Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 88

Kuroyoshi opened his eyes slightly, looked at Ryohei incredulously, and tentatively said, "Kagura, the God of Fire?"

"What is the god of fire, Kagura?" Liangping looked dazed.

Cangji chuckled and said, "No, nothing, you continue."

Liangping glanced at him strangely, and continued: "To be more precise, it is the breathing distance."

"When people make movements with different ranges, the breathing distance will become different. First-class ninjas can predict the moves that he is about to strike through the breath distance of the enemy, and those of swordsmanship."

Speaking of this, Liangping sneered, "Fixed moves and fixed breathing intervals, although everyone has subtle differences, but this kind of thing that is widely spread, even if you haven’t practiced, you have a lot of knowledge and it is the easiest. Be seen through.

Even if you mess up the sequence of moves and make new moves consecutively based on different moves, the breath interval will not change."

"Is that so"

Kurayoshi folded his chest with one hand, and fell into thought with his chin in the other.

The ninja school has taught human dynamics, the purpose is to make it easier for students to master various force skills.

At the same time, students learn to predict moves through the enemy's tiny body movements.

Although these require corresponding insights and reactions to do so, there will not be a minority of people who know such popular knowledge.

In order to prevent his actions from being easily seen through by others, Kurayoshi pays attention to the continuity of changes between moves, making them faster and more complicated, making it more difficult for people to see through.

Unexpectedly, more powerful masters can not only predict by body movements, but also through the distance of breathing.

Excessive actions will only reveal bigger flaws.

Ryohei saw the appearance of Kuroyoshi, knowing that he had figured out the key to the problem, and continued: "The so-called practice basics, and then summarize the fighting skills in actual combat, is to train your reaction, speed, eyesight, and strength, so that you can take action at the most suitable time. , Use the most concise and clear slashing knot to fight fast, instead of letting you link moves and moves, making it complicated and mysterious, making it difficult to see through."

"The third-rate guys don't even have the ability to predict, they can only see tricks, always slow down."

"Second-rate guys can predict the next step of the enemy through small physical movements."

"The first-rate guy can predict the enemy's movements through the breath interval."

"And top masters can even read the enemy's thoughts and thoughts through changes in their eyes and even breath."

Speaking of this, Ryohei stared at Kurayoshi closely, "Your current swordsmanship, if you don't use other props or writing round eyes, you will have to fight hard against the second-rate guys, and you will definitely die against the first-class master."


Kuroyoshi didn't speak, and had nothing to say.

He thought of Uchiha Itachi.

This guy can always go one step ahead and get to the next step of the enemy.

He thought of Uchiha Madara.

A person, a knife, chopped melons and vegetables in the crowd, like no one's land.

Of course, they all have a writing wheel, whose insight is unmatched by ordinary people.

But at the same level as them, people who don't have the same ability also have the same ability.

Eyesight, insight, these can be acquired through exercise.

People who reach that level, even if they don't deliberately train, they will be able to exercise through battles.

Liangping sighed deeply, and continued: "In fact, pure swordsmanship is very powerful to the extreme, but it takes a lifetime to study.

However, the kendo that has been studied for a lifetime will not exceed ninjutsu, and is only suitable for killing enemies, not as good as ninjutsu in applicability.

The ninja's mission has to face various situations, but swordsmanship is not enough."

"Then how can I improve now?" Kuroyoshi asked humbly.

Liangping pondered slightly, "I have developed a habit of practicing swordsmanship for more than two years. Let me put it aside for a while and forget the habit before starting to practice. Now, let's learn the nature of Chakra first!

"Okay, let's start now!"

Chakra's nature changed and practiced, and continue to work hard.

As time passed slowly, Kurayoshi returned to a monotonous and fulfilling life once again.

Morning exercise, school, school, practice, sleep.

Joy and boring life go hand in hand, life is particularly fulfilling.

Unconsciously, the time came to October 10.

Kuroyoshi put on a black yukata, tidyed up in the mirror, and left.

The sky is overcast, and Razer Snake can be seen occasionally.

Cangji was walking on the street, surrounded by people, mostly villagers who also wore black clothes and bowed their heads.

There are ninjas and ordinary people.

The atmosphere is somewhat depressing.

When I came to the flower shop of Ino's house, there was a beautiful woman inside.

It's Ino's mother. Kuroyoshi has seen it many times.

"Auntie, a bunch of flowers." Kurayoshi said to the counter.

When Mrs. Yamanaka heard the sound, she was a little surprised to see Kuroyoshi, and then noticed his attire, and she suddenly understood.


Mrs. Yamanaka nodded and brought a bunch of white carnations from the counter.

"Thank you."

Kuroyoshi took the words, and after paying the money, turned and left.

"and many more."

Mrs. Yamanaka stopped Kuroyoshi, then took out an umbrella and chased him up, "It is estimated that it will rain this day, you hold it first."

Kuroyoshi hesitated, took the umbrella, and then bowed to Mrs. Yamanaka, "Thank you."

Mrs. Yamanaka smiled and gestured for encouragement, "Go!"