Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 78

Let him stay in school and waste talent.

Sarutobi hesitated about this question, considering whether to find a ninja to open the back door for him.

After all, the potential that Kuroyoshi showed was amazing, and he definitely couldn't find a ninja to teach him.

Otherwise, the level is not enough.

Not to mention tapping the potential, things that mislead people's children may also happen, and such good seedlings are wasted.

And the powerful ninja

Asking them to give up the task and teach a ninja student specifically, which will bring great losses to the village.

Now, Ryohei found the goal of life from Kurayoshi, willing to teach him ninjutsu and guide him to practice, which just solved Sarutobi's distress.

After all, he is an Anbe squad leader from the roots, even if his strength is not top, he is outstanding.

It's okay to teach a ninja student.

I have to talk to Iluka and let him relax a little bit for Kuroyoshi's vacation.

After all, formal ninjutsu practice takes time.

"The above is the reaction of the three generations after our successful acting."

In the dojo of Kurayoshi's house.

Kuroyoshi lay on his back on the tatami with Erro's legs tilted, and explained the psychological activities of Sarutobi.

Liangping knelt and sat aside with some doubts, "Let's not say whether the master's guess is correct, but how can we confirm that our trick has fooled Lord Naruto?"

"This is very simple. Tomorrow I will go to Teacher Iruka to ask for leave and ask for two months directly." Kuroyoshi said lightly.

"It's so long, the school shouldn't approve it!"

"That's right." Kuroyoshi nodded and said, "But if we lied to Master Naruto, then he will definitely give me a lot of time to practice, and he will definitely say hello to Iruka."

"So that's the case." Liangping suddenly.

Kuroyoshi glanced at him and said jokingly: "Speaking of your acting skills are really good, your expressions and emotions are all right and natural, you can't see that you are acting, and I am"

"Haha, if Naruto-sama is not peeking remotely, but at the scene, you can feel 100% that I am acting!"

Regarding this, Liangping remained silent.

He is not acting, but is really touched.

Konoha's bustling, energetic student

All these reminded him of his original intention to become the root.

Everything is for Konoha.

Chapter 54 Learning Ninjutsu

the next day.

Kuroyoshi went to school early in the morning to ask for a long vacation from Iruka.

Iruka did not even ask the reason, so he approved it directly.

He smiled and patted him on the shoulder and encouraged: "The teacher is limited and can't teach you too much, so don't worry, do it, maybe the teacher will be proud of teaching you in the future."

Hearing these words, Kuroyoshi suddenly understood that his plan was successful.

Without hesitation, he said goodbye directly to Iluka, and then left to start the formal ninjutsu practice.

Of course, instead of choosing the training ground No. 9 next to the school, I went to the training ground No. 39 that I used to often go to.

After all, advanced ninjutsu can already be regarded as the main strength and hole cards of the ninja, and cannot be shown to others at will. Naturally, it is not possible to choose a crowded place to practice.

In order to prevent the previous performance from being exposed, Liangping will also come to the scene.

Of course, as the former Anbe squad leader, he was more than enough to give the current Kuroyoshi some training instructions.

It's not all for the trick!

Everything was prepared, Kuroyoshi practiced ninjutsu with peace of mind.

However, instead of directly practicing Chakra's nature change practice, he learned the shadow clone.

The entity clone that splits its chakras equally has the same personality and self-consciousness. Attacks that exceed the upper limit will be automatically released, or it can be released on its own initiative.

All the experiences and feelings experienced by the clone will return to the main body with Chakra after the clone is lifted.

Because the clone will divide the chakras equally, it is risky and designated as a forbidden technique by the village. Only those who meet certain requirements of the chakra can learn.

After all, Chakra has spiritual power and physical power refined. It is about human life. Chakra will die if it is completely exhausted.

For Chakras who practice, a single mistake may cause the risk of losing all Chakras.

But on the contrary, this is a magical skill for the people of Chakrado, and it has many uses.

When you are busy, you can let the shadow clone do different things at the same time, and use the shadow clone to test the enemy's abilities when fighting.

As for Chakrado, people who recover quickly can also be used to learn skills, just like opening up.

However, the fatigue and stress caused by this practice method are too great for the body and spirit, and most people cannot bear it.

In the anime, under conditions like Naruto, he gets down tired every day.

After persisting for a month or two, after completing the practice, I never used a similar method again.

Cangji has a perfect immortal body and the ring of nine lamas, neither the amount of chakra nor the speed of recovery can be matched.

Although the immortal human body has not developed into adulthood due to the short acquisition time, the Chakra did not reach its peak.

But it is enough for cultivation.

I read the scroll to learn how to use the shadow clone.

Then ask Liangping for some questions.

With the blessing of Xueba glasses and Wisdom Hat, you know the principles and cultivation methods in an instant.


The art of shadow clone.