Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 75

Is it

Sarutobi moved his heart and immediately looked at the crystal ball on the desk.

Above, the ninth training ground is reflected.

A child was practicing assiduously inside, and Liangping stood quietly on the side of the road watching, a ripple in his silent eyes.

There are meanings and memories.

Because, although he is a child, his level of performance in training is not inferior to that of a formal ninja.

Shuriken, swordsmanship, physical skills, and three-shenzhen skills are proficient in various basic things, and ordinary young people cannot reach this level.

Seeing this child, Sarutobi couldn't help but feel relieved.

The same is true for the rookie at the root!

Liangping remembered his memories.

The root training is very cruel, and it is a kind of cultivation.

A group of people, in the end only one person can survive.

If you can't master the fighting skills quickly, you can't stand out from the crowd.

Many people have acquired skills and experience comparable to professional ninjas when they were still children.

Compared with them, although this child is more pure in skill, but the method of use is somewhat immature.

But this is no way.

In peace times, students don’t need to graduate so early, just like that without actual combat experience.

Before you know it, the sun sets.

The sun fell halfway to the horizon, and the yellow sky dimmed.

The child also packed his ninja, and left with a high spirit.


Liangping opened his mouth.

Obviously, after an afternoon of high-intensity training, he was not tired at all. Does this guy have a special physique?

He looked at the back figure gradually disappearing on the horizon thoughtfully, and then left casually.

It's just that there are a little more things in the silent eyes.

Naruto Building.

Sarutobi thoughtfully.

For a long time, he took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly.

The extinguished pipe was rekindled.

the next day.

Ryohei wandered around Konoha like yesterday.

After shopping for a day, the time came to the evening.

Whether it was a coincidence or some kind of expectation in his heart, Liangping finally stayed in front of the Hokage Building.

The bells of school, the noise of children.

The vigorous innocence made the deadly heart faintly beating.

Finally, the child is over.

The beating heart was dead still again.

Liangping was about to leave, but when he passed the ninth training ground, he saw the kid he saw yesterday.

He is still training, still showing high standards.

But compared with yesterday, there is no slight improvement.

He stopped and watched until the sun fell into the horizon and the child left.

He didn't know what mood he was watching.

Perhaps, just to pass the time!

Then, the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day

For more than half a month, Liangping repeated his previous life trajectory, wandering around Konoha every day, finally passing by the Naruto Building, passing by the Ninja School, meeting the children after school, and then watching the roadside passing by the ninth training ground.

In the evening of this day, Liangping once again passed the ninth training ground.

But the child was not trained, but sat cross-legged on the lawn thinking hard.

Is it because of difficulties in spiritual practice?

Liangping thought to himself.

But he didn't mean to go up and help.

During this time, this kid also often encountered problems in cultivation, but in the end they solved it by himself.

This is a genius.

But it was beyond Liangping's expectation.

This time, until the sun went down, he didn't want to understand the point of the problem.

The child stood up, shook his head in distress, and then left.

In the middle, the two passed by.

"Have you encountered any problems in practice?"

Somehow, Liangping asked.

After asking, he himself was stunned.

He didn't know why he would speak, but he just saw that the little devil was stumped by the problems in his practice, so he wanted to help by the way.