Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 106

He is a strong man who does not lose to Shino regardless of strength, calmness, and analytical ability.

But now Danzo is dead, and the roots are destroyed.

Taking the root did not enter the root.

And, because of the poisonous insects in his body, he could not go to the ninja school, nor was he allowed to participate in the Ninja test and other activities

He is still a ten-year-old boy, and he has been staying in Shino's home.

This guy's body structure must have strong forging potential.

Unexpectedly, Kurayoshi's gaze at Takugan became eager.

Feeling the other person's gaze, he frowned and frowned

He didn't know why Kuroyoshi thought of himself like this.

Could it be that the goal is yourself?

Mindful of this, Shino who took the roots to the side asked: "The poisonous insects in the forest have been screaming, and I rushed over when I felt something was wrong. Who is this guy?"

"I don't know, you followed me." Shino shook his head.

"That's it!"

Taking the root and pondering, he turned his head and stared at Kurayoshi. Although his eyes were blocked by the blindfold, he could still see the emotions in his eyes.

"In Konoha, who are you, who are you?" Take the root with a solemn expression.

The corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth rose slightly, and a smile appeared, "Do you think I will tell you?"

"Yes." Take the root and laughed at himself: "I was too stupid to ask this question, then"

As he said, his eyes condensed, and the whole person rushed towards Kuroyoshi.

"Let's catch you talking first!"

During the sprint, he took off his right glove, revealing a strange purple palm.

"Be careful, that guy is so fast that I can't see clearly." Shino's reminder sounded from the side, and at the same time he directed the insect swarm to support the past.

Take the root and hear the reminder, still sprint at full speed.

His whole body is full of nano-poisonous insects, as long as he comes into contact with the enemy, he will infect the enemy.

Therefore, I am not very afraid of fast enemies.

Cangji knew very well the ability to take roots. Seeing him rushing over like this, he immediately saw through his thoughts, he couldn't help but smiled, and his hands sealed.

Art fire escape ho fireball.

The chest cavity bulged rapidly, and then squirted.

The blazing line of fire quickly condensed into a ball in front, flying towards the two with a billowing heat wave.

Takegen and Shino's face changed, and a donkey rolled, rolling out on both sides.


The fireball passed between the two of them, hit a large tree in the distance and exploded.

The big tree was blasted into pieces, accompanied by air waves and mud splashing around.

The power of the fireball left Togeen feeling a lingering fear, and at the same time, he was fortunate that he and Shino managed to escape.

"Take the root, be careful behind."

At this moment, the opposite Shino suddenly yelled at him, his expression full of urgency.

After taking the roots, he was taken aback for a while, and then he saw the growing shadow of the ground covering himself.

Turn around quickly, take the root and grab it with a claw behind him.


Kurayoshi grabbed the rooted wrist and buckled it back with Aikido techniques to prevent it from moving.


He took the root and looked at holding his hand, his eyes widened.

The palm of the original white and slender, I don't know when I wore black leather gloves.

This guy knows my abilities.

Taking the roots staring at Cangji, his heart was horrified.

"who are you?"

Kuroyoshi smiled softly and said, "It doesn't matter who I am, but I have no harm to you."

"Who believe it!"

Roaring, struggling to take the roots, trying to break his wrist to break free.

"What a cruel man."

Kuroyoshi stunned him with a hand knife, then quickly pulled off a few hairs and retreated.

In the next second, the place where he was standing was overwhelmed by insects.

Shino commanded the insect guard to be beside Token, and stared at Kurayoshi with caution.

"Well, don't be so nervous, I said I'm not malicious to you." There was a casual smile on Kuroyoshi's face.

Zhi is unmoved.

"Cut, it's really boring." Kuroyoshi lost his thoughts of playing, "Then, let's go."

After speaking, he made a seal with one hand on his chest, and a momentary body disappeared in place.

Shino didn't relax his vigilance, but through the perception of the insects in the forest, he was very relieved after confirming that Kuroyoshi had gone far.

Although the other party did not show clear malice, but the strong strength naturally brings a sense of oppression.

Just now, his mind has been tense, his body is almost out of control, and he is about to tremble slightly.

Shino collected the worms that had been reproduced, and then ran to take root to check the situation.