Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 85

Everyone suddenly realized.

Kuroyoshi's eyes lit up, staring at Akimaru maliciously, "Ya, can you hug Akomaru for me?"

"No way."

Tooth resolutely refused.

"Our Inuzuka clan are partners in the fight with the Shinobu. We must be together at all times during the period of the dog's birth, in order to strengthen each other's bond."

"That's it!" Kuroyoshi scratched his head and asked unwillingly: "Then I can touch it?"

Ya hesitated and nodded, "Okay, but you are not allowed to take it away."

"thank you."

After Kurayoshi thanked the tooth, he stretched out his hand to stroke Akimaru's head, and the system prompt sounded in his mind.

Ding!Special materials "dogs containing madness hormone" are detected, and special medicine "madness hormone" can be forged


A whole dog is material!?

Kuroyoshi was shocked.

This kind of thing has never happened before.

As long as Cangji touches a forgeable material, the system will automatically prompt.

But there has never been a whole life being used as material.

Such as Naruto.

His body tissue has the potential to forge special props, but the system will not prompt or forge these tissue parts before leaving Naruto's body.

It seems that a complete life cannot be forged.

but now

Perhaps, in the eyes of others, this is just a trivial matter, but in Kurayoshi's eyes, it is the golden finger that has changed.

Now a dog, will he be alone in the future?

Faced with the temptation to obtain special power props, can you insist on not killing with your heart?

The original golden finger became an unknown inducing the host to kill, and a trace of fear rose in Cangji's heart.

As if feeling Kuroyoshi's inner thoughts, the system prompt sounded again.

Ding!Creatures with self-awareness and considerable intelligence will not be judged as materials, and the host can adjust the degree of judgment by itself

As the prompt sounded, an information panel that only oneself could see appeared on the retina.

Above is a gear line, the two sides of the line are respectively blue and red, and the color becomes darker as it goes outward.

The gear is stuck on the far left where humans are written.

Although it was the first time I saw it, Kuroyoshi knew what it meant inexplicably.

The blue square on the left of the gear position means that it cannot be judged as a special material, and the right is judgeable.

The shade of the color represents the degree of autonomy and wisdom.

The current position of the gear means that creatures lower than human intelligence and autonomous consciousness can be judged as materials.

Kuroyoshi thought for a while and wanted to use consciousness manipulation to pull the gear to the right, so that no creatures with autonomous consciousness could be judged as materials.

After the adjustment, Kurayoshi let go of Akamaru and touched it again.

Sure enough, the system prompt did not ring again.

"Hey, are you all right?"

Tooth lowered his head and yelled in dissatisfaction.

"All right."

Kuroyoshi retracted his hand and looked at Akimaru. It was lying on top of Tooth's head with its eyes closed, seeming to have no idea what had happened.

"What's the use of this town!" Naruto leaned over, reaching out with envy from the puffy eyes.

Akamaru opened his small eyes, glanced at Naruto appreciatively, and then barked twice.

Ya translation: "This dog is so good!"

After speaking, his teeth bared, "Of course, Akamaru is not an ordinary dog."

"Ya, do you have any puppies in your house, can you give me one?"

Kuroyoshi looked at Akamaru on the top of his teeth with envy on his face.

In the previous life, he was also a family of dog lovers and liked dogs very much. But now, he has a crow owned by someone else.

Naruto also cast an expectant look.

The tooth took Akamaru off, held it in his hand, and scratched his head, a little embarrassed: "It's not without it, but you don't have the secret method of the Inuzuka family. It is impossible to train a dog into a companion partner, even a ninja. It's hard to develop."

"It doesn't matter, I just like dogs purely."

"Hmm, bite too."

Ya looked at Naruto with a look of disgust, "You can't even do your own life properly, how could I give the dog to you, stop dreaming."

At the end, he turned his head to look at Kurayoshi, "When Lang Maru gives birth next time, I will send you one, and you must raise it well."

Langmaru is an adult ninja dog from Inuzuka's family. It has a strong body and a keen sense of smell. No matter how bad it is, the children he gave birth to.

"Thank you." Kuroyoshi bowed and thanked.

"How is this!" Naruto wailed loudly, even his voice clear.

"It's nothing."

After that, the class bell rang and several people skipped class together.

Although it is autumn, the weather is getting colder.

But the morning sun can bring a touch of warmth.