Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 72

Biru carved a dog's head on the Tuliu wall.

Of course, if you want to learn ninjutsu, it is not enough to only change the form of Chakra, you also need to learn the changes in the nature of Chakra.

Take Hao Fireball as an example.

This is a ninjutsu that mobilizes chakras through Jieyin and then sprays them into fireballs.

This process not only needs to shape the sprayed chakra into a spherical shape, but also needs to transform the sprayed chakra into fire and make it burn.

The chakras that don't have fire attributes change in nature, and what is sprayed out is just a spread of chakra balls, without the slightest power.

Of course, there are also ninjutsu that can be used only by changing the form of Chakra.

Such as clone surgery, transformation surgery, spiral pill.

Especially spiral pills.

Because of the continuous rotation and compression of the form, the control requirements for the change of the chakra form have almost reached the extreme.

If you can learn Helix Pill, then learn other ninjutsu in the future without worrying about not having enough control over Chakra's changes in form.

In addition, there are some that don't seem to need attribute changes, but actually involve changes in yin and yang attributes.

For example, the secret technique of the Nara family involves the change of the yin attribute, and the secret technique of the Qiu Taoist involves the change of the yang attribute.

To put it bluntly, the change in the shape of the chakra is the control of the chakra.

Kuroyoshi has conducted tree climbing and treading water training, which can meet most of the learning requirements of ninjutsu, so for the time being, no further training of chakra form changes is needed.

The nature of Chakra changes, this is a skill that Shang Ren can master, and it takes a long time to master it.

In the anime, Naruto uses the shadow clone to speed up his practice, which is about 20 years or so when converted into normal practice.

But that is only an attribute.

Even if Naruto's talent is not good, this time is too long, which indirectly shows how difficult it is to master Chakra's attribute changes.

This is why most ninjas don't know how to escape, and even if they can, there are only one or two types, and many ninjas do.

In the anime, he is proficient in all attribute changes and can use thousands of ninjutsu to describe the three generations of Naruto and Kakashi's formidable reason.

Because it is too difficult to grasp the attribute changes of Chakra.


You told me that Itachi can use the fireball at the age of five, and the two pillars can also learn at about six years old.

People are geniuses, do you understand?

Kakashi had used at least two types of ninjutsu before attending the ninja school.

At the age of 13, he created the ninjutsu "Chidori" that requires extreme changes in form and nature.

There is no comparison between people.

As for Kuroyoshi

He is confident in the change in the nature of the practice of chakra.

Even if the talent is not good, you can learn Naruto to use the shadow clone to open and hang the practice.

He is the perfect immortal body and the ring of the nine lamas. The chakra volume is only a lot more than Naruto, and the recovery speed is much faster.

However, before that, you need to test your chakra properties.

Although, he probably guessed his attributes.

But it is better to confirm.

Kuroyoshi takes out the chakra test paper that he bought in advance, and then outputs the chakra.

Suddenly, the Chakra test paper reacted.

One corner was wrinkled, one corner burned, one corner soaked, one corner turned into pieces, and then the center was separated as if it had been cut by a sharp blade.

Looking at the changes in the Chakra test paper, a smile appeared at the corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth, "Sure enough, it's all attributes."

Chakra's attributes have seven attributes: wind, fire, thunder, earth, water, yin, and yang.

Everyone is born with at least one or more attributes.

But in addition to natural attributes, they can also be acquired.

In the anime, Tou, Sasuke, and Naruto originally had only two or three attributes, but after obtaining half of the six powers, the attributes became six.

He didn't know how many attributes Kurayoshi originally possessed.

But the moment he absorbed the fairy crystals and obtained the perfect fairy body, he possessed at least six Chakra attributes.

The reason why it is not seven is because the immortal human body belongs to yang. He does not know whether he has yin in his original attributes. If not, it is yang plus five natural attributes.

However, Kurayoshi's kaleidoscope can use monthly reading, which shows that he has the Yin attribute.

"Yin Attribute" represents the power of spirit, "Yin Escape Art" can create form invisibly, "Yang Attribute" represents physical power, and "Yang Shield Art" can inject life into form.

Generally, most of the ninjutsu related to the body and chakra belong to the Yang attribute, that is, the yang escape.

Most of the ninjutsu related to spirits belong to the Yin attribute, that is, Yin Dun. Like most illusions, the secret arts of the Nara clan also use Yin attributes to transform shadows.

After understanding his chakra attributes, Kuroyoshi began to consider which attribute changes should be studied first.

The practice scroll given by Itachi records the fire attribute practice method, followed by a series of fire escape secret techniques of the Uchiha family.

And he understands through animation and knows how to practice wind attributes.

Logically speaking, Kuroyoshi should choose the fire attribute.

However, due to the influence of anime, Kuroyoshi is somewhat unwelcome to Huo Dun.

Although it is huge and handsome, but


Moreover, he knows the training method of Helix Maru, and if the cultivation style changes, he can develop Helix Maru Shuriken in the future.

Moreover, in the process of practicing Helix Pill, you can increase your control over Chakra, and you will get twice the result with half the effort when you practice other ninjutsu.

However, whether it is practice wind or fire attributes, the movement is not small.