Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 100

Chapter 68 The Heartless Sword and the Love Sword


Liangping was speechless.

He didn't know how to evaluate Kuroyoshi.

Are you afraid of death?

But it clearly has the same resilience as an immortal body.


There is often an injury-for-life style in a fight, which is impossible to counsel.

In other words, Kurayoshi really thinks he is weak.

But is Kurayoshi really weak?

Liangping fell into deep thought.

For the time being, those props with various functions can be ignored, even Uchiha's rare kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes.

However, he is only slightly inferior to his own speed, strength, endurance, amazing chakra volume and special physique like immortality, skilled combat skills, and rich combat experience

These alone are enough to make a fight against those special Shinobu.

Not to mention that he also mastered the chakra nature changes of the fire attribute, was able to give the weapon chakra form at will, and also learned a lot of the fire escape secrets of the Uchiha clan.

At this level, facing up, the general Shinobi would have to kneel.

If you use a kaleidoscope to write round eyes

Ha ha!

Although Liangping didn't know the specific power of the kaleidoscope to write round eyes, he could somewhat guess from the power of the three-gou jade.

If Kurayoshi uses the writing wheel eye, even if it is just a three-hook jade form, Ryohei will never think he has a chance of winning.

If he used those messy props, he felt that no one would be his opponent in the Shinobi world.

However, such strength is also very weak in the eyes of Kuroyoshi.

Liangping doubted his life for a while.

"what happened?"

Seeing Ryohei's silence for a long time, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but ask.

"No, nothing." Liangping regained his senses. "However, if it's just other ninjutsu practice, I don't need to be with you all the time."

Kuroyoshi hesitated for a moment and asked, "Are you busy with anything lately?"

"Isn't there anything to be busy at the time, it's just" Liangping paused, and continued: "I have spent all my savings. If I don't go out on a mission, I can't support myself."

"So that's it." Kuroshitsuji was suddenly.

Shangren can accept high-level tasks and pay a lot.

But again, consumption is also high.

Various weapon supplies, medical supplies, etc.

It is not a time of war, nor is it a mandatory task. These consumptions are borne by the ninja.

After all, the ninja, to put it bluntly, is like a mercenary.

Although Liangping has accumulated a lot of savings in the ten years of roots, but in the past three years, he has only spent money

Especially this year accompany Cangji to fight for life and death.

A lot of physical energy is consumed every day, and the need for food tonic is particularly great.

And the consumption of weapons and medicine, etc.

Now, Liangping has very little money left, and if he doesn't take up the task, he will have no food to eat.

For Ryohei's contribution, Kuroyoshi is in his eyes.

This is controlled by other gods and becomes a subordinate of his servant

Although he was only used as a tool man at the beginning.

But as time went on, Liangping gradually recovered the heart that had been worn out at the root.

Cultivation of Kurayoshi

From the execution of the order at the beginning to the spontaneous initiative in the back, Liangping's heart changed. From the gradual expression on his face, he could see how Kurayoshi, who had been practicing with Liangping for a year, couldn't feel it.

Grace must be repaid, grudges must be paid.

Liangping treats him sincerely, and he will not simply use Liangping as a tool man.

After all, Kuroyoshi himself is not keen on power.

He didn't care about the master and servant.

The relationship between the two went from being the master and servant to the superior and inferior, and then to the relationship between the predecessors and descendants to the present friends.

The two met every day for a year, every day they took up arms to fight each other, they knew each other's personalities, and they could feel the changes in each other's minds.

Kuroyoshi was also a little bit sorry for Liangping wasting all his time and money on himself.

Therefore, after Liangping explained the situation, there was no obstacle.

After all, a chakra change has been completed, and although the content of the subsequent practice is different, it is also similar.

In terms of ninjutsu, there are also records of practice methods.

After absorbing the soul of genius, he can learn quickly.

"Then I will leave first."

Ryohei beckoned to Kuroyoshi, turned and left.

He has to go back and organize his equipment to cope with the task of traveling tomorrow.