Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 110

"Yeah!" Kuraki nodded sincerely.

The asuras of the past have to rely on the power of the nine tails to compete with Indra, but there are exceptions.

Zhuma and Naruto are the exceptions.

Uchiha Madara needs Kyuubi to contend with the pillars, and Sasuke does not rely on the Chakra of other tail beasts, nor is it an opponent of Naruto, who is assisted by Kyuubi.

Obtained by Kurayoshi's affirmation, Naruto got up happily, and the trace of unconfidence caused by Sasuke Kurayoshi's falling to open the gap, suddenly disappeared without a trace.

After that, other students in the class came to the classroom one after another.

After Kurayoshi greeted Shikamaru and others, they started a new day of class.

It's another relaxing and pleasant day. There is nothing to say, but the time flies very fast.

Before Kuroyoshi recovered from his daily joy, the school bell rang.

She squashed her mouth uncomfortably, and Kuroyoshi walked home with a few people.

It's been two days since I relaxed, and it's time to reinvest in cultivation.

In the early morning of the next day, Kurayoshi let Ying clone go to school, and he came to training ground No. 39 early, and then began Feng's chakra nature change practice.

There is nothing to say about the training content. In the anime, Naruto has already displayed all the content.

Just use chakra to cut the leaves, and then cut the waterfall.

In the anime, Asma taught Naruto skills, so the leaves were quickly cut off.

However, the waterfall

Konoha only has a waterfall in the back mountain, which is the place where Jilai returns to the village to peep at the Zhongnin exam.

But there is no place to stand.

Reluctantly, Kurayoshi replaced the cutting off the waterfall with cutting off the river.

Although the river is not as fast as the waterfall, if you can separate the river with your bare hands on the chakra, it is sharp enough.

It took a month to practice the chakra nature of the wind.

After that, Kuroyoshi didn't go to practice Fengyun, but after a few days of rest, the chakra's nature changed with thunder.

He is going to learn all the nature changes of all attributes at once, so that it will be convenient for him to learn ninjutsu.

Thunder attribute, water attribute, soil attribute.

It took nearly half a year for these three changes in nature.

Practicing with shadow clones is an overload.

Although Kuroyoshi's immortal body can bear it, the mental fatigue cannot withstand it.

A short period of practice is okay, but if you keep practicing like this for several months, you will die.

The first generation of Hokage also had majestic vitality, but died in the prime of life.

How to die?

He is so strong, there is no one who can beat him in the present age.

All Kurayoshi could think of was death from overwork or illness.

Although this kind of thinking is incredible, Lu Xun once said: Eliminate all the impossible, and the remaining answer, no matter how incredible, is the correct answer.

So, take a warning.

Chapter 75 Rapid Growth

On February 21, '58 Konoha, Kurayoshi completed all the chakra's character change practice.

On April 13th of the same year, I learned the skills to give the weapon wind and thunder attribute chakra shape changes.

The reason why I didn't learn about water and soil is because these two chakra attributes are not suitable for giving weapon shape changes.

Therefore, after a short break, Kurayoshi officially practiced various ninjutsu on May 1.

On May 18th, Kurayoshi learned that Konoha had all soil escapes below A grade.

On May 21, Kurayoshi got a hair from Ino accidentally, and the system issued a reminder to forge a special item "Jun and Ming".

Kuroyoshi successively collected the hair of Dingji Shikamaru and others, and wanted to forge special props, but the system did not give a prompt. The two guys have not yet mastered the family secrets.

On May 28, Kurayoshi accidentally got a piece of Tooth's hair, and the system issued a reminder to forge a special item "Beast Belt".

On June 20th, Kuyoshi learned that Konoha had all wind escapes below grade A.

On June 21st, Kuroyoshi received a piece of Dingci's hair and forged a special item "Giant Bracelet".

Kuroyoshi merged the giant bracelet of Dingji and Dingza to make it bigger.

At the same time, he sighed that Shikamaru was too lazy and hadn't learned the shadow secret technique.

On July 12, Kuroyoshi learned that Konoha had all the water escapes below A level.

On July 13, Hokage III went to training ground No. 39 to watch the progress of Kuroyoshi's practice, and by the way taught him an A-level ninjutsu "Shuriken Shadow Clone".

On July 29, Kuroyoshi learned that Konoha's existing Thunder Dunes below A level.

Of course, this does not include Chidori, which is a stunt of contemporary ninjas.

Because, the source of learning cannot be explained.

Other escape techniques can be interpreted as the knowledge that Ryohei understands at the root, but there is no practice method at the root of unique ninjutsu like Chidori Helix Maru.

And those S-level ninjutsu, Ryohei's level can't reach.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi did not learn.

Of course, in addition to the inability to explain the source, it is also related to the difficulty of learning S-level ninjutsu.

Most S-level ninjutsu requires special talents or physique to be practiced, and Kakashi’s genius soul is not enough for these S-level ninjutsu.

For example, the technique of Flying Thunder God.

Kuroyoshi also learned secretly during this time.

He understands Jieyin, Chakra mobilization, practice methods and even principles, but he just can't learn them.