner.

Iluka took the roster and practiced in pairs.

The onlookers did not focus on the two sides of the battle, but talked about the previous battle between Sasuke and Kurayoshi.

In their impression, although Kuroyoshi's performance has not fallen behind, it is not excellent, plus the image of a nerd who is immersed in textbooks every day.

They subconsciously think that Kuroyoshi is weak, and anyone in the class is better than him.

but now

Uchiha was born and performed well on weekdays, but Sasuke, who surpassed the others, was easily defeated by Kurayoshi.

This is almost a spike.

This huge contrast made them unbelievable for a while.

Although Naruto Ino and others were happy about it, they were also about surprises and didn't think he could win in advance.

Only Shikamaru's expression was taken for granted.

From the small details of his words and deeds, he had long guessed that Kuroyoshi was very strong.

Although I didn't guess that he would be so strong, defeating Sasuke was expected.