Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 93

He did not know how to describe it.


Kuroyoshi wiped the sweat off his forehead and smiled, "Next, I will learn more advanced ninjutsu."

"Advanced Ninjutsu" Liangping paused, and said, "Slow down for now!"


Kuraki looked at him suspiciously.

"Ninjutsu is like a weapon, the same weapon exerts different power in the hands of different people." Ryohei said.

"That's how ninjutsu is used, right!"


Not to mention the power of ninjutsu, when to use it, and its purpose

Used well, low-level ninjutsu can also play a vital role.

The most obvious change is Naruto.

In the beginning, learn spiral pills.

I only know that using the shadow clone to rub the balls, the hit rate is touching.

After returning from practicing for more than two years, he knew that he would use the shadow clone to create the enemy's vulnerability, and then rub the balls.

The hit rate is greatly improved.

However, I know, I know, but

"How can this be improved?" Kuroyoshi looked at Ryohei suspiciously.

The method of using ninjutsu can only be improved by summing up experience in actual combat!

Liangping smiled slightly, his body filled with murderous intent, "In actual combat, from now on, there will be one more practical lesson in training, and you and I will fight with real swords and guns."

Kuroyoshi was startled, then smiled, "I understand."

As the voice fell, Ryohei dashed forward, and Kuumi, who was hidden in his sleeves, slid into his hands and stabs at Kuragi.

Kuroyoshi seemed to have expected it earlier, and wiped his right hand on the ninja bag on his back, and a kunai was hooked by the middle finger, rotated, and then held it in his hand.


Kungwu and kunai collide, bursting out a little spark.

Ryohei glanced at Kuroyoshi approvingly, boasting: "The response is good, and he always maintains his concentration."

"Well, after all, there are coaches from roots who taught me that if I don't even understand the basics, then I don't need to be a ninja."

"is it."

Liangping grinned, showing a cruel smile, "From now on, it will be root training. I will suppress my strength to the same level as you, and then I will try my best to kill you."

"Can't ask for it."

"Ding Ding Ding"

The blades fought against each other, and there were waves of metal crashing.

In the forest, one big and one small, jumping up and down, coming and going, constantly colliding.

Shuriken, kunai, trap, deception, ninjutsu

Do everything.

However, even though Ryohei said he was training him with the determination to kill Kurayoshi, he actually kept his hands.

The targeted target often does not involve critical points.

He didn't realize that he was thinking too much until he found out that even if he suffered a fatal wound, he would heal instantly.

So no longer keep your hands.

Obviously just training, but no less than real ninja fighting.

Sarutobi, who occasionally came to see the progress of Kuroyoshi's cultivation, saw him, and was shocked by the tragic level.

Time flies, the white horse flies.

Soon, a year passed.

Kuroyoshi went to school to fish on weekdays while looking for forging materials. After school, he went to training ground No. 39 for training.

Every day spent in the fight between life and death, Kuroyoshi corrected the previous swordsmanship.

There are no moves, only simple slashing and blocking, swinging the knife at the best time, and resisting at the best time

Although there are no gorgeous moves and no sharp aura, he can always make the best choice at the right time.

From the avenue to the conciseness, it is only a normal use of the sword, but it is like a master of kendo.

In addition, Kurayoshi learned all the scrolls of ninjutsu left by Uchiha Itachi.

And can be used freely in combat.

Chapter 64 Grade Assessment

Konoha June 21, 57.

Ninja school, playground.

Kurayoshi and Sasuke stood in the middle, facing each other a few meters apart.

On the edge of the playground, many students watched.

In addition to classmates, other classes, even senior classmates have come.

"Come on, come on, Kuroyoshi."

Uzumaki Naruto could shout vigorously on the sidelines, wishing to end himself and fight for him.

Ino stood aside and was a little bit reserved, but it didn't get better. Opposite them, there was a fan group shouting for Sasuke.

The two sides yelled and raised each other's voices, as if they were about to have a cheerleading contest before the main battle, Shikamaru who looked on one side covered his head speechlessly.