Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 69

Kuroyoshi didn't know the reaction of the students.

He is completely immersed in the world in the book.

"The land of the earth has many mountains and rocks, mostly fragile rock formations, which are natural traps. When performing tasks in that country, you must always pay attention to the touch of the ground."

"In the deep desert of the Kingdom of Wind, sandstorms often occur. You need to predict the weather before you travel. You need to guard against venomous snakes and scorpions at night.

"The Country of Sichuan"

This is an extracurricular book that records the geography of various countries in the mainland. Kuroyoshi is very fascinated by it.

When I recovered, the school bell had rang.

"It's all this time!"

Kuroyoshi stood up and stretched, gathered together, and then finished school.

Saying goodbye to friends at the door, Kurayoshi didn't go to the nearby drill ground to train, but went straight back home.

When the door was closed and locked, Kurayoshi took out a bunch of hair, and the sound of the system suddenly sounded in his mind.

Ding!Discover the special materials "incomplete fairy hair" and "residual power of Indra" to forge special props "degraded fairy crystal"

Wait, why is it a degenerate fairy crystallization?

Kuroyoshi opened his eyes slightly.

This is the hair torn from the previous battle with Sasuke. It stands to reason that it should be forged like a fairy crystal like Naruto's.

Why is it degraded?

Kuroyoshi thought hard.

It suddenly occurred to me that in the battle between Indra and Asura, the six immortals gave his power to Asura.

Asura has the power of the six realms, but Indra does not.

Could it be this reason?

Kuroyoshi wasn't sure, but now, he can only take one step at a time.


In my mind, there was a bloody crystal the size of a thumb in his hand.

"Degraded fairy crystals can be upgraded: after swallowing, it will change the blood of the user, awakening the degraded fairy eyes. If the user has the power of the six ways, the eyes will evolve into complete fairy eyes in a long time. "

it is as expected.

Kuroyoshi knew it.

In the anime, Indra does not have a reincarnation eye. Sasuke also awakens a reincarnation eye because the six immortals gave him half of his power.

Now neither Sasuke nor Indra has the power of the six realms, so it is naturally impossible to forge the crystal that can awaken the reincarnation eye.

The next second, the system prompt confirmed his idea.

Ding!It has been detected that the host has swallowed the fairy crystal and has a perfect body. The body contains the six powers. After swallowing the degenerated fairy crystal, the eyes will slowly evolve independently

Ding!It has been detected that the host has forged a large number of broken fairy crystals, which can be upgraded with degraded fairy crystals, which can greatly shorten the evolution time of fairy eyes

"Is that so"

Kuroyoshi pondered slightly.

Uchiha Madara bit a piece of meat from Senju Zhuma, and seized a piece of Chakra belonging to Ashura from it, and then spent decades guiding the power of the six realms to evolve the eyes into reincarnation eyes.

That's what Kurayoshi is now.

However, he himself possesses the power of the six realms, so he doesn't need to spend time to guide, and the time spent will be much shorter.

But how long it will take is still unknown.

Cang Jiran didn't understand it, so he simply didn't want to.

He first took out the fusion of Itachi's fairy crystal and Sasuke to upgrade.

The information given by the system has not changed, but the crystal surface has become brighter.

Kuroyoshi didn't hesitate, and took out all the crystals of Uchiha and integrated them one by one.

After the upgrade, the information given by the system remains unchanged, but the crystal itself has become more dazzling, containing coveted power.

"If this is the awakening kaleidoscope, it should be the strongest kaleidoscope!"

Kuroyoshi took the crystal, smiled, and swallowed it.

The crystals flowed down the throat into the belly, turning into red energy and wandering through the body.

Every time it walks around, it will bring green fluorescence and float towards the brain.

Affected by this, Kurayoshi felt refreshed and clear-headed.

The state lasted ten minutes.

Cangji took off Xueba's eyes, and then took off the Wanhua mirror. There were suddenly bloody six-pointed stars in the dark eyes.

Kurayoshi felt that the world had changed and became clearer.

Small dust and even germs that were invisible before are clearly visible.

"Is this Sasuke's kaleidoscope."

Kuroyoshi looked at his hands, he could feel the power in his eyes.

Amaterasu, add earth fate, moon reading, Susanenghu

It perfectly combines the kaleidoscope abilities of Sasuke and Itachi.

The pupil power contained in it far surpassed the Wanhua Mirror of Itachi and Shishui.

Moreover, the pupil power is still getting stronger.

Although the magnitude of the increase is so weak that it is imperceptible, the victory is lasting.

Kuroyoshi felt it for a while. In about eight years, it could undergo a qualitative change and evolve into a reincarnation eye.

"Now you can breathe a sigh of relief."