Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 73

Even if you choose a remote training place to practice, it is difficult to hide the third generation.

So here comes the problem.

Where did you know the practice method?

Therefore, before practising, one must obtain an open and honest way of practice.

Moreover, it takes a lot of time to practice Chakra's nature change, so he has to find a reason to take a long vacation from the Ninja School.

As for why not graduate early.

you're so dumb!

Don't have a stable developmental environment, you have to run to take risks.

There is no guarantee of a hundred percent life-saving, even if Naruto and the others graduated, Kuroyoshi will deliberately underperform and choose to repeat the grade.

Yes, I am the prudent ninja in the legend.

Chapter 51 Life is Like a Play (Part 1)

Kuroyoshi had performed simulations and calculations about the situations that he would encounter in his later practice, so he had long anticipated the need to obtain a fair and honest training path.

Therefore, there is a solution long ago.

He put away the training scroll given by Itachi, got up, and opened the door.

The dazzling sunlight came in, making him squint.

After a while, I felt my eyes adjust before opening it completely, and then went out.

Pass the yard, leave the gate, follow the path into the bustling downtown street, and follow the flow of people all the way east.

As we walked, the flow of people from houses on the street became scarce.

About half an hour, Cangji came to a small forest river.

He glanced left and right first, and after seeing no one nearby, he took out the Book of Omniscience and checked it again.

After seeing that there was no one nearby, he put away the Book of All-knowledge and took out a whistle to blow.

The whistle was so loud that it stunned a large number of birds.

Among them, a bird with very smart eyes mixed in and flew to Konoha somewhere in a remote small wooden house.

There is only one bed, one wardrobe, and one table in the small wooden room.

There is a large mirror on the closet, a cloak and a mask of Anbe hung on the side, and a long knife and other endurance tools are hung further away.

Que'er stayed at the window and called twice.

The doorman of the bathroom opened, and a shaggy, listless middle-aged man walked out of it.

He saw the bird on the window, and his godless eyes lit up.

He went back to the bathroom, hung up the beard from his face, then put on a clean suit and went out.

The goal is the small forest where Kurayoshi is.

It's not far from the small forest, and it's in a remote location, with no people around.

As soon as the man moved forward, he scanned the surroundings to confirm that no one was following.

After a while, he saw Kuroyoshi and bowed down respectfully.

"the host."

Kurayoshi closed the Book of All-Knowing, glanced back at him, and said with an aura: "Didn't you say it, you are not allowed to call my master?"

The man was stunned, then changed his words, "Yes, Lord Kuraki."

"Get rid of the adults."


"Also let your attitude be normal, just like seeing ordinary people."


When the words were closed, the man's humble expression became indifferent, and he just nodded slightly.

Kuroyoshi nodded in satisfaction and said, "Accompany me in the show."

"What drama?"

Kuroyoshi reached into his ear and whispered: "Tomorrow afternoon, some time after the ninja school is over, you pass by the ninth training ground and happen to see me practicing, and then this, this, and this is fine."

"Got it."

"That's it, you go quickly, it's not good to be found out."


The man left, looking a little lonely under the wind.

Looking at the back figure drifting away, Kuroyoshi sighed with emotion.

This person's name is Liangping, who was named only two years ago.

He was once the captain of a small team in Anbe, and Di belonged to the root.

At that time, he only had a code name and no name.

Two years ago, Itachi teamed up with soil to destroy the roots.

Danzo is dead, most of the members are dead.

Only members of the mission escaped.

But the members of the roots are mostly killing machines that wipe out their own feelings. They follow Danzo's orders and act with Danzo as the core of their souls.

After Danzang's death, these survivors were at a loss as if they had lost their souls. Some people even chose to follow Danzang.

Because of their state, San Daime took a long vacation for them, hoping that they could find their goals in life again.

Liangping is the one who survived.

At the same time, he was also one of the four members of the Kurayoshibetsu Tenjin, the leader of the Shinnin team.