Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 109

Naruto, who had skipped class all day, came to the classroom early today.

But he seems to have encountered a battle.

Not only was the nose and face swollen, but there were also scars on his body that were scratched by sharp tools.

Kuroyoshi's eyes widened immediately.

Someone attacked Naruto in Konoha!?

Chapter 74—The Day of Returning to Practice

Kuroyoshi couldn't believe it.

Naruto is Konoha's person Zhuli!

Although Konoha's villagers hated Naruto, they cursed verbally or hit him with things like eggs and rotten vegetables.

But no one will actually do it.

Because they have all received warnings that they are not allowed to hurt Naruto.

Therefore, the villagers directly ignored Naruto.

In recent years, Naruto has regained the attention of villagers by resorting to pranks.

Although everyone still hated him, the hatred in his eyes faded a little bit.

After all, seeing is believing.

No one, watching a bear kid go around making trouble every day, a little bit big, but still think he is the demon fox who almost destroyed Konoha a few years ago.

Although not completely changed his mind, not everyone thinks like this, but he is moving in a good direction a little bit.

Now, everyone is more of a headache for Naruto.

In the environment where the villagers of Konoha accepted Naruto little by little, there would be someone who would do it to him. Kuroyoshi couldn't imagine.

Tired of living!

In Konoha's hands on Kuojinzhuli

If the villagers used to throw eggs or something like that, it was nothing.

But this is all done.

Really thought that the three generations looked kind, and they would not kill?

That was the guy who was ordered to death in his youth, and took the older generation to die in the name of Naruto, and the new generation of Konoha who has not yet grown up won a second victory in the Ninja World War!

I don't know how many people's blood was on my hands.

"Naruto, who hurt you?"

Kurayoshi grabbed Naruto's shoulder and asked excitedly.

Not only was she shocked that someone dared to hurt Naruto in Konoha, but also resented.

In any case, Naruto is his friend.

How can I ignore my friend's injury!

"Uh, no, that"

Lest Kuroyoshi contained an angry question, Naruto was a little flustered. After hesitating for a while, he said: "It's not a big deal. I was practicing in the back mountain yesterday and I met three ninjas from enemy villages."

"Ninja of the enemy village!?"

Kuroyoshi widened his eyes and opened his mouth wide enough to put an egg in.

"what happened?"

After a series of questions, Kuroyoshi finally understood what happened.

It is the three female ninjas from Kushinin Village that Naruto met in Houshan in the anime.

In the grade entrance examination, Kurayoshi's use of the shadow clone to easily defeat Sasuke brought great excitement to Naruto.

Although Kurayoshi is not as cold as Sasuke, Naruto did not dislike Kurayoshi like Sasuke in the anime.

But he is also a person who refuses to admit defeat.

Kuroyoshi even knows how to do advanced clone technique, but he can't even practice clone technique.

Unwilling to be left behind, Naruto skipped class yesterday and went to the back mountain to practice.

As a result, the place where the spies from Kushinen Village passed the information to their village.

At that time, Kushinin’s spy happened to hide the information he was going to transmit in the forest, waiting for the ninja in the village to come and receive it.

As a result, the information was obtained by Naruto.

But Naruto didn't realize what this information was. When the three Kushinohs came to receive the information, they found that the information had been obtained by Naruto in advance, so they pursued him for a while.

Fortunately, Iruka arrived and rescued Naruto.

However, it was not Kakashi who happened to come to solve the three Kushinoba, but Sasuke and his father.

After graduating, Sasuke was not assigned to the team like other graduates, but directly entered the police force for internship.

And the instructor who took him was his father Uchiha Tomitake.

I have to say that with the Uchiha clan as the security team, Konoha's defense is much stricter than in the anime.

Back Yamamoto is a place without people, and when there is any movement, it is quickly detected and rushed to support in time.

After listening to Naruto talk about the whole process, Kuroyoshi was also speechless.

Occasionally skip class to practice and bump into the place and time where the spy and the enemy’s village handed over intelligence. This kind of luck

He didn't know what to say.

"Kurayoshi, don't you know that Sasuke's ass is just defeating an enemy, and he is so embarrassed, what is so proud of." Naruto's tone was sour, obviously, he was very envious.

Kuroyoshi smiled and comforted: "Don't worry, you will definitely catch up with him in the future."

"Really? Do you think so too?"

Hearing Kuroyoshi's comfort, Naruto instantly became happy, her big blue eyes flickering, full of expectation.