Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 82

Kuroyoshi lifted the shadow clone, suffered the exhaustion caused by the clone practice for a day, and at the same time gained a lot of understanding.



As Chakra was transported, the paper in his hand was lit up.


Liangping clapped his hands and walked over, with a faint smile on his face.

After two months of getting along, his temperament became more easy-going, and he was completely different from the cold image of the roots in the past.

Kuroyoshi shook his head lightly, "It's just the first stage."

This is only the easiest paper to burn, and it is only ignited, not instantaneous.

Next, we need to ignite things that are full of moisture and not easy to burn.

Only by reaching this step can the metal weapons be endowed with changes in nature and form.

Liangping also shook his head slightly, "Everything is difficult at the beginning. Now that you have mastered the changes in the nature of fire, you just need to work hard to make the flame more vigorous."

"Yes." Kuroyoshi smiled. "However, the vacation is over. I'm going to school tomorrow."

"Don't continue to ask for leave?"

"It's a combination of work and rest."


Ryohei was a little skeptical. He felt that Kurayoshi wanted to be lazy.


Kurayoshi nodded.

In fact, he just didn't think it was necessary.

There are many wonderful things in a person's life. If there is only practice, it would be too sad.

There are still four years to graduate from school, occasionally relaxing, walking with familiar people, chatting, can relax the body and mind, is good for physical and mental health, and is also good for spiritual practice.

And, October 10th is still a few days away.

After Kurayoshi is ready to pay homage to his parents, he will continue.

Early the next morning, the sun was shining brightly.

Kuroyoshi got up early and went to school.

The streets are full of traffic and lively.

"Konoha is getting more and more prosperous." Kuroyoshi couldn't help but sigh.

In the past two months, he has been in a hurry because of his practice and never stopped to take a good look at the nearby scenery.

At this time, walking slowly on the street and watching, there was a feeling of a world away.

"Kurayoshi, Kuroyoshi-kun"

Behind him, a clear silver bell-like voice came from a long distance away.

Kuroyoshi knew who it was without looking.

He turned around, and he saw the purple and golden figure.

Although he was still young, he could faintly see his posture in the future.

The little girl ran all the way, panting slightly.

Kuroyoshi smelled the faint scent of cosmos flowers on his body.

"Good morning, Ino." Kurayoshi smiled and said hello.

Ino was fascinated by the smile, startled, and reacted.

The red face was a little shy.

"Well, that Kuroyoshi-kun, do you have to take time off to practice today?"

"No, I went to school today. It's been a long time since I said hello to Naruto Shikamaru."

"Really, let's go to school together!"


Kuroyoshi nodded slightly, and then the two went to school together.

On the way, neither of them spoke.

But from time to time, Ino secretly looked at Kuroyoshi, and then turned his head back for fear that Kuroyoshi would find it.

Ino wanted to say something to Kuroyoshi, but was too nervous to say it.

Seeing that the school was getting closer, Ino seemed determined to shout, "Kurayoshi-kun!"

"Huh?" Kuroyoshi looked over in confusion.

Looking at the face close at hand, the gentle and handsome breath made Jing Ye's heart beat.

She held her hands on her chest, a little nervous, "Kura, Kuraki-kun, I"

Before he finished speaking, a shit-yellow costume walked out of the fork in the road ahead, like a child who hadn't awakened.


Kuroyoshi's eyes lit up and ran over yelling.

Seeing the figure running away, Jing Ye was empty.

Lost, and severely relieved.

However, looking at Naruto who was happily chatting with Kuroyoshi, it became more unpleasant.

"Naruto, this bastard, will not come early or late, but now" Ino is itchy with hatred.

After that, the three went to school together.