Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 79

Make a seal with both hands, and then read silently in your mind.

As Chakra moved, Kuroyoshi felt that a large number of Chakra was separated from his body.

"Boom boom boom"

With bursts of sound and smoke, forty or fifty identical clones appeared in the forest.

"This this"

Liangping who was watching from the side opened his mouth and was speechless for a long time.

This is no longer a shadow clone, but a multiple shadow clone.

Although it is the same technique, depending on the method of use, the results and effects are completely different, and the levels of the technique are therefore separated.

The shadow clone is only a B-level ninjutsu, while the multiple shadow clone is an A-level ninjutsu. Both power and difficulty of learning are not the same.

The first time I used it successfully, I also used the advanced version.

Kuroyoshi smiled triumphantly.

However, he also knew that the ninjutsu of the shadow clone was easy for the people of Chakrado to learn.

He felt the remaining Chakra in his body, only one-fifth of it was left, only four times more than Liangping.

In other words, Kurayoshi’s current chakra volume is 200 times that of the general Shinobi.

He didn't know whether Kakashi's Chakra amount was more or less than usual Ninyo.

Although he is famous for Chakra Shao.

But Lu Xun once said: The main characters in any work have no reference value.

Kuroyoshi agreed.

If you can compare with the main characters, wouldn't the world's Shinnin be at the same level as Naruto Sasuke?

Therefore, Kuroyoshi couldn't judge whether his Chakra was more or less than Naruto at the time.

However, it should be much less!

After all, Naruto's cultivation was divided into hundreds of shadow clones.

As for himself, there are only so many chakras left in fifty.

He couldn't practice recklessly like Naruto.

But Kuroyoshi is not in a hurry.

Now I am just over seven years old, not as good as when Naruto was fifteen.

Although his immortal body is not as good as himself, after all, the power bank Nine Tails has charged him for fifteen years, and it is still the kind of charging limit.

Therefore, it cannot be underestimated.

"Well, now that the shadow clone has learned it, let's start learning about the changes in the nature of Chakra!"

Kuroyoshi nodded in satisfaction, and released the shadow clone technique.

Chakra, who was separated, returned to his body, with fifty points of different experiences.

The sights seen by each vision, the feelings that they are exposed to

All of a sudden fifty times more information processing, making the brain seem to be stuffed with countless rubbish, headache.

"It's just like this, and I haven't done anything yet, is that all?"

Kuroyoshi was dizzy, his body shook, and was held by Ryohei in time.

"This is because you used it for the first time." Liangping smiled bitterly. "The average person can't separate so many clones at once. There is a cyclical and gradual adaptation process."

"Yes, is it."

What happened to Naruto?

Big nerves cause the brain to automatically ignore details?

Kuroyoshi covered his head with one hand, and held the other hand to the ground, calmly, and it took a long time to come over.

He sighed deeply and sighed in his heart: Sure enough, anime is an anime, and it is still somewhat different from reality.

Just like in the anime, Huo Dun can kill people, but Ryohei tells him that Huo Dun is the most effective ninjutsu with the widest range of damage.

At first, he was a little skeptical, but now he fully believes it.

So, next, the training of Chakra's change of nature changed from hesitation between wind and fire to fire.

After all, Huo is handsome, and he is not as fancy as in anime, so he must be chosen!

Because they didn't know whether the third generation was peeping, the two still performed a play of mentoring their lovers.

Then began to practice officially.

He picked up a piece of plain paper in his hand and sent it to Chakra with the idea of ​​burning it.


No reaction at all.

Ok!Today is also a peaceful day!

Chapter 55 This Son Has Hokage's Capital

Kuroyoshi stayed at the training ground No. 39 this day to practice.

However, his talent is not good, and the progress of his practice is touching.

The fairy body just gave him a starting point and upper limit higher than others, and did not change his spiritual talent.

After all, before Asura realized the power of love for all living beings, he also had a mediocre talent.

However, Kuroyoshi could not comprehend the love of sentient beings.

The era of information dissemination in the previous life gave him a certain understanding of human nature.

Human life is contradictory.

Although there are people who love boundlessly, there must be people who are evil to evil.