Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 113

On August 21, '58, Konoha signed a psychic contract with the tapir, and at the same time forged a "hurricane vacuum cleaner" and a "wave blower" from the hair of the tapir.

The function is also very simple, one inhale and one blow, but the power is a bit strong.

The extent to which it can suck away the ninja school at once.

Put things away, Kuroyoshi continued to practice, striving to become proficient in various ninjutsu as soon as possible.

On June 2, 59, Konoha, Kurayoshi finally obtained a piece of Shino's hair again, and forged the special prop "worm flute".

The effect is that the sound of the flute controls insects within a range of 100 meters.

Kurayoshi was speechless, another treasure to the oil girl.

Sure enough, only the oily woman can defeat the oily woman?

On June 7, Kurayoshi used Hinata's hair to forge a pair of "silkworm gloves", the effect is to make the fingers softer.

Well, it is useful for printing speed.

Kuroyoshi forced a purpose by himself, although he didn't believe it very much.

On July 26, Kuroyoshi became more proficient in the use of various ninjutsu, and was able to quickly select the best ninjutsu response on different occasions.

The direction of practice changed to the use of combined ninjutsu.

However, the difficulty of the ninjutsu combination is a bit beyond imagination, and the progress is very slow.

On September 10, Kuroyoshi successfully mastered a combined ninjutsu.

Chapter 77 has changed, all changed

As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning.

After Kurayoshi successfully cultivated a combined ninjutsu, his progress in later practice has become much faster. More and more combined ninjutsu is coming, and his strength is growing steadily.

From autumn to winter, time passes.

Konoha March 15, 60.

The winter color is fading a little bit, and the pink cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and the fragrance is overflowing, with the petals floating in the streets and lanes.

However, the scenery is so fascinating that Sarutobi Hitsan felt a headache at the student form on the desk.

There are two days left for the annual graduation exam, but Sarutobi is very troubled by Naruto's arrangement.

Originally, he planned to let Kakashi be the leader of the team, and Sasuke and Sakura were his teammates.

Kakashi is a powerful and experienced ninjutsu who is good at thousands of ninjutsu.

If he is the leader of the team, Naruto's safety can be guaranteed, and he can be guided on the way of ninja.

In addition, Kakashi has a writing wheel, which can stabilize the situation when there is a problem with the seal of the nine tails.

After Naruto grew up, he couldn't control Kyuubi, and Sasuke who grew up helped restrain him.

As for Sakura

Naruto likes Sakura but hates Sasuke, but Sakura likes Sasuke and hates Naruto.

Sasuke doesn't care about anyone.

If there is no such a role as Sakura in the middle, with Naruto and Sasuke's character, the relationship between the two is afraid that they are not pleasing to each other and fight every day.

However, the plan originally made early was broken by Sasuke's early graduation.

He had to reassign Naruto's team problem.

If Naruto is not Renzhuli, it's very simple, just let Kuraki go with him.

However, Naruto is a human force, and the possibility of the tail beast running away must be considered, and someone who can prevent it must be arranged.

The problem with the Seal of Nine Tails is not big, and Kakashi can still solve it, but as the strength of the human column grows, the problem of the seal will inevitably become bigger and bigger.

At that time, Kakashi could not cope.

He is not from the Uchiha clan, and he only has one Shalanyan, unable to exert the full power of Shalanyan.

It is not impossible to suppress it with force, but this will inevitably cause damage to Naruto. If you do not control it, Naruto will be in danger of life.

However, no one among the graduates of this year can help restrain Kyuubi when he grows up.

"Oh! If only Kuroyoshi could use Mu Dun."

Sarutobi took off the pipe in his mouth and couldn't help sighing.

He believes that Kurayoshi is the thousand-hand bloodline inherited from generation to generation, and the inherited bloodline is particularly powerful.

The resilience of the immortal body is 360 times more chakras than him.

Unfortunately, there is no inheritance of Mu Dun from the first generation.

Sarutobi sighed again, and then took Konoha's Shangnin data file from the drawer.

Since you can't make arrangements for your classmates, let's make a chapter for the teacher!

Sarutobi opened the file while smoking a cigarette.

In the huge office, there is only the sound of smoking exhalation and paper turning.

After ten minutes of searching, Sarutobi took out four data sheets and placed them on the table. They were the data of Haaki Kakashi, Amazura, Uchiha Tomitake, and Uchiha.

Sarutobi looked at the information sheet on the table and put the cigarette holder in his mouth, his cloudy eyes flashing with deep gazes.

Before Naruto grew up, all four of them were able to restrain the Nine Tails from running out, but after Naruto grew up

After thinking about it, Sarutobi collected the information sheet of Kakashi and Uchiha's medicine.

Later, Sarutobi set his sights on the remaining two forms.

Speaking of strength, Uchiha Tomitake will undoubtedly be stronger. His calm character and the experience of the guard team leader will undoubtedly bring enough safety and growth to the team members.

But the crux of the problem is that Futake is Uchiha.

Sarutobi was willing to believe in every ninja in Konoha.

But Uchiha only decided on the coup a few years ago, and Futake was the host.