Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 96

Only a few people looked shocked after hearing this word.

Sasuke is one of them.

As a member of the Uchiha clan, he had heard this ninjutsu from the people of the clan, knowing that it was a high-level clone technique that could separate entities, and it seemed that it was a forbidden technique.

Not only learned how to fireball, but also such an advanced clone technique.

Moreover, I can't even beat a clone, has the gap widened?

Sasuke bit his lower lip tightly, his knuckles turned white with his hands clenched.

Training Ground No. 39.

The two figures quickly shuttled through the forest, throwing shurikens at each other from time to time to test each other, like phantoms.

"Ding Ding Dong Dong"

The shurikens either collided in the air, or were attacked by weapons, or quickly dodged against the big tree nailed to the side.

The two ran around the terrain, and after several turns, they finally met hand in hand.

The long knife collided with the sharp blade, bursting out a splendid cremation.

After several fights, the two sides reached each other and wrestled with each other.

"A year of actual combat growth, is that this?" Liangping looked at the young figure in front of him with sarcasm.

Language is also a skill in combat, and Kurayoshi knew that Ryohei was trying to provoke him, and he was not fooled.

He just smiled, his right hand increased his grip on the knife, his left hand loosened, and the index finger and middle finger were put together on his chest.

"Huo Dun San Hua Zhan."

The blade suddenly turned red, burning with raging flames, and then erupting like a volcano.

The move is not silent in the heart, but shouted out.

The purpose is to remind Ryohei.

Because Kurayoshi worried that Ryohei would be killed by this trick.

However, his worries are obviously redundant.

Ryohei from the roots

He has been wandering between life and death since the beginning of training, until he became Shinobu, and he has experienced so many battles as the root squad leader that he can't remember it.

His combat experience is so rich that outsiders can hardly imagine.

Seeing that Kuroshitsuko made a move to seal the seal, he immediately closed the knife and retreated.

When he heard the name of ninjutsu shouted by Kuroyoshi, he even quickened his pace.

The flame swallowed everything, about ten meters ahead, in a fan-shaped area, ignited a raging fire.

The fire illuminates the forest, and the tender green branches and leaves are quickly evaporated water and then turn yellow and burn.

However, despite the shocking momentum, Liangping had already retreated to a safe place.

Kuroyoshi's long sword turned, and the fire wave danced with the blade, turning into a long, sharp cross-cut, following Ryohei's figure to chase, countless big trees were cut in two on the way.

The Flame Knife has a wide range and fast speed. It is unrealistic to retreat and pull a distance to avoid it.

And step back, step back.

Ryohei has been instructing Kuroyoshi to fight for a year. He understands Kuroyoshi's fighting style very well. Once he has the first opportunity, he will press on step by step. All kinds of ninjutsu attacks don't need money, and he will never give the enemy a chance to breathe.

Therefore, Ryohei chose ninjutsu to fight.

Earth escape wall

Thick rocky walls rise from the ground. Although there is no dog's head, the defense power is not inferior.

The flame knife hit it and set off a violent wave of air. The wall cracked from the outside and then blew away.

However, the center part is intact.

Liangping curled up in the back without being hurt.

He calmly felt the air flow, the air wave became smaller, and before it stopped completely, he took advantage of the aftermath of the explosion to cover, holding a long knife to kill from the billowing smoke and dust.

Only when he just rushed out of the smoke and dust.

I saw Kuroyoshi holding a flame knife and slashing.

How did you find it?

Liangping opened his eyes slightly, and he couldn't believe it.

"Because I know you well too!"

As if guessing what Ryohei was thinking, Kurayoshi, who slashed with a knife, shouted with a laugh.

Suddenly, the knife stopped in midair.

Kuroyoshi frowned.

Liangping noticed the strangeness, and hurriedly closed his sword to stop his figure.

"What's the matter?" Liangping asked.

"The shadow clone at school has disappeared."

"Disappeared?" Liangping opened his mouth wide and asked in disbelief, "Is there any student in the school who can beat your shadow clone?"

In addition to the master's dispelling technique, the shadow clone will disappear only when the chakra is consumed or the damage it can withstand is limited.

But Kuroyoshi was just in the state of making moves, and it was impossible to take the initiative to disarm the clone, and his Chakra was at the monster level, and it was impossible for a shadow clone to exhaust Chakra.

Therefore, it is only possible for the shadow clone to be attacked by the upper limit.

Thinking of training, Kuroyoshi once told him that the shadow clone was going to deal with grade exams, so Ryohei had this conjecture.

"No, it was just an accident."

Kuroyoshi shook his head slightly.

Uchiha did not destroy the clan. Sasuke, who was taught by his clan, made rapid progress. Now he has the same or even stronger strength than when he graduated in anime.