Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 92

Time passed slowly, and the sun set.

Liangping, who had been watching silently, suddenly stopped: "It's almost there."

Kuroyoshi recovered from his practice.

He looked at Liangping, then at the sun that was about to set in the horizon, and nodded slightly.

"Bang Bang Bang"

Thirty shadow avatars disappeared as smoke, tiredness hitting my heart, extremely heavy, making people aches and headaches.

But with fatigue, there is still a lot of practice experience.

Cangji shook his head, cheered up, and supported one hand on a big tree embraced by five people.

Then, make a seal with one hand.


The flame erupted, engulfing the tree instantly.

The large koala a dozen meters high burned, illuminating the dim forest.

Countless birds and beasts were frightened and ran around.

The silent forest seemed to come alive.

Kuroyoshi stepped back for a while, feeling the heat wave in front of him, squeezing a smile from his tired face.

Chapter 63 Fire Escape

After completing the practice of changing the nature of the Chakra fire attribute, you can proceed with the follow-up practice of Huo Dun. Coupled with the improvement of talent, Kuraki has a high enthusiasm for practice. I really want to continue to learn Huo Dun with one effort.

But after a day's shadow clone practiced, he was already exhausted.

Even if the immortal body and the nine lamas can recover quickly, mental fatigue is hard to resist.

Reluctantly, I can only hold back the excitement and go back to rest.

The next day, before dawn, Kuroyoshi rushed to the training ground No. 39 to practice.

As for going to school

Skip class.

What he chose was the art of fireball.

The difficulty of learning this ninjutsu is only Grade C, but because it focuses on one spot to spray high-temperature flames, its power is several times that of other Grade C fire escapes.

Moreover, the fireball's attack range and distance are very impressive, and it can also control the size and distance of the fireball according to the user's adjustment of the chakra consumption, which is very practical.

It is also because of its practicality that it is the foundation of the Uchiha family's secrets. Fire escape. Konoha will also do many non-Uchiha ninjas.

It is worth mentioning that Jiraiya’s Ninjutsu Fireball, Jieyin is exactly the same as Hao Huoball, and it is very likely that it is also improved based on Hao Huoball.

Because the ninjutsu learning plan was made in advance, Kuroyoshi had seen how to practice Hao Fireball in advance.

Therefore, when I came to the training ground, I started practicing.

First came to the river to prevent fire.

Then Jieyin.

Art fire escape ho fireball.

I muttered silently in my mind, while inhaling, mobilizing the Chakra, focusing on the throat, and then squirting out in one breath.

The chakra property changes at the moment the chakra spurts, and it burns.


The fiery line of fire spurted out, condensed into a ball in front of it, and grew bigger and bigger as it burned.

In the blink of an eye, a cluster of flames turned into a fireball with a diameter of more than one meter, and the terrifying high temperature twisted the air.

It's going to explode!

Kurayoshi felt the heat wave in front of him and clearly felt the air expand rapidly.

Today, with a bite, the Chakra transport was broken.

The fireball flew all the way out of the water, bringing up large swaths of steam, and then exploded.

Accompanied by a deafening roar, the surface of the river burst, and it suddenly sank down a lot, and large areas of mud along the river also flew up.

Kurayoshi raised his hand to block the splashing muddy water, frowning.

The Hao Fireball can be adjusted in size according to the user's adjustment of Chakra consumption.

Both Itachi and Kakashi can blow fireballs about three to five meters in diameter.

But the fireball he just blew was just over a meter, and the high temperature caused the air to expand and explode.

"Well, do you need to consider the temperature of the flame, that is, the degree of solidification of the flame and other physical phenomena."

Kuroyoshi just thought about it for a while and found the problem.

Just now, in order to increase the power of the fireball, he gathered chakras as far as possible to the center, hoping to increase the power of the fireball.

I don't want to, but there are such restrictions.

"I took it for granted."

Ninjutsu, which has gone through dozens of hundreds of years, is already close to perfection. If there is improvement, it will be improved.

Unless the form of ninjutsu is completely changed, it becomes another kind of ninjutsu.

Next, Kurayoshi dispersed the flame concentration, and the fireball spread to five or six meters.

But the flame is too scattered to have instant lethality.

After successive adjustments, Kurayoshi finally used the usual fireball.

"How about learning how fast fireball is, the master's talent"

Ryoping, who didn't know when he arrived, couldn't help but look weird when he saw this situation.

Judging from the changes in the nature of Chakra before, Kuroyoshi's talents are average, but at this time, learning the art of Fireball is easy and fast.