Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 87

Kuroyoshi couldn't understand, his brows frowned, and they were almost squeezing together.

"Remember, you are a ninja, not a samurai. As long as the sword can kill people, it doesn't need to be sharpened so sharp." Ryohei continued.

Kuroyoshi became more and more puzzled, "Don't you contradict yourself?"

The sword is enough to kill people.

But the sharper the sword, the easier it is to kill people?

Why is it not so sharp?

"It's a bit convoluted to explain, you'll know after a fight with me, of course, don't use the writing wheel eye and other props."

Liangping broke a branch from the tree beside him, cut off the branches and leaves with kunai, and then pointed diagonally at the ground while holding a sword.

"Are you sure you want to use this?" Kurayoshi asked uncertainly.

The corners of Liangping's mouth rose slightly, and he smiled confidently, "I'm a forbearance."

Kuroyoshi closed his eyes, let out a deep sigh of relief, and then opened it suddenly.


As the words fell, Cangji raised his sword, and the sharp blade slammed out with cold light.

But Ryohei seemed to have expected it to be so, holding the branch and lifting it forward for a shot.


The knife hadn't been cut out yet, and the branch hit the surface of the knife.

The blade trembled for a while, making a harsh sound, and the tremendous force made Kuroyoshi almost unable to hold the hilt.

Rely on brute force, forcibly hold the branch, and then push it away.

Taking advantage of the opponent's retreat, he swung the knife again.

Liangping had expected it, and with the help of thrust, he took two steps back, and the blade fell on his chest.

Kuroyoshi seized the first opportunity, mercilessly, holding the hilt with both hands and slashing the knife.

However, Liangping was able to anticipate the enemy's opportunities every time, either blocking off the offensive route in advance, or evading in advance, easily defying every attack.

In the middle, Kuroyoshi wanted to use his weapon advantage to cut off the branches and then attack the owner.

However, Ryohei didn't go head-to-head with him. He only changed Kuroyoshi's offensive line by hitting the knife face or holding the guard.

The battle was at a stalemate. On the surface, it looked like Kuroyoshi was pressing Ryohei and slashing, but in fact the opponent was walking with the nose.

Kuroyoshi couldn't use his force, and was extremely uncomfortable.

After fighting for a while, there was no result, Kurayoshi closed the knife and retreated, calling a stop.

"What do you think?" Liangping asked, putting away the branches.


Kuroyoshi pondered slightly, and said, "I can't use it forcefully."

Obviously holding a sharp weapon, whether it is against a branch or against a person, as long as the blade is hit, you can win.

But I couldn't even touch it.

The so-called knife can kill people is enough, is it to make me focus on improving skills, not lethality?

However, the future battles are all fights by gods!

Skills alone are useless.

Ryohei seemed to see what Kuraki was thinking. He shook his head lightly and said, "It's not that you pay more attention to skills and neglect the lethality, but your use is too rigid."


Kuraki looked at him suspiciously.

Liang Ping said with a serious face, "Someone should have instructed you, let you practice the basics, and then summarize the fighting skills in actual combat."


Kuroyoshi nodded, then raised his brow, asking: "Is this wrong?"

"It's not wrong, but the way you sum it up is wrong, focusing too much on moves."

"Too much emphasis on moves?" Kuraki thought carefully about Ryohei's words, recalling the swordsmanship he had practiced in the past two years.

It is indeed getting better and better!

What's wrong?

"Just explain it!"

Chapter 60 The Spacing of Breathing

The techniques of swordsmanship, especially the basic moves, have been summed up by samurai and ninjas for countless years.

The correct gesture of holding the sword or swinging the sword can make a faster and stronger slash, and at the same time, it will save energy and keep people strong.

Through two years of practice, Kurayoshi has mastered the basic moves of various sword-holding postures and summarized them in the school's actual combat classes to connect the various moves to form stronger and smoother moves.

He himself felt that he had become stronger.

But why

"If you are a samurai, it might be right to do this, but" Ryohei shook his head slightly. "You are a ninja, and most of the enemies you face are ninjas. The fighting style of ninjas is different from that of samurai.

"The continuity between moves and moves does make the sword more stable, swung faster, and more powerful, but there are more flaws."

"Have you ever thought about why I can block your sword every time?"

"Isn't your speed response and even experience much better than mine?" Kuroyoshi looked at Ryohei suspiciously.

Liangping shook his head lightly, "There is this aspect, but it is more that the rhythm between moves is too easy to be seen."


"Yes, it's the rhythm." Liangping nodded, "In the previous battle, the power speed I showed was even lower than you, but still dominated the battle because of the rhythm, that is, breathing."