Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 101

Kuroyoshi stopped him.

Liangping paused and looked back.

Kuroyoshi didn't speak, but hesitated in his heart.

"Don't worry." Liangping smiled softly, "I have become a veteran of Shangnin for almost ten years. Even if I haven't had a mission for three years, I have not forgotten those experiences."

After that, he paused, and added: "Moreover, after fighting with you for a year, I have made a lot of progress."

"I'm naturally relieved of your strength, but" Kuroyoshi hesitated, took out two samurai swords from the scroll, and handed them over, "Take these two swords."

The sword is three feet three long, and the blade is two fingers wide.

The blade is sharp and exudes cold light, and the back of the blade is slightly wide. There are dragon blood grooves on the body, one handle is blood red and the other is ice blue.

The pattern on the blade of the handle and the style of the hand guard show that they are a pair.

"this is?"

Ryohei didn't take over, but after looking at the style of the sword, he looked at Kuroyoshi in confusion.

Kuroyoshi smiled and said: "Although your strength is very strong, the Ninja World is much stronger than you. These two knives can make your strength more extreme, and this is forged from you. The knife, so take it!"

"The knife forged from my body?"

Liangping's dark eyes became even more puzzled.

However, although I didn't understand, I didn't ask.

Just as he never asked about the weird props on Cangji, he just stretched out his hands calmly and took the blood red and ice blue double knives.

At the moment when he touched the sword and felt a cold touch on his skin, Liangping knew the names and abilities of the two swords.

"Wuxin Sword: A sharp blade without emotions, with special toughness and sharpness. If the holder is unhearted and ruthless, he can use his active skills: All-in-one. Note: This is a sharp weapon that can cut any armor."

"Sword of affection: a sharp blade with emotions, a knife with special toughness and sharpness. If the holder of a knife has strong emotions, he can use his active skill: all things are cut. Note: This is a weapon that can kill even energy."

The Wuxin Sword represents Liangping's past at the root, and the Affection Sword represents the present where he regains his emotions.

These two swords were forged a year ago and a month ago.

After forging the Wuxin Sword a year ago, Liangping's body structure did not have the potential for forging props.

And a month ago, in a match, he was accidentally contaminated with Liangping's blood, and the system reminder sounded in his mind.

It was also at this moment, Kuroyoshi understood.

The stubborn potential that has been passed down in the previous life can be forged at any time, and the potential that one possesses can only be forged when one has it.

This is also one of the reasons why Kuroyoshi wants to stay in school.

Because the body tissues obtained from Shikamaru, Dingci, Ino and others, the props forged are particularly pits, and have nothing to do with their family's secret arts.

Chapter Sixty Nine

Shikamaru's is "Old Life", Dingci's is "Handsome Guy?" "Kind Heart" and "Great Gourmet", and Ino's is "Blooming Cosmos".

Except for the kindness of these props, the rest are either for daily use or for cheating.

In addition to these, Kuroyoshi also forged some props from things on Sakura, Sasuke, and Tooth.

Sasuke's "Sunny After Rain", Toa's "Tracking Mask", Sakura's "Gemini" and "Juli Bracers".

Tianqing after the rain is a silver metal badge, the size of a thumb, with patterns of heavy rain and the sun carved on it.

The tracking mask is just like an ordinary mask. It is black, with a modern design and a breathing valve.

Gemini is a fist-sized cluster of light.

The Juli Bracer is a pink bracer.

"Sunny after the rain: It will give the wearer great self-confidence, especially after progress, self-confidence increases geometrically. Note: Sometimes overconfidence is not a good thing!"

"Tracking mask: It can strengthen the wearer's sense of smell tens of thousands of times, so that the wearer can smell the faint smell that is difficult for the wearer to smell at a long distance and ordinary canine creatures.

"Juli Wristband: Wearing it can not only avoid injury to the wrist during activities, but also increase the wearer's tremendous strength."

Although sunny days after rain are sometimes pits, it is also very useful to use it well..

Not to mention tracking masks and Juli wristbands, although they are not particularly powerful, they are very practical.

Kuroyoshi is wearing a giant brace so that he can wrestle with Ryohei with a knife. Otherwise, a child under eight years old, no matter how hard he exercises, cannot be compared to an adult Shinnin.

Of course, Tsunade's kind of inherent strange powers doesn't count.

Kuroyoshi actually wanted to get some hair from Shino, but Shino's sense of existence was too low.

He could hardly speak to Shino, and tried to pretend to obtain it by accident, but he didn't succeed.

Because the bugs on Shino are very alert to the surroundings, they will remind Shino to avoid accidents in advance.

By now, Kuroyoshi has almost figured out the forging rules of the system.

First of all, it is the stalk passed down in the past life, and the system can create props with corresponding abilities according to the content of the stalk.

The second is their own potential. This potential can be blood, talent, or even secret skills, but ordinary ninjutsu cannot.

Kuroyoshi also obtained hair from Iruka or other ninjas, but the system did not give a prompt.

For the time being, it is unclear whether the forbidden equipment has the potential.

Because of the hair that Kuroyoshi got, it seemed that the third generation would be sealed by a ghoul.

Although he did not forge the props related to it, he only started learning after the fourth generation of sealing the nine tails. It is not sure whether he has learned it now.

The personal spiritual journey also has the potential for forging, but it must be particularly strong.

Similar to Ryoping

The soul was wiped out at the root, and the lost heart is recovered until now.

Liangping does not have a system, so naturally he can't see the introduction of the system.

But the Wuxin Sword and the Sword of Love and Righteousness were forged with his blood, so they understood their role at the moment of contact.

Liangping's eyes condensed, his expression became serious, then he shook his head and handed the sword back, "This is too expensive, I can't ask for it."

Kuroyoshi did not reach out to pick it up.