Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 86

The balcony of the teaching building.

Kurayoshi Shikamaru and others lay side by side in the sun, only Dingci sat on the ground to eat.

Ya looked at the sky, the slightly soft sun, a little speechless, "You will be found if so many of us skip class together!"

"Definitely!" Ding Ci was eating, his words slurred.

Naruto shook his fist confidently, "Relax, this is a secret place to skip class, even if Mr. Iruka finds us skipping class, he won't know where we are."


Kurayoshi Shikamaru was speechless, they didn't know where Naruto's self-confidence came from.

Did you learn from Erzhuzi?

"Oh! I just want to graduate with everyone, be an ordinary ninja, find a virtuous wife who is neither beautiful nor ugly, have two children, retire when the children grow up, and play a leisurely life of playing shogi every day." Maru suddenly sighed.

In the end, you became the village party secretary and took the flowers from the village next door, right?

Kuroyoshi couldn't help but complain.

Chapter 59: Wrong Sword Practice

Shikamaru provoked the topic, and the others continued on.

Unsurprisingly, Naruto wants to be Hokage.

Ding Ci wants to have endless food.

Ya also wants to be Hokage, but he is not as sure as Naruto.

According to his words, although he wants to be Hokage, he is not sure if this is his dream.

It's just that there are no other goals yet, so I took Hokage as my dream.

When it was Kurayoshi's turn, he was silent.

It's not that he doesn't want to say it, but he doesn't know it himself.

Gain strength, dominate your own destiny, and let tragedy not happen to you

This is not a dream, but a response to prevent future disasters.

Although I am not disgusted and even like power, it is not my dream.

Kuraki looked up at the sky, clouds drifted by, and thoughts drifted away.

My dream should be to be happy every day and live a carefree life.

But on what day can he be happy and carefree every day, he doesn't know.

At least, he had no worries about food and drink in his previous life, and he also had a lot of trouble.

Probably, my dream is endless greed!

Thinking of this, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but twitched out a smile, and muttered: "Who knows, I just want to have the power to protect at the moment."

Is that so?

Everyone did not speak, but lay quietly on the ground, enjoying the morning sun.

Suddenly, Iluka's roar came downstairs.

A few people scattered as birds and beasts, and slipped from different directions.

At this time, life and death are up to you, you can escape if you can, and you can’t blame anyone if you are caught.

After escaping from the roof of the teaching building, Kuroyoshi did not return to school, but went directly to the training ground No. 39.

Going back at this time, you will definitely be fined to take the bucket and stand outside the classroom to listen to the class.

He skipped class before class. The teacher probably didn't know that he had asked for leave.

At this time, it's just as concentrating on practice and forgetting to ask for time off.

Back to training ground 39.

Liangping was not there, it was quiet inside, and the movements of the birds on the branches were clearly audible.

Kuroyoshi took a deep breath, took out the ninja from the storage scroll and started practicing.

Instead of rushing to practice the change of chakra nature, he practiced shuriken.

To practice this kind of thing, you will retreat if you don't advance.

In the past two months, Kuroyoshi has been immersed in the practice of changing the nature of Chakra, and what he has learned before has become a little rusty.

If you are not familiar with it again, I am afraid it will regress.

After all, whether it was shuriken, swordsmanship, or three-shenzhen skills, he hadn't practiced it to the point of being carved into his bones, like instinct.

"Boom boom boom"

One by one shurikens were nailed into the stakes, and the touch of the past was gradually recovered, and the hits became more and more accurate, until the previous level was completely restored.

Seeing this, Kurayoshi put away the shuriken and practiced the three-shou technique again.

After the familiar feeling of the past came back, he started practicing swordsmanship.

At first, I just swing the sword very slowly and practice various basic movements.

But gradually, the movements became faster and longer and longer, and the basic movements were quickly connected together to form a fluent killer move.

The autumn wind blows the Buddha and the red leaves flutter.

Cangji danced in the forest with one sword and one man. Among the red leaves in the sky, murderous intent lingered. From time to time, there were leaves breaking off in the middle, as if cut by a sharp blade.

"It's useless for you to practice like this."

In the artistic conception, uninvited guests break in.

It was Ryohei's voice.

Cangji suddenly woke up, and the surrounding leaves split open and fell to the ground.

He glanced around, frowning.

My sword is getting sharper and sharper, but why is it useless?