Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 118

But Kuroyoshi sighed again.

He was a little worried.

Sasuke graduated early, which had a great follow-up impact.

The first is Sakura's attitude towards Naruto.

Because Sasuke graduated early, Naruto had a lot less arrogance with Sasuke and a lot less silly performance in front of Sakura.

Therefore, Sakura's attitude towards Naruto is not as annoying as in anime.

Although, there is no good impression.

However, this undoubtedly increases a possibility.

After all, there will be no Sasuke in the team that will get along for a long time in the future, and Naruto will look less and less annoying in her eyes.

Although Naruto likes who is his freedom, Kurayoshi thinks that Hinata is more suitable for Naruto.

It's not that I hate Sakura or something.

Just simply feel that the two are inappropriate.

Naruto has a passion for thinking about things in an idealistic way.

Sakura is very realistic.

Naruto is full of energy and often becomes a lively treasure in the atmosphere.

But Sakura likes calm, handsome, and powerful people.

Both of them are not suitable for secular concepts or personalities.

However, although they felt that the two were inappropriate, Kurayoshi did not talk too much.

He doesn't like others to comment on himself, and he will not comment on other people's things. Everyone has their own way to go.

Chapter 80 The Captain of Class 7 is My Yamato Da

The three had lunch together on the rooftop.

During this period, Naruto kept turning around Sakura, trying to please Sakura.

However, he was clumsy and often messed up, and finally messed up things. Not only did he not make a good impression in Sakura's heart, but he became worse, and was yelled at by Sakura.

Seeing this situation, Kurayoshi felt that he had thought a little bit before.

Licking a dog has to use his brain if he wants to have everything he wants, and licking casually will only have nothing and increase the difficulty of licking.

Thinking of the previous life from the first day of the junior high school to the university, every year there were girls licking themselves, but in the end they found nothing, Kuroyoshi deeply felt this.

A group of silly girls, who don't even know what I like, come to lick them, can they get my favor?

However, because of Naruto's clumsiness, the three of them have become familiar with each other a lot.

After lunch, several people returned to the classroom and waited for the arrival of Shangren.

Kuroyoshi took out the "pure boy" he had prepared in advance and looked through it in his hand.

He himself should like this bloody romance forged from Kakashi!

Kuroyoshi is going to give this as a gift to Kakashi.

Anyhow, it's the team captain, leaving a good impression, and making a good relationship is always right.

Although the two have known each other a long time ago.

At this time, other students returned to the classroom one after another.

Just when Kuroyoshi thought it would take a long time to wait for the ninja teacher Kakashi who came to the team, the classroom door was suddenly opened.

A young man with brown hair, a face-protecting forehead, wearing a fluffy black combat uniform and a green vest outside came in.

He lifted his eyes and glanced back and forth in the newly graduated Xia Ren, his big dark eyes with a meticulous expression, it was like digging two holes in cardboard.

The classroom calmed down, sitting in a precarious manner one by one, looking up at the people coming.

Although he didn't know the person, it was obviously the green vest that Zhong Ren was qualified to wear and the time he appeared here at this time, all of which declared everyone his identity as the leader of Shang Ren.

As a subordinate, everyone wants to make a good impression on the leading teacher.

The visitor scanned the crowd and said, "Class 7, follow me."

After speaking, he turned and left the classroom.


Hearing the sound, Kurayoshi, who was wandering away from the sky, recovered.

He looked at the departing back, his eyes widened, and he didn't know if the innocent boy in his hand fell on the ground.


Naruto stood up from his position and yelled and followed.

Kozakura greeted Kuroyoshi behind and followed him.

The actions of the two awakened Kuroyoshi.

He stood up abruptly with a look of surprise.

What the hell?

Isn't the seventh class leader Kakashi?

The back figure just now is obviously not Kakashi, and the hair color is different.

Is it Sasuke's cause?

Because there is no Shao Lun Yan in the team, there is no need for Kakashi who has experience in using Sha Lun Yan to be the instructor captain?

If you don't understand, don't think about it.

Kuroyoshi picked up the innocent boy on the ground, chased and left the classroom.

Several people gathered on the rooftop of the teaching building.

On the way, Kurayoshi also saw the front of the guidance of Shinobu.