Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 98

The gap between the two sides still exists.

Although both sides tried to eliminate it, it was not so easy.

Sarutobi hopes that Sasuke and Naruto can become teammates to ease the atmosphere between the two sides. Even if they can't completely let go, they can plant the seeds of reconciliation and place their hopes on the next generation.

Become a teammate and experience life and death together.

They will forge a deep friendship, and this friendship will spread step by step, allowing Uchiha to integrate into Konoha.

In fact, similar plans have been implemented since the second generation.

That is Uchiha mirror.

Sarutobi also inherited the second-generation plan, letting Taito and Kakashi become teammates.

It's a pity that both the mirror and the soil died prematurely, and the other Uchihas had trouble making relationships with other teammates.

Even Uchiha Itachi, because he is too mature and avant-garde, is incompatible with other personalities.

Originally, Sarutobi almost lost confidence in this plan.

But Naruto's appearance regained his confidence.

Because even the hatred and disgust of the villagers can’t make him shake the kindness, the desire to be recognized, and the desire to associate with others.

No matter how difficult it is for Sasuke to get along, he will definitely get along with Naruto.

Kurayoshi is the big tree that Sarutobi values ​​and can support Konoha's future, and Sasuke is Sarutobi's hope of realizing Konoha's true unity.

Neither of them allowed accidents.


"It's better to ask about the opinions of the parties and their parents about this kind of thing!" Menyan suggested: "If we force them to stay in school, it would not be good to cause misunderstanding."

Hearing this, Sarutobi felt a sense of powerlessness.

Although he is Hokage, Konoha is not a dictator, and he must have a reason in this matter.

Otherwise, in the long run, Hokage will lose the trust of the people below.

"All right, let's state the interests with the parties first, and let them make the decision!" Sarutobi hesitated for a long time, and had to make a decision.

After the decision was made, someone immediately found Sasuke and Kuroyoshi.

Sasuke was very excited after hearing the hearing, but couldn't make a decision for a while and couldn't help looking at his father and mother.

"You can graduate from school at the age of eight?"

Hearing this news, Uchiha Tomitake and Mikoto slept first, then smiled, "Graduating so early, this is an honor, worthy of being my son."

On the other side, training ground No. 39.

After hearing the news, Kurayoshi casually pulled out his ears, "What? Graduating early? Nonono, how can I be a ninja when I am so weak? Let me study in the ninja school for a few more years!"

Chapter 67 I'm Too Weak


It was Mizuki who came to inform Kuroyoshi of the news. Hearing Kuroyoshi's answer, he subconsciously glanced at the destroyed forest with obvious burn marks.

Then fell into contemplation.

Is it because he is too weak and always regards the weak as the strong, or is the times changed, and this level of level can only be regarded as the weak?

No, this guy has a wrong understanding of "weak and small"!

In fact, many people in Konoha know the strength of Kuroyoshi.

Although I don't know the specific details, the general level is still known.

After all, although the training ground No. 39 is remote, it is only Konoha's public training place.

Someone will come here all year round.

Although, those people don't necessarily know who Kuroyoshi is, and Kuroyoshi does not know them either.

However, only ninjas will come to the training ground.

Even if it's just a glimpse, you can see something through the traces of training.

Mizuki has been here by accident and knows Kuroyoshi's approximate strength.

It is precisely because of this that he proposed to let Kurayoshi and Sasuke graduate early.

At this time, Mizuki had not thought of betraying Konoha.

It is all about relying on performance to gain opportunities to improve status and strength.

As a teacher, there is nothing better than teaching a few geniuses.

But now

Hearing what Kuroyoshi said, he didn't want to graduate early.

How can this work? My performance depends on you and Sasuke!

Especially your top name.

The corner of Mizuki's mouth twitched, and then he smiled, "Well, Kuroyoshi, you may not know it, but your current strength is actually very strong. Even a teacher, I am not necessarily your opponent."

"I know this!"

Kuroyoshi pointed to Ryohei on the side, and said nonchalantly: "This squad leader who used to be Anbe, Shinobu, he just lost to me."

"I haven't lost yet." Liangping corrected it without difficulty.

Although the final situation is not good for him, he still has a solution.

At least, the battle is not over.

However, his unconventional expression was like some guy who couldn't afford to lose, he didn't admit it.

It's okay not to speak, but Mizuki directly confirmed the facts.

While shocking Kuroyoshi's talent, he was reveling, "Since I have the strength to defeat Shangnin, then"

"It took a lot of energy to win, and it might not be possible to win next time. Isn't this very weak?"