Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 104

"Saosuke already has the all-round quality of Shimonin. After obtaining the consent of himself and his parents, the school allowed him to graduate with this year's graduates."


Kuroyoshi widened his eyes and stood up from his position.

Everyone in the class watched it together and couldn't help being curious about Kuroyoshi's reaction.

Although they were also shocked by this incident and caused a noise at one time, their reaction was not so great.

Could it be that the people who lag behind have become ninjas ahead of schedule, but the first one of them failed to become a ninja, so there is a gap in their hearts?

Some people with gloomy mind thought badly.

"Kurayoshi, is there any problem?" Iruka gave him a weird look and asked concerned.

"No, nothing." Kurayoshi sat back in his seat. "I was just surprised by the news."

"Actually, you should be able to think of it. After all, Ms. Mizuki also informed you that you can graduate early."

Iruka's words once again caused uproar in the class.

The classmates were curious, incredible, or excited looking at Kuroyoshi.

"Where, I still have a lot of shortcomings. It's too early for me to become a ninja."

Kuraki answered modestly.

However, the future really becomes incomprehensible!

Chapter 71 Trailing

Iluka continued to say a few words of encouragement before leaving.

However, Kurayoshi has been stuck in the news of Sasuke's early graduation.

It is different from Danzo and Uchiha.

Although they are equally important in this world, they are less than one-tenth of Sasuke.

Sasuke is the reincarnation of Indra and one of the protagonists of the family ethics drama of Naruto.

The grievances and end of Ninja's history are closely related to him.

Such a guy's life trajectory has changed dramatically.

Kuroyoshi couldn't imagine what the future would become.

Sasuke graduated early, but Naruto remained the same.

In other words, the two of them will not become teammates in the future, and it will be difficult for them to form a deep bond like anime.

At least, for now, Naruto's attitude towards Sasuke is envy, jealousy, and hatred, and it is not pleasing to his eyes.

With the fate of Indra and Asura, the two will still become mortal enemies in the end.

But without the deep bonds in the original anime, would Naruto still be obsessed with Sasuke and persuade him to turn around?

No no no.

Now that the Uchiha clan is still there, Sasuke should not be a betrayal like in anime.

As a companion in a village, how can Sasuke become a deadly enemy with Naruto?

Could it be that the fate of Indra and Asura was already consumed the moment the system forged immortal crystals?

It's like a rock on Naruto Cliff.

Kuroyoshi is not sure.

Because, forging immortal crystals, only the body tissues of Asura and Indra's Chakraga Naruto and Sasuke are enough.

If the fate of the two were also forged as materials, there should be props related to fate.

But the fate of the two has not been broken, so how can they develop into mortal enemies?

Kuroyoshi thought hard and finally thought of a possibility.

One of the worst and worst possible for Itachi.

He didn't want to think deeply, and didn't want things to develop into such a bad situation.

Because this is too cruel for Itachi.

For Konoha, it is not good for everyone.


"What's the matter with him? If you can't stand it by then, hang up both of you and give it a beat."

Kuroyoshi thought this in his heart, and his mood suddenly improved.

After a while, the class bell rang.

Mizuki walked into the classroom with the textbook and began to teach.

And Naruto hasn't arrived yet.

Kuroyoshi didn't care either, that guy was used to being late.

At this time, I was not sleeping, or I was hiding somewhere to prepare for a prank, so I don’t have to worry.

He cast his eyes on Shino in the corner of the classroom.

In the original anime, this low-existence man has super strength. Since his debut as a ninja, he has never lost the battle.

Moreover, as a family of oily women, insects have been parasitic from birth, and their bodies are different from ordinary people, and they also master the secret technique of controlling insects.

What level of forging potential does his body tissue have?

Kuroyoshi wanted to know, but suffered from no chance. The previous several attempts ended in failure.

Now, the rare practice has come to an end and I am free.

He is ready to use the strong one.

A plan slowly formed in my mind.

Soon, the time came to the evening, and the school bell rang.