Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 122

He smiled and said: "Neither took the opportunity to hide, nor took the opportunity to sneak attack. It seems that you are very confident in yourself!"

"It's not self-confidence." Kurayoshi shook his head lightly. "It's a clear level of Shinobu. It is not enough to deal with Naruto's offense that is full of redundant actions. It is not enough to expose your flaws. If I take the opportunity to attack, it will only be like Naruto. People are solved by you like that."

"Although I heard from Naruto-sama that you have received Shangnin's guidance, I didn't expect to understand this level of Shangnin's power."

"Because he taught me actual combat."

When the voice fell, Kuroyoshi rushed out, fast, like a phantom.

"So fast,"

Yamato's gaze condensed, his body lowered slightly forward, his muscles all tightened, and his full strength could be exploded in the shortest time.


Hidden weapons go first before people arrive.

Six shurikens were thrown out of Kuroyoshi's hands, three on the left and three on the right, and they drew arcs in two directions and flew toward Yamato.

Chapter 83: Battle against Yamato

The shuriken flies in an arc from the left and right directions, and the target needs to be distracted to predict the trajectory of the shuriken, and defense is more exhausting.

Moreover, Kuroyoshi's throwing force is very strong, and the speed is very fast, which is not like a hidden weapon used by a newcomer who just graduated.

Sure enough, he has the fighting power of Shangnin.

Yamato remembered what Hokage-sama had said to him, his eyes condensed, and his left and right hands suddenly crossed and pushed out. On the way, the fleshy palms gradually changed, and the fleshy texture became wood-like textures and became larger.

The palm of the original flesh was turned into a wood, and it became a few sizes bigger, like a fan of a puffball, guarding both sides, sealing all the routes that the shuriken hits him.

"Boom boom boom"

A series of nails into the stake sounded, and all the shurikens were nailed to the wooden palm like a fan.

In the next second, a figure followed.


The sound of the sharp blade piercing the flesh sounded.

It is Kuroyoshi.

With the help of the shuriken, he rushed forward, piercing Yamato's abdomen while holding Kunai in his hand.

But the joy of victory was not visible on Kuroyoshi's face, but frowned.

Feels wrong.

Yamato was stabbed by him, and the surface of his body faded little by little, from a normal human body to a wooden figure of the same size.

The technique of wood escape wood clone.

This kind of clone technique is more difficult to see the true and false than the ordinary shadow clone, but the clone's strength is only a small part of the body, and it is generally only used for investigation.


The clone that turned back into a wooden man should be able to continue to attack as a medium, but the wooden man in front of him fell straight down.

Kuroyoshi looked around, but didn't see any movement.

Not a tactic, but only a wooden clone to test.

You think it's just a test for the novice Ninja, so there is no need for the body to come?

Just thinking of this, Sakura's exclamation sounded in the distant jungle.

Kurayoshi quickly turned and looked in the direction of the sound.

Yamato walked out in time, "Naruto-sama told me that you have the power of a ninja level, so I let Naruto and Sakura leave the game first."

"Should we give priority to solving the weak of the enemy in order to weaken the enemy's combat power?" Kurayoshi asked curiously.

"Do not."

Yamato shook his head lightly, "It just makes you lose your worries and give full play to your strength."

If a person of the same age who is too good appears, it will cause a big blow to others. Yamato worried that Naruto Sakura would be frustrated after seeing the full strength of Kuroyoshi, so he let them out in advance.

After knowing Yamato's thoughts, Kurayoshi smiled, "You look down on them too much."

"Is that right?"

Hearing that, Yamato is also more interested in Naruto Sakura, but

"I'm still more interested in you."

When the voice fell, Yamato's hands sealed, and then raised his right hand to aim at Kurayoshi, his arm turned into a thick and very resilient rattan stake and quickly extended towards Kurayoshi.

Mu Dun silently kills the binding technique.

Kuroyoshi leaned slightly and avoided the rattan stake.

But the stakes circled behind Kuroyoshi and flew back, and rotated around him straight up, trying to tie him tightly inside.

At the moment the rattan stake began to shrink and restrain, a cold light flickered.

The rattan stake was cut in half from the middle, and the kunai that Kuragi was holding contained chakras that were turbulent like flames and sharp like swords.

Feng Dun vacuum blade, this is Danzo's ninjutsu.

Even the nature of Chakra will change!

Yamato opened his eyes slightly.

He has seen Xiannin who has mastered advanced ninjutsu after graduation, but has never seen Xiannin who has mastered the changes in Chakra's nature right after graduation.

Because the change in the nature of chakras requires a high level of control over chakras. Generally, such practice can only be completed by attaining Shangren.

Moreover, the response is fast.

The rattan stakes were about to restrain him, but at the last second, the Chakra wind blade cut the rattan stakes to get out of trouble on the kunai. This kind of speed and reaction is at least at the level of forbearance.

Suddenly, the air screamed.

Yamato woke up in shock and looked up.

I saw the wind-wrapped Kuwu cut through the air and shot at him like a sharp arrow.