Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 108


Although he knew that the system would not pit himself, Kuroyoshi would not take poison to try, so he set his sights on the last item, the column that looked like the virus in Resident Evil.

"Nanovirus: A virus with strong toxicity. Once contacted, it will be infected. The virus will flow into the body's cells and be destroyed. Note: The virus can only live in biological cells. Once the cell is necrotic, the virus will die and be destroyed by the virus. Cells will emit poisonous gas. If enough biological cells are infected, it can theoretically destroy the world."


Kuroyoshi took a bite of Liangpi.

Isn't this the forbidden technique "pot poison art" that the oil girl took roots?

In the anime, the roots are reincarnated by the pharmacist.

I also wanted to use a large number of corpses to let Roots perform this recruiting ninjutsu, and destroy the ninja allied forces, but Shino and Naruto finally stopped it.

And this one in his hand seems to be an enhanced version.

Kuroyoshi held the column of purple liquid and his eyes flickered.

After thinking about it, he came to the backyard and threw the column directly.

The glass was broken, and the purple exuding little crystal liquid flowed out. That was the culprit capable of destroying the world.

Leaving the container forged by the system and no biological cells to board, the virus quickly died.

The purple liquid braved the white gas to evaporate little by little, and soon disappeared completely in this world.


Kuroyoshi let out a sigh of relief.

The power of this thing is very attractive, but it is too dangerous.

He will have the most powerful power in the world.

But it was destroyed, and there was only one person in the world, which was not what he wanted.

Nanovirus, even if this thing is stored in the system space, Kuroyoshi will feel uneasy.

Only by truly ruining it can you relax.

As for the oily girl

Although his pot poison technique has a wide range of killing and wounding, it is not so big that it spreads to the world.

It is difficult to spread even one city.

Moreover, the oil girl takes roots is a person who attaches great importance to relatives and companions, and will not use this technique as a last resort.

No, if there is no root to take the root, whether he will become a ninja in the future is another matter.

After cleaning up the broken glass slag, Kurayoshi returned to the dojo.

He sat in the center, frowning.

He found a problem.

His hair seems to be pulled less.

These forged props were either related to the bodies of the two Shino and Roots, or were related to the insects lodged in their bodies.

Only the props related to the secret technique of controlling insects are missing.

Kuroyoshi used the hair of Dingzai to forge a giant bracelet that can grow bigger and smaller.

Explain that the secret technique can also forge the corresponding props.


Kuroyoshi sighed deeply.

He originally thought that there was nothing special about his body, and Shino, who had nothing to do with it, could only forge one prop.

So there is not much hair pulling.

Take root

Although I have thought that he can forge multiple props and pull a lot of hair, he still lacks.

Look for opportunities later!

Moreover, it is just a secret technique for manipulating insects.

If not, it's no big deal.

With a nest to deal with bugs, he doesn't particularly need that kind of thing.

It's better to have it, but it doesn't matter if it doesn't.

When he was in a good mood, Kuroyoshi went to the yard and teased Xiao Hei.

This guy was very excited when he saw Kuroyoshi licking wildly.

Kuroyoshi took off the iron chain, and the guy suddenly slipped away.

"If you go outside and mess around, you will wear the iron chain forever!" Kuraki warned loudly in the direction of Xiao Hei's escape.

Outside, Xiao Hei's shouts came, as if responding to him.

On the horizon, the crow of Itachi flew from the sunset and drove towards Xiao Hei.

"These two guys."

Kuroyoshi smiled lightly and went back to cook.

Cooking, eating, walking pets.

It is rare for Kuroyoshi to have a leisurely time.

This kind of life makes him very comfortable, very obsessed, and wants to keep it going.

But he knew that if he wanted to live this kind of life, he had to have the power to guard him.

Therefore, he was not addicted.

No words for a night.

The next day, Kuroyoshi went to school as usual.