Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 120

Sarufei took a hard breath of smoke, and then slowly exhaled it, the lingering smoke filled it, making the old face with a little worry looming.

"That kid not only works hard, but also has great potential and talent. A few years ago, Shinnin from the village taught him ninjutsu. Now his level of strength has reached a very strong level."

"However, the kid seems to regard Kyuubi as an imaginary enemy. Even though he is so strong, he always thinks he is weak. Not only has he rejected the school’s eight-time early graduation proposal, he is also reluctant to graduate normally. He still wants to Continue to practice until you have the ability to compete with Kyuubi before graduating."


Yamato's mouth twitched.

Faced with the strange work caused by this coincidence, I don't know what to say.

"So, when you give those children the assessment, you must take a good measure, and you must not let him take the opportunity to return to school to continue his studies, because his strength is difficult to improve through practice. If you let him continue to stay in school, yes. His future is very bad, and he can't get out of the shadow in his heart."

"This, I try my best."

Yamato wiped the sweat off his forehead, and was no longer as confident as before.

After all, he is also the first time to bring a new person.

Before, I also asked Kakashi about the experience of bringing newcomers, and prepared a bell-robbing test, which now seems to be unusable.

Otherwise, it is estimated that the guy will quit before it starts.

"Also, the child of Kuryoshi has inherited the blood of Thousands of Hands, and it is very thick." Sarutobi's turbid eyeballs flickered, seeming to have some expectation, "Although it is just my personal delusion, maybe he also has it. You may inherit Mu Dun from the original Hokage, but when you fall down, please don't be stingy for guidance."


Regarding the psychological shadow of Kuroyoshi, all three generations of Naruto combined with their understanding of Kuroyoshi.

Yamato looked at the polite and very humble Kurayoshi in front of him, and couldn't help but think of the scene of Mr. Hokage asking him yesterday.

I didn’t even take out the bell-robbing test from Senior Kakashi

This guy is even more outrageous than the Hokage-sama said.

The corner of Yamato's eyes seemed to twitch fiercely.

"Kurayoshi, you are too self-confident!" Naruto jumped out, pointing to Kuroyoshi and yelled: "Sasuke has graduated four years ago, but you have been crushing his first place."

You really believed this nonsense, are you idiot?

The corners of Sakura's mouth twitched and she was unable to vomit.

Although Kurayoshi was very low-key in school, he never salted fish. He had been studying hard in the past few years. There were also rumors that he would go to a training ground every day after school.

His words and deeds are completely opposite to his previous self-introduction.

Moreover, if you want to stay in school for further study, you can deliberately make a mistake in the graduation exam. There is no need to stay now!

Now that you say this kind of nonsense that is inconsistent with your own words and deeds, it is obviously alive!

Why would you believe this kind of nonsense!

"Naruto is right." Yamato groaned a little, then nodded: "You are not qualified to be a ninja. This is already proven when you pass the school graduation exam. Kuroyoshi, you have to be confident. "

Why did Teacher Yamato believe this nonsense too!

Kozakura showed a gentle smile on her face, but her personality was roaring.

"Teacher Yamato is right." Naruto also said, "Kurayoshi, you are the goal I have been chasing after. Don't be so depressed!"


Kuroyoshi lowered his head and fell silent.

Facing the serious rhetoric between Naruto and Yamato, he didn't know how to answer.

As Sakura thought, whether it was introducing herself or just wanting to go back to school for further studies, it was nothing more than a lively talk.

This is a line thought up before the graduation exam.

I originally wanted to use Kakashi's bell grabbing link to increase the program's effect, and see Kakashi's reaction.

Unexpectedly, their leader is not Kakashi, but Yamato.

Compared with Kakashi, Yamato seems to have less sense of humor.

Like Naruto, he took this obvious nonsense as true.

What should I do at this time?

Kuroyoshi pondered for a long time, raised his head and squeezed a smile at Naruto and Yamato, "Well, since Yamato-sensei and Naruto have said so, I can't justify it if I'm not confident yet."

"That's right!" Naruto patted Kuroyoshi on the shoulder, his elder brother looked very pleased, "If you have always been so confident, you will definitely be able to graduate before Sasuke."

Yamato doesn't know what I am doing, so he will think that I am not confident.

Do you think I am not confident?

Looking at Naruto who was smiling at the second fool in front of him, a row of black lines hung down behind Kuroyoshi's head.

Forget it, just smile at this time. If you talk to the second fool, you will become the second fool.

"In this case, we will gather at Training Ground No. 19 at 8 tomorrow morning."

Chapter 82 Survival Exercise

The next day, the weather was clear and sunny.

Kurayoshi came to the 19th training ground half an hour earlier.

This is a training place built in a dense forest. There are many dense trees, and there are also many open lawns. The sound of flowing water is faintly heard in the dense forest, and there are also rivers and other places.

Kuroyoshi felt familiar when he first saw this place.

After thinking about it carefully, isn't this the place where Naruto had the second bell snatch battle with Sakura and Kakashi after returning from practicing after Jiraiya in the anime.

Such a big venue

Do you want to have a real fight with me and test my specific abilities?

Kurayoshi folded his chest with one hand, and fell into thought with his chin in the other.

Liangping hadn't trained with him for a long time. The senior Konoha knew his general level, but only he knew how.

If someone wants to know his specific level, it is undoubtedly the best to take this opportunity.

Because everything is a matter of course.