Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 105

The classmates rushed out of the classroom and rushed out of the school.

After Kurayoshi, Shikamaru and others left, they followed the crowd and left.

In a remote alley, he used the shadow clone to make the clone go home normally.

And he put on a false mask and transformation technique to pretend to be an unfamiliar uncle he had seen in his previous life, then used the Book of All-knowledge to check Shina Shino's position and chased him up.

Shino walked very slowly, so Kurayoshi quickly caught up.

However, he was not in a hurry to shoot.

Because there are many villagers nearby.

Doing this at this time will soon attract the security team.

Kuroyoshi is not in a hurry.

Because of their own secret techniques, the oil girl clan resides in the lush forest.

There are sparsely populated, or no one at all.

He is ready to shoot after he gets to the forest.

There is a big gap between the strength of the two, and it only takes a breath to solve the battle.

After about half an hour, the dusk became darker.

Kurayoshi hung in an invisible position behind Shino and entered the forest together, his eyes lowered.

while walking.

About twenty minutes.

Kuroyoshi took out the book of omniscience and confirmed that no one was nearby, he could not help speeding up

He is ready to shoot.

Here, there is still about 20 minutes away from the station of the Younv clan. If you go further, the possibility of encountering other members of the Younv clan is very high.

Shino's figure came into view.

Kuroyoshi approached silently, rushing behind him like a ghost, stretched out his right hand, and scratched his head or hair.

However, it is about to succeed.

Several fat leeches suddenly fell from the branches above.

Kuroyoshi braked on one foot and stopped in time.

"Papa Papa"

The leech landed on the dirt road in front of it, struggling and swaying. The white fat flesh and palm-sized body looked like a crucian carp on the shore.

so close.

Kuroyoshi let out a sigh of relief, and at the same time stepped back.

Because Shino had already turned around, and there were dense insects floating around him.

Compared with the secret technique of the Pig, Deer Butterfly or the Inuzuka family, the secret technique of letting insects parasitize and feed by the oil girls from birth allows them to have combat effectiveness earlier.

"who are you?"

Shino put his hands in his pockets and looked at Kuroyoshi with a calm expression.

The high collar with sunglasses and covering his chin made him look a little mysterious.

Kuraki smirked, raised his hands, and said: "I'm just a lost passerby."

"This forest is a breeding ground for the worms raised by the oil women. Since you entered the forest, the worms have been reporting your whereabouts to me, so"

Shino pushed down the frame, and her voice became severe, "Frankly explain, otherwise, you will be eaten by bugs as fodder!"


Kuroyoshi fell silent.

This calmness, this ability to judge, this courage, and the secret technique that can be used at this age

It's a guy who has never been defeated since his debut.


"At this age, it's still too tender!"

A cold light flashed in Cangji's eyes, and the whole person turned into an afterimage and rushed out, so fast that Shino could not see it at all.


Kuroyoshi stretched out his hand and grabbed Shino's head and was about to retreat.

Suddenly, several kunai shot out from the forest.

The goal is Kurayoshi and his retreat route.

As a last resort, Kuroyoshi had to change the direction and roll to the other side, pulling the distance away, and at the same time the system prompt sounded in his mind.

Ding!Found the special material "Insect Hair", can forge special props "Insect Nest", whether or not to forge


After reading a silent sentence in his mind, Kuroyoshi just got up and stood firm.

Seeing firmly, there was a young boy in front of Shino.

Chapter 72—The Treasure of the Female Oil

The boy was dressed very tightly, his black clothes almost wrapped his whole body tightly, only his mouth, nose and nearby faces were exposed.

Oily girl take root

Seeing this person's appearance, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but think of this name.

Shihei's son and cousin Shino.

Possessing toxic antibodies, nano-level poisonous insects that can instantly destroy cells reside in the body.

Following the original trajectory, he would enter the root instead of Shino and become Danzo's left and right hand.