Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 107

After confirming that he was in a coma, he completely let go of his heart.

After letting go, there is doubt.

Why did that guy come here?

Track yourself all the way, attack yourself in sparsely populated places.

Then after defeating himself and taking the roots, he left quietly without doing anything.

No, he seems to have taken away some of the rooted hair and his own.

Is this guy's purpose for the DNA of the female clan?

However, the oily girls rely on secret techniques, and there is nothing special about their bodies!

Shino couldn't understand, so he could only ask his parents when they came back.

After Kurayoshi left the forest, he checked his body first.

After confirming that he was not being tracked by bugs, he found a hidden place and changed it back to the original state.

Then he swaggered home.

Go back to the yard.

The chained black yelled at him as if to please.

Kuroyoshi went over and teased for a while, rubbing the head angrily.

Then he entered the dojo under its heartbroken eyes.

Close the door.

Kuroyoshi takes out Shino and Takeroot's hair.

The system prompt sounded again.

Ding!If the "worm's hair" is detected, the special item "worm's nest" can be forged. Whether to forge

Ding!If the "hair of the poisonous worm" is detected, you can forge the special props "Venomous Crystal", "Venomous Nest", and "Nanovirus". Whether to forge


Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind.

There were four more things in his hand.

A basketball-sized honeycomb with a hook on it, a basketball-sized purple honeycomb that resembles a mutation, a purple crystal the size of a thumb, and a tube filled with purple, exuding little crystal columns.

Well, it is the container of the virus in Resident Evil.

At the same time, several items of information appeared on Kuroyoshi's retina.

"The Worm Nest can be upgraded: It comes with infinite living space and is an ideal habitat for insects. It has a strong attraction to insects or insects. If used actively, it can generate huge suction and draw insects into it."

Seeing this, Kurayoshi was silent.

Isn't this the treasure of oily women?

Chapter 73: Extremely Poisonous

The props forged from the oil girl became the nemesis against the oil girl clan

What should I complain about?

Only You Girl Can Beat You Girl?

Kuroyoshi himself was amused.

Shaking his head and putting away the mess of thoughts, Kuroyoshi continued to check the rest.

"Very Toxic Nest: It is an infinite living space of its own. It is an ideal habitat for all poisons. It has a huge attraction to highly toxic creatures. If it is used actively, it will generate huge suction power and inhale highly toxic substances into it."

"It is actually all highly poisonous creatures, not poisonous insects"

Kuroyoshi opened his eyes slightly.

He originally thought that this was a poisonous version of the Worm Nest, but he didn't expect it to be a poisonous nest directly.

However, think about it in another direction.

If it is not the insects raised by Shino and Roots that forge the poison nest and the insect nest, it is the body they live on for the insects.

If this is the case, it makes sense.

After understanding, Kurayoshi looked at an object, the purple crystal the size of a thumb.

"Very toxic crystals: crystals with high anti-toxic substances, the body will not be toxic after consumption."

Looking at the information introduction, Kurayoshi swallowed it without saying a word.

The immortal human body has brought majestic vitality and chakra to Cangji, but it cannot prevent him from birth, aging, sickness and death, let alone things like poison.

In this world, except for the ten-tailed person Zhuli, the rest, even the six immortals, cannot avoid birth, old age, sickness and death.

After swallowing the poisonous crystal, Kuroyoshi's body had a reaction similar to taking the fairy crystal.

The toxic crystals are melted and scattered into countless tiny particles that can only be observed by a microscope.

That is an anti-drug substance.

They are like fireflies at night, emitting a faint purple light, swimming along the large and small meridians and blood in the body, and the cell structure of the body is changing.

The change is very small, so small that it is almost imperceptible, far from the reaction when taking fairy crystals.

Probably, less than about five percent!

The physique that is not invaded by poisons is still very powerful.

Many ninjas in the ninja world like to play poison, especially the puppet master, there is no need to poison.

In about five minutes, the anti-toxic substances in the body were consumed.

Kuroyoshi's physical changes are over.

He stood up, moved his wrists, and didn't feel any difference from before.

"It seems that the drug resistance has only been increased."