Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 74

After Danzo died, he was as confused as the other survivors, but because of the orders of other gods, he did not lose his way.

It's just that Cangji hasn't asked him to do anything, and he has gradually become muddled.

Now, Kuroyoshi found him, asked him to help with things, and let him find his goal again.

Ryohei taught Kurayoshi's approach to cultivation.

However, Liangping was once the root person, and his feelings have been wiped out.

Although after two years of rest, there may have been some emotional changes.

But the two backgrounds are almost impossible to overlap.

It also requires some reasonable arrangements for Liangping to teach himself, otherwise some are suspicious.

Although it's okay for them to be more minded, it's a good thing to save some trouble.

The next day, Kuroyoshi went to school normally.

Ryohei opened the door and wandered around Konoha aimlessly.

Adults open the door to do business, and children play around.

There are pedestrians passing by to work, and after meeting acquaintances, they gather in twos and threes to chat together.

There are also ordinary merchants or dignitaries who come from other places to release tasks.

Walking on the street, feeling the hustle and bustle around me, but I can't make any waves in my heart, and my eyes are indifferent like water.

He passed the cinema and saw couples in and out of couples.

He passed by the Naruto Building and saw the guarding ninja, with traces of remembrance in his eyes.

He passed many training grounds and saw ninjas practicing, so he stopped to watch for a while, and then left silently.

Before you know it, the sun sets.

Liangping went around the village and returned to the Hokage Building.

At this time, a bell rang.

Then, there seemed to be the noise of countless children.

Either cheering, or chasing, or yelling, all voices are filled with innocence.

After a while, a large group of students rushed out of the school gate.

They bid farewell to their friends, and then left in the company of adults or alone.

Everyone's eyes are extremely pure.

Looking at the eyes of these children, Liangping's eyes rippled, as if a string deep in his heart had been touched.

Naruto Building.

Sarutobi stood in front of the window.

When he saw this scene, his heart also raised infinite emotion.

People at the root basically consist of two kinds.

One is the war orphans adopted from outside, and the other is people who have nowhere to go in the village.

There are also some people who were abducted by Danzo by various means.

These people gathered together to form the roots.

Liangping belongs to the first type. It is a war orphan brought back from outside by Danzo at the end of the Second Ninja War.

He accepted Konoha's relief and was able to survive the troubled times, so he was grateful to Konoha.

Then, under the flicker of Danzo, he voluntarily received training to destroy humanity and became a member of the roots.

He received training with the ultimate goal of protecting Konoha.

But in fact, this group of people with nowhere to go really wants to protect only Danzo.

Because Danzo is the benefactor who gives them a place to stay.

Now that Danzo is dead, they have also lost their goal in life.

Part of them followed Danzo, and part of them lived like walking dead.

Liangping is the walking dead alive.

At this time, seeing the students coming out of the Ninja School, I must have recalled Danzo's responsibility to protect Konoha!

Sarutobi also hopes that these people can cheer up again.

As the root elites, they are very powerful and can make a lot of contributions to the village.

However, things backfired.

When the students were almost gone, Liangping's eyes lost focus again, and he wandered aimlessly like a corpse of his colleagues.

Chapter 52 Life is Like a Play (Part 2)


Sarutobi sighed, took out his pipe to light it, and started smoking dullly.

He expected Ryohei to cheer up.

It was good for him and Konoha.

Unfortunately, things backfired.

Liangping bumped into Konoha's bud, and seemed to be touched, but in the end he did not find any hope of life again.

Suddenly, Sarufly glanced at the situation outside from the corner of his eyes.

Liangping stopped at the corner at the end of the street on the left side of the school and turned his eyes to the ninth training ground inside.

Because the distance was too far, he couldn't see Liangping's expression.

He couldn't see the situation of the ninth training ground because of building obstruction.

But that place and this time