Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 90

It's all my fault. I harmed you and didn't complete my fulfillment. I'm a useless rubbish.

Kuroyoshi felt the sorrow pervading Kakashi's body.

He looked up at Kakashi, and said: "The deceased is gone, the living must still work hard, your friends will also cheer for you underground!"

"Come on"

Kakashi smiled wryly.

With soil-like character, it might be so!

However, I cannot forgive myself.

Seeing Kakashi's eyes, Kurayoshi did not continue to comfort him.

He is not Naruto, and he does not have the belief that he will stick to himself and work hard no matter what he encounters, so he can't escape Kakashi.

He raised his head and glanced at the sky, the wind and clouds changed, and the rain was getting heavier.

Kuroyoshi said lightly: "I'll take you to the hospital!"

Kakashi looked at Kuraki, glanced at his clothes, most of them were wet.

A bamboo umbrella couldn't cover the two of them at all, and Kuroyoshi gave him most of the position.


In this way, Kuroyoshi stroked Kakashi to Konoha Hospital.

Because he was much shorter than Kakashi, it was a little difficult to walk.

Fortunately, Kakashi's injury does not matter, but rushing back to Konoha to worship the soil and Lin caused severe physical exertion, and he could still use his strength.

The two limped in the rain.

Kakashi asked suddenly: "Are you a student of Ninja School!"


"Why do you want to be a ninja?"

"Because I want to gain strength."

"What do you want to gain strength to do?"

"Let the tragedy not happen to me."

"That's it!" Kakashi looked up into the distance, his eyes blank, "This is a very difficult thing to do. You must keep your mood at this moment in mind."


Kakashi was taken to the hospital, and Kuroyoshi said goodbye.

Half an hour later, he returned home.

Open the door, close the door, turn on the light.

Regardless of the wet clothes, Kuroyoshi stretched out his blood-stained hand.

This was contaminated by Kakashi, and it was washed away a lot by rain.

"Obviously it has been carefully covered."

Kuroyoshi was a little upset, but he was helpless.

This kind of heavy rain cannot be completely blocked by the bamboo umbrella.

Ding!Special materials "Invincible Blood" are detected, and special props "Domain Mirror", "Soul of Genius", "Guilt Lock", "Outlandish Thousand Year Kill" and "Innocent Youth" can be forged.

"It's worthy of the flag wood five or five points, so many items can be forged."

Hearing the system prompt in his mind, Kuroyoshi couldn't help feeling sigh, and at the same time he was even more upset.

Because, when I first came into contact with Kakashi's blood, the system suggested that there were far more items that could be forged.

Obviously, it was the blood on the hands that was diluted, resulting in insufficient materials to forge the remaining props.

After feeling and annoyed, Kurayoshi silently muttered "forging."

Suddenly, there were a few more things in his hand.

A palm-sized mirror is very ordinary, no different from the mirrors sold on the street. The frame is made of plastic.

A ball of white light.

The light group is very familiar, similar to Tiantian's weapon soul.

Seeing this thing, Kuroyoshi thought of a lot, and immediately checked it.

"The soul of genius: There are many ninjutsu geniuses in this world. The soul of genius hosts the master's talent, and after absorbing it, it will also have the original master's talent."

Chapter 62 The innocent boy Kakashi?

"Sure enough, it is a talent item!"

The hand holding the light ball couldn't help shaking, and Kuroyoshi's breathing became a little quick.

How high is Kakashi's talent?

There are only a few people in the entire ninja world with all seven attributes, grilled fart ninjas, mastering thousands of ninjutsu, Konoha Sao Bao King, and Hagaki five or five, and writing round eyes are worse than ordinary Uchiha.

Before going to school, he had mastered the ninjutsu that belongs to the official ninja level. During school, he once picked two Konoha Ninjutsu in two seconds.

Graduated at the age of five, six-year-old ninja, thirteen-year-old as a ninja, created A-level ninjutsu Chidori, a young man famous in the ninja world.

Such a growth process

This is the way to open the hanger among the people who don't open the hanger!

And Cangji, there is an immortal human body and a writing wheel eye, and Xueba glasses and a wisdom hat to help understand the artifacts, but the physical talent is mediocre.

Knowing how to do it is different from knowing how to do it.

It will be done at a glance, and it will be discarded as soon as it is done.

The same goes for Naruto.

Before he accepted the power of the Six Dao Immortals and reached the realm of the all-encompassing world, his cultivation speed was not ideal.