Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 112

Although it's black and autumnal, it's crystal clear, like black agate.

"Shadow Warrior: The shadow crystal that can give life to the shadow, making the shadow a life that can continuously transform between the virtual and the real. The shadow warrior has the same appearance, body, temperament, wisdom and strength of the body, but does not have the consciousness of autonomy, and requires the master to give orders and commands. Note : The position of the shadow warrior cannot exceed 100 meters from the owner"

"this thing"

Kuroyoshi's eyes narrowed slightly, and the hand holding the crystal couldn't help increasing his strength, and the knuckles of his fingers became white.

This prop is very powerful and can double a person's strength.

No, more than doubled.

The cooperation of two people is definitely not as simple as doubling.

For some people, this item is definitely not worse than the fairy crystals forged from Naruto and Sasuke.

Without hesitation, Kuroyoshi directly threw the crystal to his shadow.

The black crystal seemed to have a great attraction to the shadow. It hadn't landed yet, and the shadow that could only follow the master's movements turned out of the ground like a viscous liquid, and stood up.


Shadow opened his big mouth, caught the crystal in one bite, and swallowed it.

Suddenly, the pitch-black body tumbled and changed like a turbulent liquid, and gradually, the color, body shape, and appearance became exactly the same as Kuroyoshi.

Even the breath changes brought about by strength are exactly the same, just like the person shining in a mirror.

Looking at the shadow warrior who was exactly the same as himself, a strange feeling arose in Kuroyoshi's heart.

It seems that the guy in front of me who is exactly the same as myself is not a person, but a certain part of his body, which can be controlled by command

Just like hands and feet.

"Take two steps to the left."

Kuroyoshi moved in his heart and read silently in his mind.

The Shadow Warrior really took two steps to the left, and instead of turning around and taking two steps, he moved it horizontally according to his own imagination.

"Take two steps to the left."

"Do push-ups."


Kuroyoshi experimented for a while and got acquainted with the characteristics of Kagemusha.

He is wise and can understand what to do in detail through simple commands, without the need for specific instructions.

For example, Kuroyoshi ordered him to do push-ups. He understood that this was only Kuroyoshi's intention to test his reaction, so he just got up after doing a few, and did not stop thinking about it.

Another example is to ask him to cook, just order "to cook", and it doesn't need to specify what to cook.

A Kagemusha with the same personality can understand Kuroyoshi's mood to judge what he wants to eat, and then make it.

However, the shadow samurai does not have autonomous consciousness, and if there is no order, it will return to a normal shadow lurking at the feet of Kurayoshi.

If the owner is in danger, he will take the initiative to clear or resist.

What makes Kuroyoshi most regrettable is that the Kagemusha cannot replace himself in practice.

No matter how the Kagemusha changes, he is still the shadow of Kuroyoshi in essence. Only when Kuraki becomes stronger can he become stronger, and when Kuraki becomes weaker, he will also become weaker.

If Cangji died, he would also disappear.

But even so, it is enough.

This is undoubtedly a big killer, not inferior to Madara's round tomb hell.

Although four shadows can be cast from the edge of the tomb, and only the reincarnation eye or six modes can be perceived, the shadow warrior has no time limit for activity, and it does not take a certain time to harvest.

It can also switch between the real and the virtual, which is better than the body.

The harvest of the Kagemusi was a surprise, and Kuroyoshi didn't stop practicing because of this.

On the second day, he reinvested in training.

Integrate the ninjutsu learned in the practice, in order to use the best ninjutsu in different situations, achieve the effects of restraining the enemy and rational use of the environment.

It is difficult to do this, because Kurayoshikai has too many ninjutsu, and it takes more time to use each ninjutsu skillfully than others.

Even if the soul of genius is absorbed, this is not an easy task, it requires a lot of actual combat to do it.

Just training, the effect is extremely slow.

At least it will take more than a year.

However, what made Kuroyoshi overjoyed was that after ten days after refusing to teach him the psychic of the Ape Demon King, Sandaime came with a tapir psychic scroll.

It is Danzo's psychic beast, which can greatly enhance air flow and increase the power of wind escape.

Although it was repelled by a fireball, it was actually the strongest psychic beast second only to the Ape Demon King.

"For some reason, I can't give you the Saru Demon King's contract, so I prepared this."

Sarutobi Rizen held the scroll of tapir and handed it over, his turbid eyes flashed with a sigh, "This is the relic of my friend and comrade-in-arms, I believe you will inherit his will to carry forward this psychic contract. "

Danzo's Will

All for Konoha?

Still self-righteous?

Or is it to carry the pot of this world?

Kuroyoshi really wanted to complain.

However, looking at the wrinkled but solemn face of San Daime in front of him, Kuroyoshi solemnly took over the scroll.

"I will definitely inherit that adult's will, whoever hits my friend or hometown's idea, I will let him disappear." Kuroyoshi shook a fist, vowing a promise.

Sarutobi was choked by Kuroyoshi's words.

Although Kuroyoshi's answer made him very satisfied, it is too social!

He patted his chest, after smoothing his breath, he was a little bit dumbfounded.

Thinking left and right, Sarutobi didn't know what to say about him, and finally went back after giving an explanation.