Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 91

Unlike Kakashi, both personal comprehension and physical learning are very powerful.


Quietly in my mind.

The light group quickly melted into the body, and Kurayoshi felt the inexplicable mystery again.

Then return to peace.

I couldn't see much from the outside, but Kurayoshi knew that his physical talent had been changed.

He can't wait to practice and see the specific changes.


Listening to the sound of rain outside the house, feel the wet clothes on your body.

"Wait a minute!"

Kuroyoshi narrowed his mouth regretfully, and then checked the remaining three items.

A palm-sized iron lock, a palm-sized metal sharp cone, and a book.

The iron lock is very weighty and heavy in the hand.

The same is true for metal pointed cones.

As for that book, it seems to be no different from ordinary books. The cover is imaginative and continuous. When I opened it, I couldn't find any harmonious pictures. It was just a record of words, and it looked like a book.

"Domain Mirror: It becomes a domain space by itself, the mind is activated. After activation, the person and the holder are drawn into the domain space together. In the domain space, neither side can defeat the other and capture one person. Note: The captured person The more a person’s strength exceeds the holder, the shorter the trapped time, or even the inability to pull in"

"Guilty lock: Conceptual props. Specify a target. If the opponent feels guilty and self-blame, the guilt lock will appear in the target body regardless of the distance. The stronger the guilt and self-blame, the heavier the guilt lock will make the target feel heavy and difficult. Breathe, and capture one person. Note: When a person’s guilt reaches a certain level, life will disappear."

"The Profound Thousand Year Kill: Kakashi's years of practice in lore, it will have a miraculous effect against fools.

"Pure Youth: A classic book of pure love, after reading it, you will experience the beauty of youth."


Kuroyoshi looked at the innocent boy left and right, looking dumbfounded.

The source of this book is easy to guess, it is nothing more than a little yellow book that Kakashi never put down.


"Why is it pure love?"

Kuroyoshi was puzzled.

Isn't it an indescribable book?

He thought about it, and finally remembered a vague memory.

It seems, in the past life, in the post bar.

Someone said in a post that uploaded the contents of the Hokage Official Book, "Intimacy in Heaven" is not actually a little yellow book, but a vulgar romance.

However, because of the special environment of the Ninja world, it was unexpectedly popular.

Is it

"That is true?"

Several question marks popped up on Kuroyoshi's head.

If this is true, Kakashi, who often shows wretched expressions in romance, can really be called an innocent boy.

At the same time, it is understandable that he, a single dog, can tell Sakura and Sasuke something that he can only understand when the four ninja battles ended.

Putting aside the discussion on this issue for a while, Kuroyoshi threw the innocent boy into the system space and looked at the domain mirror.

This thing is undoubtedly a stem from the "five-five".

The strategic role is important, and it can play a role in reversing the situation at a critical moment.

As for the guilt lock

This thing is full of sense of sight, the more you look at it, the more obvious.

However, this thing is probably useless to deal with the cruel-hearted guys, it is an artifact for dealing with kind-hearted and honest people.

Thousand-year killing, this thing is more funny than practical.

Throwing everything into the department space, Kuroyoshi took a bath.

Around ten o'clock, the rain stopped.

The sun broke through the clouds and stuck out, and the world suddenly became much brighter.

Cangji put on a black exercise suit and opened the door with a bamboo umbrella.

He returned the umbrella to Mrs. Yamanaka, and then rushed to the training ground No. 39.

His talent has changed, and he can't wait to try his physical changes.

Now that the rain has just finished, it is a good time for the second stage of the training of the fire attribute chakra nature change.

The first stage of the nature change of the fire attribute is to make the chakra have burning characteristics, and the second stage is to train the burning intensity.

Generally speaking, large trees containing moisture are burned in a moist and non-flammable place.

As long as this step is done, you can learn how to escape from fire or give weapon attribute changes.

Arriving at the training ground No. 39, Cangji found a big tree hugged by three people by the river.

Put your hands on the trunk, feel the moisture and life from the bark, and then transport the chakra.


The flame erupted from the palm of the hand, very faint, but it left scorched black on the bark, and it could not even dry the moisture.

But with each attempt, the flame erupted in his hand became more and more vigorous and fierce.

Although it didn't happen in one jump, there were obvious improvements every time.

Kuroyoshi thought for a while, separated thirty shadow clones to practice at the same time.

He concentrated and focused all his attention on his practice, even when Liangping arrived.