Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 83

Entering the classroom, there are already a lot of people inside, most of them chasing and playing, there are also guys sitting quietly in a daze.

Because I didn't come to school for two months, Kuroyoshi attracted the attention of the whole class as soon as he came in.

Whether you know them or not, they all come over curiously and ask questions.

Suddenly, Kuroyoshi felt a strong line of sight.

Looking along, I saw Sasuke sitting in his seat, staring at him with piercing eyes.

"In the past two months, I have become stronger. This time, I will definitely win."

Chapter 57 Everyday

Sasuke's words are provocative.

Kuroyoshi didn't care much.

Since the school started formal training for two months, it has conducted a strength test every month and a grade assessment every three months.

Kuroyoshi is holding the book on weekdays and has no interest in training, but he always ranks first with Sasuke in the strength test, and he overwhelms everyone in the grade assessment.

The reason why it ranks first in the test is only because of the performance test of the test item.

Such as shuriken assessment.

Even if your hit rate is accurate, the highest score is only in the center, and it is impossible to test the upper limit of Kuroyoshi.

But even so, everyone can see the gap between Kuroyoshi and others.

Because, every time Kuroyoshi appeared in the assessment, he looked easy and easy.

But Sasuke, who was alongside him, had to take aim attentively.

Although it didn't take long, it was about a second or so, but I didn't look at it with Kuroyoshi, and the performance of picking up the shuriken and throwing it was still much worse.

Originally, the strength was not as good as that of human beings, so it would be fine to cultivate hard to catch up.

Although Sasuke is aggressive, he will not be so naive and provocative in public.

However, for the past two years, he has been practicing hard every day, taught by his father and his tribe, and can learn a lot of knowledge and skills that the school does not have.

But still unable to catch up with Kuroyoshi.

He knew that Kurayoshi could only practice on the training ground next to the school by himself every day.

No one teaches and can only practice the basics taught in school.

But even so

"Is it really a talent gap?"

Sasuke was not reconciled.

In the past, there was an almost perfect big brother.

He is proud of his elder brother and aims to chase him.

But he became a betrayal.

The father placed expectations on him and increased his training and teaching.

However, the response he got from his hard practice was only his father's sigh: Can't it be compared with Itachi?

How can this be!

That traitor, Itachi, who brought shame to the family, how could such a guy become the glory of the family.

Sasuke is not reconciled and wants to surpass Itachi.

However, you must surpass Kuroyoshi before surpassing Itachi.

He also knows some deeds of Itachi and graduated from school at the age of six.

If even a guy who is inferior to Itachi can't match, how can he surpass him?

Therefore, Sasuke turned a blind eye to his mother's suggestion that he should have a good relationship with Kuroyoshi, but he was wary of him.

As a result, make a provocation in public.

It’s nothing to challenge privately, but provoke in public

If there is not much difference in strength, naturally there is nothing, and will only be considered confident and enterprising.

But Sasuke's and Kuroyoshi's usual performances are very different, but such a provocation will only be regarded as overpowering and ridiculed by others.

Sure enough, when Sasuke's words fell, the eyes of the surrounding students looking at him changed.

Some sit on the table and watch the play with their legs raised, some are sneered, and some speak directly.

Especially Ino.

A woman in love is unreasonable, although this is only her unilateral, but it is no exception.

She stood up with her hands on her hips, the corners of her mouth slightly raised, "Oh, isn't this the second place in our class?"

The tone is strange and uncomfortable.

Sasuke raised his brows, ignored him, and looked at Kuroyoshi behind Ino with bright eyes.

The meaning is obvious: only dare to hide behind women?

Kuroyoshi pushed the frame, smiled, turned and walked straight to his position.

Boring provocation.

What if you win?

What if you lose?

Do you listen to a group of brats?

There is no benefit, only troublesome things.

If it wasn't for Konoha's senior management to show his potential, he would even want to pass the grade assessment.

On the aisle back to the location, Kurayoshi saw Dingji and Shikamaru.

Ding Ci's body was straight, holding a bag of potato chips in his hand, and feeding them one by one into his mouth. The ground was full of food debris.