Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 80

It is impossible to give everyone the same expectation and love.

Kuroyoshi has already had his own concept of life and will not change easily.

However, although the talent is not bad, it is not bad and belongs to the masses.

It can be compensated by hard work.

The technique of shadow clone is learned for this.

Although it is still impossible for Naruto to practice together with hundreds of clones when he was fifteen years old, twenty of them are still okay.

In fact, if you do a little bit, you can also practice in forty groups.

But that was too hard. After practicing every day, I was so tired that I didn't even want to eat food and fell asleep.

This is bad for a developing body.

The training speed of 20 times is just right for both the progress of the practice and the burden on the body.

Moreover, he still has plenty of time, so there is no need to hurry and work hard.

However, Sarutobi was taken aback by this.

Kuroyoshi is one of the three most promising newcomers in this class, and he will naturally pay attention to his practice when he is fine.

As a result, on the first day of practice, there was such a stimulating scene for him, and he hurried over in fright, for fear of an accident in Kuroyoshi's practice.

As a result, I looked at it for a while and found that Kurayoshi was still at ease.

The broken heart suddenly relaxed.

After letting go, Sarutobi began to ponder the vast chakra volume of Kuraki and the source of terrifying resilience.

It didn't take long to come to a conclusion.

"This child should have inherited the blood of Qianshou every generation."

This is not surprising.

After all, the Thousand Hands Clan does not prevent intermarriage with foreigners.

From the Warring States Period to the present, it is impossible to find out how many people in the entire continent have the blood of a thousand hands.

What's more, Konoha is a village led by Senju and Uchiha, and there will be civilians of Qianju bloodline left behind to defect or leave directly when Konoha's bloodline is normal.

Not to mention Konoha, the ruined Uzumaki clan was also a distant relative of Qianshou. I heard that Yunyin also had people related to Qianshou's bloodline.

All aspects of the physical characteristics displayed by Kuroyoshi are consistent with the characteristics of the Senshou clan.

In this regard, Sarutobi was not surprised.

However, Sarutobi is pleased that Kuroyoshi's Qianju characteristics are very strong.

Even at the beginning of Konoha's establishment, when the Thousand Hands Clan was prosperous, it was an outstanding existence.

As far as he knew, the first and second generations were better than him.

Kuroyoshi is still young, and there is still much room for growth.

In the future, it is not impossible to match or even surpass the first and second generations.

At the thought of this possibility, Sarutobi was very excited, and his old body trembled violently, and he almost couldn't hold his pipe.

But after all, he was a man who had been a Hokage for decades, and was not blinded by the reverie in front of him.

Calm down soon.

After all, at the level of the first generation, people who have survived from that era have the most say.

He held his beard and pondered slightly: surpassing the first generation is somewhat unrealistic, but surpassing the second generation may not be a delusion.

Thinking of this, Sarutobi's deep gaze looked towards Kuroyoshi with a little more expectation.

After a while, he frowned again.

Although it is possible to cultivate like this with a special physique, it is very bad for the body to grow in the long run.

After thinking about it, Sarutobi let go and walked behind Liangping.

Although he eased his steps, he didn't deliberately conceal it, so Liangping noticed it for the first time and turned around to look over.


Sarutobi held up his finger at his mouth, then glanced at Kuroyoshi who was practicing, and motioned not to disturb him.

Liangping understood, and asked in a low voice: "Master Naruto, why are you here?"

"It's okay to go around, come over and take a look when you happen to see it."

"That's it."

Liangping suddenly realized, but he rolled his eyes in his heart. You lied to the child and wandered around to this remote place.

However, these did not show up, but rather humblely asked: "So what instructions does Hokage-sama have?"

"If this child practices this way, even if the body can support it, it is easy to leave hidden dangers. It is not good for future growth. If you have time, go to Nara's family for some medicinal materials, and then take it to the hospital to find someone to make a special ration pill for this child. ."

"This" Liangping was a little embarrassed.

Although he is a Shinobu, he has neither power nor fate. Why does the Nara family give you medicine?

Why do people in the hospital give you special ration pills?

Sarutobi seemed to see what Liangping was thinking, and quickly said: "Don't worry, you just say it is for this child, and I will take care of other things."

Speaking of this, if Liangping still doesn't understand, then he will be forbearing for nothing.

The three generations of Naruto clearly wanted to take this opportunity to let Kuroyoshi and Konoha's families or organizations get in touch with each other, and build a good relationship with Konoha's Ninja Road in the future.

To put it bluntly, Master Naruto is very optimistic about Kuroyoshi, so optimistic that he can be trained as a Naruto candidate.

Ryoping would naturally not refuse such a good thing, and readily agreed.

Sarufei nodded slightly, waved his hand, turned and left.

On the way, he was also thinking about the possibility of Kuroyoshi being a Hokage.

But after thinking about it for a while, I felt that it was unlikely that Kurayoshi would become Hokage.