Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 103

Ninjutsu scrolls, props needed for practice, and ration pills to replenish physical fitness in time

When everything is ready, put everything in a single scroll, and then wash and sleep.

No words for a night.

The next day, early morning.

As soon as the sun reached the top of the mountain, Kuroyoshi opened his eyes.

He looked out the window, the plum branches were covered with fresh green leaves, and a little sparrow was jumping around on the branches, chirping like a picture scroll.

Suddenly, a crow flew over.

The sparrow ran away in fright.

The crow occupied the branch and smirked at Kuroyoshi through the window.

This guy seems to be infected by Xiao Hei.


Kuroyoshi fell silent.

After a while, silently got up and put on clothes, then went out to wash, make breakfast, eat, morning exercises, and go to school.

Of course, I didn't forget to chain Xiao Hei.

As for spiritual practice

Just finished a period of practice, take a few days of rest for a while to relax.

After all, work and rest are combined.

It may be because it was still early, and Kuroyoshi didn't meet Ino on the road.

When I came to the classroom, there were only twos and threes of classmates, and most of them didn't know each other.

However, they seemed very enthusiastic.

They said hello one by one, and more people came up to ask about the shadow clone.

Dazzling people will be sought after everywhere.

Although Kuroyoshi is very low-key on weekdays, his strength is real, and he has been ranked first in the school for three years.

What's more, his temper is very gentle.

Although it is not very enthusiastic, but it will not refuse people thousands of miles away.

It is neither cold nor price.

Such a first place is more popular.

Kuroyoshi pushed the frame, smiled, and answered them one by one.

Although they were all sent people's words, his attitude was good, and no one was disgusted. On the contrary, these people noticed the abruptness and he was embarrassed to leave.

Kuroyoshi sat back in a boring daze, and gradually, there were more people in the classroom.

Someone greeted him one after another, and then, acquaintances and friends came to the classroom.

Ino was next to the familiar ran Kurayoshi, drove off Kamaru who was on the side, took his left arm, leaned on it, closed his eyes, showing an expression of enjoyment.

"Hey, you are too close."

Kuroyoshi drew his hand, but didn't draw it out, he could only remind her helplessly.

However, there was no effect at all.

Ino squeezed his body and looked over. A flush of blush appeared on his white face, but he said boldly, "What's the matter, Kuraki-kun, please associate with me!"

Girls in this world are too bold!

Kuroyoshi lamented in his heart, and at the same time refused: "No, I want to practice, I don't have time to fall in love."

"It won't delay your time. It doesn't matter if you don't date. As long as you can look at you, you can also like me."

"No, I will be distracted."

"Kurayoshi who focuses on one thing is also so handsome. Although the answer makes me sad, I will not give up."

"Class is coming."

"Does it have anything to do with this?"

"Master Iluka is here."


Ino suddenly sat upright, and saw Iluka standing on the podium, looking at her with a serious expression, and everyone else in the class followed Iluka's gaze.

With the gaze of so many people, Ino was always bold and blushed instantly.

"That, that"

Ino wanted to explain, but was interrupted by Iluka.

"Okay, just sit back to your place, I have business affairs to notify."


Ino Escape also returned to his position, as did the others.

"Ms. Iluka came a bit early today!" Ding Ci glanced at the empty seats in front of him while eating.

Now, it’s not time for class.

"It is estimated that there is something to announce!" Shikamaru glanced at Iluka's expression and said casually.

"I guess so!" Kuroyoshi nodded lightly.

Iluka waited for a while, and some classmates came to the classroom one after another, but Naruto and Sasuke did not come.

He took a deep breath and said, "I want to announce one thing today."

Iluka looked serious, and the students below all held their breath, waiting for the announcement.

They saw Iruka being so serious for the first time.