Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 71

Kuroyoshi read it with the Book of Omniscience, and after confirming that there was no one nearby, he chose forging.

In the next second, a doctor's hat and a thick leather book with a black iron cover appeared in his hands.

The hat looks no different from an ordinary doctor's hat. There are many simple portraits on the cover of the black iron cover book, which exudes a simple and heavy atmosphere.

Well, holding it in your hand is really heavy.

"Educated Hat: When wearing it, you will have extremely high wisdom, and can quickly remember and understand ninjutsu knowledge."

"Mobile: It records all Konoha's forbidden ninjutsu excluding family secret techniques, and will automatically include the ninjutsu forbidden knowledge possessed by the holder."

The erudite hat and the xueba glasses have the same effect.

However, Xueba glasses only improve the state of learning, while the erudite hat enhances people's wisdom. The two complement each other and can exert a stronger effect.

Moving, Konoha's all ninjutsu forbidden techniques recorded above are enough to become the treasure of countless ninjas in the ninja world.

What's more, it also has the function of record holders with knowledge of ninjutsu.

If used well, it is not impossible to collect all the ninjutsu in the world.

Kuroyoshi flipped through it, and it recorded many familiar ninjutsu forbiddens, including the first generation of Mu Dun, the second generation of Reincarnations, the god of thunder, the fourth generation of Helix Maru, Kakashi's Chidori, etc.

Kuroyoshi just looked at it and drooled.

Unfortunately, many forbidden ninjutsu require special physique or talent to learn.

Because in public, Kurayoshi just glanced at it roughly and threw it into the system space reluctantly.

And, I won't look through it for a short time.

You have to eat one bite at a time, and you have to go step by step.

He did not forget Itachi's suggestion.

Until you have practiced shuriken and swordsmanship enough to compete with the enemy in actual combat, you will not be distracted to learn ninjutsu.

Doing so will only hinder your progress.

He believed that with the gift of weapon soul, he would soon be able to complete this practice.

When it falls, the foundation is solid.

In addition, the software, mobile, and hardware immortal human body has a complete set of eyes, such as a Pingchuan all the way, just riding a horse and galloping, you can move fast.

Time goes by, and the white horse flies.

Unconsciously, Kurayoshi spent two spring, summer, autumn and winter in the ninja school.

In the past two years, he almost lived a repetitive life.

Morning exercises, go to school to absorb knowledge, and practice after school

This happens almost every day.

Monotonous, boring, yet extremely fulfilling.

With the help of Xueba glasses, Kurayoshi has completed six years of studies at the Ninja School, and every theory class is a well-deserved number one.

The actual performance is even more crushing for the whole year.

As he grows older, he grows a lot taller, and his body strength naturally becomes stronger.

Although he didn't exercise his body like masochistic like in the past, he spent a lot of time practicing shuriken and swordsmanship every day, and his physical fitness was also strengthened.

Although it is not as fast as special physical training, it also maintains a stable posture every day.

Nowadays, there are few people in Zhongnin who can compete for speed and power alone.

The amount of chakra reached 5% of the ring of the nine lamas.

Physical endurance

Haha, compare this to the perfect fairy body.

It's not that Kurayoshi is bragging. At present, Konoha, except Kai, can't beat him.

Moreover, in the past two years, he has been practicing shuriken and swordsmanship every day.

Now, the shuriken can hit 100% within ten meters, and the moving target can maintain a 70% chance.


As early as a year ago, he was able to retract and release freely, and he could not easily reveal flaws in actual combat.

But now, he swung a sword, and the wind he brought up contained sharpness.

The bamboo mat can be cut within half a meter.

In addition to combat experience, his strength is already among the elite of the Zhongnin elite, even the ordinary players in the Anbu can not match him.

Chapter 50 Cautious Ninja

Relying on the foundation to reach this level, Kurayoshi felt that it was time to learn ninjutsu.

On this day, he asked for leave from the school.

Then he returned home and locked the door behind him.

Turn on the light, Kurayoshi sat in the center of the dojo, took out the practice scroll given by Itachi, and opened it for reading.

Learning ninjutsu is not something you can learn by knowing how to use it.

Also need to meet the corresponding requirements.

That is the change in form and nature of Chakra.

Putting aside things like curses, ninety-nine percent of ninjutsu has forms.

Only by mastering the shape changes of Chakra can ninjutsu be shaped.

Such as earth flow wall, such as water dragon bomb, such as Hao fireball.

One of them is a wall form, one is a dragon form, and the other is a fireball form.

According to the complexity and simplicity of the form, the control requirements for the change of the chakra form of the operator are different.

If you have enough control over Chakra's changes in form, you can play different flowers even with the same ninjutsu.