Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 77

Liangping asked in a daze, "Why are you looking at me like this?"

"Did you make this plan from the beginning?"

"This plan?" Liangping was startled, "What plan?"

"Let me beg you to learn ninjutsu, by the way, apprentice a teacher or something."

"Huh?" Liangping opened his mouth wide.

"That's what it says above."

The child said in a leisurely manner: "You have been watching my cultivation all this time. Did you see that my talent is good, and the heart of accepting a disciple was moved, and you couldn't let go of taking the initiative to accept me as a disciple, so you deliberately waited for this opportunity."

This kid is too much in his heart.

Liangping was dumbfounded.

He just saw this guy recalling some things in the past, and his heart was a little touched, so he wanted to give pointers by the way.

I was stunned, and asked: "Why do you think so?"

The child put his hands on his chest, cut his voice disdainfully, and said: "What kind of perseverance is passed on the street, this kind of bridge is bad."

Turned out to be like this

Liangping couldn't smile.

He touched the tip of his nose and asked, "If this is the case, would you be willing to be my apprentice?"

The child's eyes lit up and asked: "Do you really want to accept me as an apprentice?"

"No." Liangping answered truthfully.

The child's bright eyes darkened a little.

Seeing this, Liangping smiled, "Although I haven't thought about accepting apprentices, it's not impossible to teach you ninjutsu."


The child who seemed a little depressed just now became emotionally upright.

He raised his head and looked at Liangping, his dark eyes gleaming with expectations.

Seeing these eyes, Liang Ping was stunned, and his smile gradually faded.

He remembered the past again.

"Why, can't it?" the child asked.

Liangping came back to his senses, looking at the immature face in front of him, nervous with anticipation.

"of course can."

He reached out and touched the child's head, his tone became a little heavy, "What's your name."

"Kurayoshi, my name is Kuryoshi."

"Kurayoshi, a good name!"

"I also think so."

"Then, teach you a ninjutsu now!"

"What is it?"

"Shadow clone technique."

"What kind of technique is that, is it powerful?"

"Well, it's amazing."

Naruto Building.

Sarutobi sat at the desk, watching the warm and harmonious picture in the crystal ball, wrinkles crowded into a pile.

"Teach the younger generation?"

"Not bad."

Sarutobi murmured to himself, and his old face smiled brighter.

There are many good seedlings in this new generation, and Kuroyoshi is the one he values ​​most.

In him, Sarutobi saw the potential that was different from Sannin, Mizuno, Kakashi, and Itachi, but not inferior to their potential.

He often goes to school, and occasionally passes by the ninth training ground after school to observe Kuroyoshi's practice, and by the way answers some questions about his practice.

Sarutobi knew the strength of Kurayoshi very well, and felt distressed.

Because Kuroyoshi already possesses the strength of a formal ninja.

And recently, in addition to experience, all aspects have the qualities of a ninja.

Keeping him in school will only waste talent.

But this is not a time of war, and there is no shortage of combat power.

Graduation early will increase the risk of premature death.

Although true geniuses have come through all kinds of hardships, if Kuroyoshi is a true genius, there will be nothing to graduate early.

But the risk is increased, isn't that a fool?

At the beginning, Itachi's teacher believed that Itachi was very strong and there was no point in continuing to stay in school, so he found a senior Konoha and asked him to graduate early.

Sarutobi was very opposed, but others agreed.

He refuted him with the example of a genius who successfully survived the battle and grew rapidly in the past.

The most important thing is that the Uchiha clan regard Itachi as an honor to graduate at the age of 5, and they tend to let him graduate.

In desperation, Sarutobi had to agree.

Now, he would not agree to let the new class of students graduate early.

However, keeping Kuroyoshi in school is really a waste of his talent.

Let him graduate early to increase the risk of premature death.