Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 116

In classrooms.

Except for the old man Shikamaru, everyone else was excitedly discussing

Discuss your teammates, discuss your team leader, discuss the future brilliant ninja career.

Kuroyoshi was also faintly looking forward to the upcoming ninja career, but he was not as excited as these classmates.

Because, he knew, the ninja's life was not as good as he thought.

Kuroyoshi sat in the back row with his elbows on the table, palms on his cheeks, and quietly watching the chatty classmates.

He knew each of these people, but he didn't remember a name.

The school exam is just to test whether you have the qualifications to become a ninja, and the test from the leading teacher is the test to truly become a ninja.

In this session, only 9 people passed the lead teacher assessment and became official ninjas.

All the others were returned to school to continue their studies.

Their illusions about the future will be shattered by ruthless reality on the first day they leave society.

When Kuraki was distracted, Ino suddenly came to his side and said crookedly: "Kurayoshi-kun, do you think we will be divided into the same class!"

Kuroyoshi glanced at her, and said lightly: "Don't be delusional, it's nothing."

"What's not decided yet, don't be so sure!"

Ino's indifferent attitude towards Kuroyoshi is not only not angry, but closer, his tone is as soft as acting like a boyfriend.

To explain in her words, my Kuroyoshi-kun is not called indifferent, it is called personality, it is called style.


Why don't you think so when you tell me that others are like this?

Do they have Kuroyoshi-san?


Then get out of here!

In response, Kuroyoshi could only sigh helplessly.

In the past few years, as we grow older, our body shape and appearance have changed a bit.

Grow taller, more handsome and stylish.

The changes in Kuroyoshi are more obvious.

The short black hair is neatly combed, matching the fair skin and delicate features, it looks refreshing and crisp.Especially those dark eyes, exuding soft eyes, make people feel more cordial at first sight.

Moreover, Kurayoshi has always paid attention to diet and exercise.

Therefore, his height is 1.63 meters taller than his classmates, while the rest are about 1.5 meters.

Wearing very ordinary, plain long-sleeved trousers.

However, with his exquisite face and excellent temperament, Kuroyoshi is also one of the best handsome men.

However, it is not very popular.

In Konoha of this era, the girls' vision is like that of the previous life of Hua Guo in 2000, and they prefer to kill Matt.

This can be seen from the general killing of Matt by male model Tiandan Uchiha.

However, it may be a preconceived impression.

At the beginning, Ino, who looked at Kuroyoshi in the flower shop, did not like to kill Matt like those girls, but liked Kuroyoshi more.

She is no longer the ordinary little girl in the past.

At 12-year-old Ino, Xiaohe has a sharp horn.

He also became bold in dressing.

Purple sleeveless shirt with umbilical cords, with purple knees slashed on both sides to the waist, and bandages from waist to thighs inside.

Pair of gloves with a white sleeve cage, and a ninja bag tied to his right thigh.

Such attire is actually quite common in the Ninja world, but for Kurayoshi who has arrived from another world, it has an alternative temptation.

Often entangled by such girls, and even eat tofu.

Who can stand this!

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However, although I can't stand it.

Kuroyoshi didn't have any crooked thoughts about Ino. The education and secular concepts he received in his previous life allowed him to have good restraint in these aspects.

If you don't like it, don't go to tease.

Otherwise, it would be a scumbag.

Therefore, he is always indifferent to Ino's enthusiasm.

"This kind of thing, look at your uncle and they will know, you must be a group with Shikamarucho."

"Huh! Is that so?"

Ino thought for a while, and agreed with Kuroyoshi's statement.

She raised her head to look at Ding Ci, who was sitting at the front and eating potato chips, then looked at Shikamaru, who sat on the other side with her chin propped up, her eyes dull and weak, and she couldn't help howling.

"No, I want to be a teammate with Kuroyoshi-kun."

Kuroyoshi ignored Ino and looked at the front calmly, Naruto was fighting with Toa.

Naruto today is very different from the past.

It seems that that silly smile has become more cheerful.

The Book of Seal event.

Naruto knew the truth about Kyuubi being sealed in his body, and the truth about why he was disgusted and distrusted by the villagers.

Also got the approval of Iluka.