Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 95

When Iruka heard the words, she saw Kuroyoshi retreating indifferently.

"He didn't see that Sasuke's technique was different."

Iluka just wanted to say that, the playground had already changed.

Sasuke breathed in sharply, his chest swelled, and then he spouted sharply.

Art fire escape ho fireball.

The blazing flames burned, and the nearby temperature rose rapidly, and the already hot playground became even hotter, and everyone watching was sweating.

However, they did not care.

Because Sasuke used ninjutsu that was not taught in the ninja school, it was an official ninja to learn.

Each of them opened their mouths wide enough to fit an egg.

The blazing flames condensed into a ball about one meter in diameter and flew towards Kuroyoshi with billowing smoke.

Kuroyoshi glanced at the lucky bracelet on his right hand, the original simple chain was now glowing with a faint light.

This is having an effect!


It is really unnecessary to expose a hole card in such a place.

I thought about it in my heart and passed by in an instant.

Kuroyoshi also quickly sealed.


Sasuke exclaimed when he noticed Kurayoshi's movements.

The familiar sequence of knot printing, the familiar inspiration

Ninjutsu that does not belong to the student level, the opponent will also.

Art fire escape ho fireball

Kurayoshi gathered enough chakras in his throat, and then burst out suddenly.

A larger, more solid, and higher-temperature fireball flew out in front of him and quickly collided with Sasuke's fireball.

Time seemed to pause for a second here, and the flames froze each other, then plunged into a whirlpool, and then exploded.

Accompanied by the deafening sound, the impact instantly cut a piece of the ground, and the strong air wave raged everywhere, rolling up bursts of sand and dust, making the people watching around had to cover their eyes.

However, even if the dust blows their eyes, they will look at the field one by one.

Sasuke's young body flew upside down in the air wave.

Chapter 65 This is just a shadow clone


Iluka rushed into the playground to check Sasuke's injury.

Unexpectedly, Sasuke pushed away his hands and hurriedly pointed at the smoke from the explosion and shouted, "Save Kuroyoshi."


Iluka was taken aback, then thought of something, and quickly swept around Sasuke.

There was not a trace of burns, and there was no trace of the clothes being baked at high temperature, but there was a clear footprint on the abdomen.

No way!

The conjecture was confirmed, and Iluka immediately turned and rushed into the smoke from the explosion.

But just after running two steps, a gust of wind blows away the dense smoke.

It was empty inside, except for a pit hole on the charred ground.

"What about people?"

Iluka and the onlookers were dumbfounded.

"What's the matter?" Sasuke couldn't believe it. "Is it blown to pieces?"

"Sasuke" Iluka looked over, with a serious expression, "Did Kurayoshi kick you out?"

"Yeah!" Sasuke hesitated and said, "Just now, before being hit by the explosion, Kuroyoshi rushed over and kicked me out of the explosion range. He himself was swallowed by the heat wave."

"You bastard, you killed Kuroyoshi!"

Naruto rushed in with red eyes.

Mizuki hurriedly stopped him.

Ino even knelt down on the sand and wept.

When the opposite Kozakura saw it, worried arose in her heart. She wanted to comfort her, but she didn't know what to say.

Sasuke looked at Naruto and Ino blankly, his brain blank.

He has always wanted to surpass Kuroyoshi, but he has never had the idea of ​​harming him. The reason why he used ninjutsu in the grade assessment was also because of the battles over the past few years, which gave him a certain degree of understanding of Kuroyoshi's strength.

He knew that just the art of the fireball would never cause deadly danger to Kuraki.

did not expect

"Don't panic."

Iruka yelled, and seeing everyone looking over, she said calmly: "The power of the explosion just now is not enough to break a person to the bone, so Kuroyoshi is fine."

"Huh?" Naruto was startled, and then, the blue eyes lit up with expectation, "Teacher Iruka, Kuraki is really okay?"


Iluka nodded, "If I'm not wrong, the one who fought with Sasuke just now is a shadow clone."

"Shadow clone?"

Naruto looked at Iluka dumbfounded, and most of the students around him were like that.

They have never heard of this ninjutsu.