Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 114

Although all these things have passed, the estrangement in his heart already exists. No matter how willing he is to believe it, he dare not put the strength of the nine-tailed man in Fu Yue's hands.

"It would be nice if Sasuke didn't graduate early."

Sarutobi couldn't help sighing again.

Unlike other members of Uchiha's tribe, Sasuke was still young and had no idea about the Uchiha coup.

There is no estrangement from Konoha, and his mind has not been shaped.

Let him and Naruto become teammates, he is relieved.

Moreover, Sasuke shined in last year's Nakanin exam and is now an official Nakanin.

Sarutobi believes that Sasuke will grow to a very high level in the future, and there will be no problem that Kyuubi cannot be suppressed.



Sarutobi shook his head and sighed, and collected Uchiha Tomitake's documents.

Tianzang's strength is still a bit short, but he is still young and has room for growth.

Moreover, Mu Dun is extremely restrained from the tail beast, as long as the entire tail beast is not released, the problem is not big.


Just hide it!

"Come here."

Sarutobi shouted.

Suddenly, an Anbe appeared at the desk and knelt down on one knee facing Sarutobi.

"Hokage-sama, what's the matter?"

"Go and call Tianzang, I have something to find him."


Anbu ninja disappeared into the office using instantaneous magic.

Sarufei let out a deep sigh of relief, a smile on his face.

After making a decision after being confused for a long time, I feel much lighter.

At this time, the office door was knocked.

what!So fast?

Is Tianzang nearby?

Sarutobi was a little surprised, but soon put away his expression and became serious.

"Please come in."

The door lock turned "click", and two unexpected people walked in.

"Master Naruto."

The two men bent over and bowed towards Sarutobi, then stood up straight and looked at him quietly.

Sarutobi froze for a moment, and then returned to normal.

He scanned the two people left and right, and asked, "It's Fuyue, what's the matter with you?"

With that, Sarutobi cast his gaze on Sasuke beside Fuyue.

Sarutobi understands Fu Yue's behavior, and if it is a matter of business, he will not bring his son.

Since I came with my son, it must be for his son's business.

Fu Yue also glanced at Sasuke beside him, his meticulous expression faintly showing pride and smile.

"It has something to do with Inuzi."

Fu Yue said, patted Sasuke on the shoulder, and said: "Your own business, you can speak for yourself!"

Sasuke turned his head to look at Mitake, who gave him a positive look.

Sasuke's heart was settled, and he looked at Sarutobi firmly, "Hokage-sama, I want to join the Anbe organization directly under you."


Sarutobi opened his eyes slightly and looked up and down Sasuke.

He wore the blue t-shirt, white shorts, and Konoha's green vest that he used to wear at school.

Stand tall and confident.

Sarutobi withdrew his gaze, smoking a cigarette "Hawk".

After a while, he said, "Your strength can indeed join Anbu, but Anbu is not a good place. It is dangerous, tiring, and unsightly. Why do you want to enter Anbu at such a young age?"

Sasuke pursed his lips and clenched his hands tightly. "Because Itachi has entered the Anbe. Although it is a bit late, I must prove that the strongest Uchiha is by no means the bastard who betrayed his companions and the village."

It's because of Itachi!

Seeing Sasuke with an angry expression, Sarutobi suddenly understood.

He couldn't help but miss that person's name in advance.

Uchiha Itachi is the person he regrets and pains most.


With a helpless sigh, Sarufei let out a sigh of relief, and said: "If this is the case, then I will allow you to enter the Anbu!"

After speaking, he took out Kakashi's data sheet again.

Chapter 78 Who can stand it!

March 17.

Today is the time for graduation exams.

Ninja School, every six years.