Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 119


Konoha Ninja, a top-notch ninja belonging to the Anbe of Naruto's direct troops, inherited the first generation of Mu Dunxue Jijie due to the implantation of the original Naruto Senju interpost cells in his body during his childhood.

Yamato originally belonged to the roots and was given the code name "A" for action. Later it was named "Yamato" by three generations of Hokage. After being transferred to Anbu, it was named "Tianzang".

Sure enough, because Sasuke was not there, the leading teacher also changed.

Although Kakashi is proficient in thousands of ninjutsu, he and Naruto are completely different types.

Kakashi is the type that is good at controlling the use of chakras, while Naruto is the type that enhances and releases chakras.

Although ninjutsu can be taught, the style is completely different and it doesn't have to be Kakashi.

Therefore, Yamato who was sent to be more able to restrain the runaway of the nine tails went with the flow.

A few minutes later, several people came to the rooftop together.

Yamato leaned back against the railing, with a smile on his face, "We will act as a team in the future, so let's introduce each other before that!"

"As the captain, let me come first!" Yamato smiled and said: "My name is Yamato. My favorite food is walnuts. My hobby is reading books on architecture. My future goal is to keep it secret for now."

Hobby is reading books on architecture

You deserve it, Captain Yamato.

Kuroyoshi's mouth twitched, a little speechless.

"It's me next."

Naruto quickly raised his right hand, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. My favorite food is instant noodles. I prefer the ramen that Mr. Iruka asked me to eat and the grilled meat that Kuroyoshi asked me to eat. I have to wait three minutes for the noodles. My hobby is to compete with other people to eat instant noodles. Then, my future dream is to surpass the past generations of Hokage and let all villagers recognize my existence.

"Good ambition." Yamato nodded approvingly, and cast his gaze to Sakura on the left, "It's your turn."

"My name is Haruno Sakura. What I like is better to say I like someone, but" Sakura gradually lowered her head, feeling a little depressed, and immediately cheered up, "My goal is to be able to walk with the person I like in the future. ."

Good, the ambition of an ordinary young girl.

A drop of sweat fell on the back of Yamato's head, and he looked at Kuroyoshi in a shame.

Kuroyoshi seemed to have thought of the wording a long time ago, and Ma Liu introduced: "My name is Kuroyoshi. I can gain without paying. I hate the need to work hard to gain. The biggest goal is to have a carefree life, eat and die. ."

"Kurayoshi, how can you be so unambitious?" Naruto yelled dissatisfiedly.

Kuroyoshi looked at Naruto strangely.

"You can gain something without working hard, how can this kind of thing be possible!"

"It's impossible that I like it!"

"And, don't you want to live a carefree life?"

"Uh, that, this"

"Just say you want to do it!"

"miss you."

"That's not enough."

Yamato looked at Naruto who was surrounded by Kuroyoshi's words and couldn't help being speechless.

A silly boy with excess spirits, an ordinary girl, a first-grade grader with strange ideas.

Thinking of the situation of the three people mentioned by Master Naruto, the Yali Mountain grew at a great time.

However, the task given by Master Naruto must be completed no matter how difficult it is.

Yamato's eyes were firm.

He clapped his hands, attracted the attention of three people, and said, "Since everyone has finished the introduction, let's start the official mission tomorrow!"

"What mission?" Naruto and Sakura asked in unison.

Yamato smiled slightly and said, "Survival drill."

"Exercise!?" Naruto was stunned, and then protested, "We have all become official ninjas, so why do we still do survival acting?"

"Well, it's a new team after all. I need to see what your level is." Yamato looked straight and solemnly said: "Also, don't treat the ninja survival act as the kind of play house in the school, but it will be dead. If you are afraid, you don’t need to come tomorrow. I will explain to the school that you can go back and continue your studies for a year."

Naruto and Sakura were frightened, their faces were astonished.

And Kuroyoshi happily patted his knees and stood up, "Is there such a good thing? I always feel that I am not strong enough to become a formal ninja, and I asked Yamato teacher to explain to the school that I can go back to school to continue my studies."



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Chapter Eighty One Just Smile At This Time

Naruto Office.

Sarutobi Hizen looked at the Yamato who had faded the Anbu costume before him, put on a green vest, and said with earnestness, "Yamato, although you have led many teams in Anbu, it's the first time leading a newcomer to Shinobu!"

"Please rest assured, Hokage-sama. I have already consulted Senior Kakashi for advice." Yamato patted his chest to assure, his expression was very confident.


It seems that no newcomer has ever passed his assessment!

The corners of Sarutobi's eyes seemed to twitch fiercely.

He took a cigarette, took off the pipe, and then slowly spit it out, speaking earnestly, "Yamato, bringing a newcomer is not the same as bringing an ordinary team, especially the newcomer team you want to bring, whether it is Naruto or Kuroyoshi. They are very personal."

"Don't worry, Naruto-sama." Yamato is still confident, "I did a good job investigation in advance. That Naruto is a famous troublemaker in the village, and seems to have the title of unexpected NO1, but it's Kuraki, who has excellent grades and has been She is the number one in the school. She is very sensible and listens to the teacher's words. Although the last Haruno Sakura is not rumored, it just shows that she is just an ordinary newcomer. I just need to suppress the flames of Naruto Uzumaki. Up."

It would be nice if it were that simple.

"Yamato, you don't know something." Sarutobi sighed inwardly and said: "Kurayoshi has been wise since he was a child. It seems that he can remember things from the moment he was born. This is a good thing and a bad thing."

"He suffered from the Nine Tails Incident one month after he was born, and his parents died, and he passed the death."

"This incident seems to have become a shadow in his heart, making him very insecure. He started exercising by himself when he was 3 years old, and has never stopped until now."

"Isn't this great?" Yamato said a little strangely: "Although lack of security makes people always worry about fear, but since he was a child, he has been self-disciplined and practiced hard. His future must be immeasurable!"

"But the problem lies here."