Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 94

In the field, Kurayoshi pushed the frame and kept smiling.

On the other hand, Sasuke pulled out Kunai and stared at him as if he was facing an enemy.

Countless failed battles, he had already regarded Kuroyoshi as a great enemy, even if it had been three months since the last battle, he had become stronger through cultivation, and he didn't care about it.

Oneself will become stronger, others will also.

However, there is nothing to worry about.

As the Uchiha clan, there are countless clan members who teach, even if they are temporarily led, Sasuke is not worried at all.

But this time, he was confident that he would be ashamed.

"Sasuke, there is no need to be so nervous, it's just an assessment." Kuroyoshi kept smiling and said lightly.

"Nervous?" Sasuke snorted indifferently, and said, "I just take things seriously."

"Well, you are free."

At this time, Mr. Mizuki, who had silver hair and a handsome face, looked a lot like the protagonist, who actually could not survive one episode, stood up.

He looked at the two with a smile, "Are you all ready?"

"Yeah!" The two nodded together.

Mizuki nodded slightly and raised his right hand, "Since everything is ready, then the battle for the first place in the grade exam has officially begun."

Waved his right hand, Mizuki exited the playground immediately, so as not to hinder the two of them.

But neither Kuroyoshi nor Sasuke made a move.

But Kuroyoshi just stood there casually, his expression relaxed and casual.

But Sasuke stared at Kurayoshi closely, holding Kurumi in both hands, leaning forward, his muscles tense, and he could burst out powerful power at any time.

At this time, a breeze was blowing, bringing a bit of hot air.

Although it is only early summer, the weather is already hot.

The sand and dust on the playground, the intertwined air flow, greatly hindered each other's sight.

Suddenly, a wisp of sand drifted past Kuraji's eyes.

It's now!

Sasuke's eyes lit up, he held Kumaru with both hands and threw it out at Kurayoshi. At the same time, he kicked his right leg and rushed out.

On the way, he took out three kunai with both hands from the ninja bag of the back waist, aiming at the kunai ahead and shot them.

Kuroyoshi stared at the shot Kunai, eyes half-squinted, without moving.

Suddenly, the kunai behind caught up with the kunai in front, and hit the tail, causing it to change its flight trajectory and flew left and right into the sky.

Fly to a certain point, there is no chasing after another to produce a collision to change the trajectory, and then again.

The two kunai that had shot from the front to Kuroyoshi turned into a shot from above, and Sasuke took out a kunai and rushed up frontally.

Fuck on three sides.

Sasuke uses the unique hidden weapon art of the Uchiha family to create this situation alone in the face-to-face confrontation.

This hand was not unsightly, and the crowd onlookers exclaimed, even the teacher exclaimed.

But it was just a surprise, never thought that Sasuke could win.

Because, in the past three years, Kuroyoshi has never shown a hard fight, and has never shown full strength.

It's not bottoming out, which makes people think deeply.

Sure enough, Kurayoshi didn't change his face in the face of such a situation, and even pushed down the frame in time.

When Kuwu was about to stab him, he slammed and crossed his hands under his ribs.

Kuwu was firmly caught and pinched between the index finger and the middle finger.

Kuroyoshi raised his head to look at Sasuke who had already rushed, and suddenly raised his hands.

Kuwu flew out at a faster speed and shot towards Sasuke.

How can this be!

Sasuke's eyes rounded.

An attack from a blind spot in the rear, you know the location without turning your head back, and you still catch it empty-handed. What is the operation?

However, even though he felt unbelievable, Sasuke was only slightly distracted, and soon turned his attention back to the battle.

The sprint speed is not reduced, a kunai gripped in his hand and knocked up and down lightly, hitting a kunai.

But before he was proud, Cangji kicked the door.

"I've been waiting for you."

Sasuke smiled confidently and folded his hands on his chest.


Accompanied by the sound, Kurayoshi kicked Sasuke's crossed arms with a kick, and the strong force made him back.

Cangji was not forgiving, his feet touched the ground, hurriedly chased up, and kicked out again.

Sasuke's body has not yet stood firm, too late to resist, so he has to take advantage of the momentum to dodge back.

When Kuraji missed a hit, he closed his legs and attacked again, with both hands supporting the ground, and a carp hit his legs and kicked.

Kuroyoshi put his hands across his chest and easily blocked it.

But it took a few steps back.

Sasuke took the opportunity to stand up and knotted his hands.

"That is!?"

Both Iluka and Mizuki who watched the battle on the sidelines changed their faces, because they saw that the order of Jie Yin was not any ninjutsu taught in school.

Iluka was about to step forward to stop the game, but was stopped by Mizuki.

I saw him shook his head slightly, "Don't worry, Kurayoshi doesn't panic at all!"