Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 97

Kuroyoshi's shadow clone didn't expect this, so it was a little careless.

Otherwise, Sasuke wouldn't even be able to use ninjutsu.


"A certain strength has been exposed. Next, there will be some chores to come up!"

Kuroyoshi sighed helplessly.

He is now in a period of rising blowout, and he just wants to practice.

Chapter 66 Graduation Early?

Kuroyoshi's hunch was accurate.

At the Ninja School, several teachers in charge of this grade assessment came to the Hokage office to report after finishing the statistics of the students.

The achievements of the new generation are related to Konoha's future, so in addition to Sarutobi Hisaki who is a Naruto, the elders' turn to Koharu and Mito Menyan are here.

In the past, Danzo will also come.

But he was dead and couldn't come.

"The first place in this grade assessment is Kurayoshi, the second place is Uchiha Sasuke, and the third place." Iruka read the top ten students, closed the score sheet, and smiled: "Although the others are behind in the rankings , But also performed well, just because the top ten performed better."

"Yeah! Thanks for your hard work, Iruka." Sarutobi nodded slightly with his pipe in his mouth, his old face with a smile, it seemed that he was much younger.

"Where, it is the result of everyone working together." Iluka didn't dare to take credit alone. "Moreover, the students themselves worked very hard."

Xiaochun on the side said with a cane, "Anyway, you brought this freshman out, so don't be humble."


"So, is there anything else to report?" Sarutobi asked.



Mizuki stood up from behind, and everyone turned their eyes to him.

Sarutobi stared at him, took a breath of cigarette silently, and asked, "It's Mizuki, what else do you have?"

"It's about Kuroyoshi and Sasuke."


Hearing what Mizuki said, Sarutobi couldn't help but condensed his gaze while looking at Mizuki, his expression became serious.

"What happened to the two of them?"

"Although they are still third graders, whether it is Kuroyoshi or Sasuke, they have the strength of a formal ninja, and they have also learned ninjutsu such as fireball and shadow clone. It is meaningless to continue to stay in school."

"Are they both geniuses?" Men Yan asked.


Mizuki glanced at Menyan, nodded, and then continued to look at Sarutobi, "Three generations of Hokage-sama, they will only waste their talents if they continue to stay in school. I want to apply for them to graduate with this class of graduates."

"Ms. Mizuki!"

Iluka looked at him in surprise, and then retorted: "Although they are all excellent, but they are still too young, they are now graduating too"

"There are many people who graduated earlier than them." Mizuki interrupted Iruka's words, and righteously said: "Teacher Iruka, I am also a teacher. I like those children as much as you, but their strength is yours. Clearly, as far as Kuroyoshi is concerned, my Zhongnin is not necessarily an opponent, and you are harming them by spoiling them like this."


Iluka opened her mouth, but couldn't refute it.

In this assessment, the strength shown by Kuroyoshi and Sasuke is obvious to all. If you talk nonsense, it would be an insult to the IQ of other teachers.

"There were indeed students who graduated very early." Sarufei took a deep breath, staring at the table with muddy eyes, gleaming complicated eyes.

For a while, he slowly spit out the cigarette, his eyes restored as deep as before, "But the times are different, now there is no need for students to graduate so early."

"However, even if Konoha is not in urgent need of combat power, for the development of the two children, they should graduate early!" Xiaochun suggested on the side.

Sarutobi was silent.

Both Xiaochun and Mizuki were right.

Continue to stay in school, the school can't teach them.

Let them graduate and follow the lead teacher to perform tasks, but they can accumulate experience and grow.

Although there are risks in the process, there are risks in the ninja profession at any time.

However, Sarutobi also has his own considerations.

The first is Kuroyoshi.

Others are not clear, but he understands very well.

Kuroyoshi's potential is amazing. He has monster-level chakras and can learn a lot of ninjutsu.

Even without mission experience, he can grow for a long time.

The reason why the ninja school only teaches the basics is because the students are young, and the knowledge and chakras are not enough to learn high-level skills.

Although Kuroyoshi's current strength is great, it is still far from the point where he can't grow by burying his head in learning. Sarutobi naturally wants him to grow as much as possible before accumulating experience.

Because, this can minimize the risk.


Sarutobi had planned to make him teammates with Naruto.

Because Naruto is a human force, the Ninja Road may have a runaway situation in the future.

If there is a teammate who writes round eyes, or it can prevent Naruto from running out.

Moreover, he made Sasuke and Naruto teammates, which is also a kindness to Uchiha.

Although Uchiha's coup was over, Itachi also used other gods to let Uchiha let go of his arrogance and prejudice, and the other party did not ask for anything.

But this kind of coup

It has only been two or three years, and it can't be regarded as nothing happened.