Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 123

Yamato was shocked, and rolled over to hide.

"I am distracted by Teacher Yamato during the battle, but don't underestimate me just because I'm a fresh graduate, Shinobu!"

Kuroyoshi kindly reminded that, at the same time, the hands were sealed, the Chakra moved inside the body, condensed in the chest and throat, the chest gradually bulged, and then ejected.

Art fire escape ho fireball.

The flame jet condenses into a fireball in front of him, flying towards Yamato with a terrifying heat wave and thick smoke.

Yamato just got up when he saw a fireball about three meters away.

While feeling shocked, his hands quickly formed seals.

Wood escape wood ingot wall.

A row of wooden pillars bent from the ground to form an arch to protect themselves.


The fireball hit the arch, causing an explosion, the flames rose, the air waves overflowed, and the surrounding trees "crushed".

Because the thick smoke obscured the view, Kurayoshi did not act rashly.

But I cannot see the enemy, nor can the enemy see me.

Cangji took the opportunity to separate a shadow clone and let him sneak into the forest from behind to make a backhand.

After doing all this, Kuroyoshi stood quietly on the spot, watching the surrounding wind and grass, and thinking about the opponent's next actions.

Because the line of sight is blocked, if the enemy wants to attack, he can only make a predictive attack based on his previous position, so it is a wide range attack.

The thought just flashed through his mind, and suddenly Yamato's violence sounded in the smoke.

"Wooden escape from the big forest."

Many woody vine branches broke open and the smoke and dust were like spears and slew towards Kuraki.

Kuroyoshi jumped left and retreated, dodge one by one.

Just when he thought the offensive was over, the ground suddenly shook, and a row of square pillars grew around it, forming a wooden prison that kept Kuraki in it.

At this time, the smoke dissipated, leaving only the broken arch inside, and Yamato disappeared.

"it's here."

Yamato's voice came from the left.

Kuroyoshi heard the sound and saw Yamato squatted on the ground, his hands clasped together.

The earth escapes the earth flow wall.

The ground trembled violently, and accompanied by a deafening sound, the ground on which Yamato was standing quickly bulged, forming a huge wall like a cliff.

"this is"

Seeing this wall, Kuroyoshi was full of sight.


Yamato smiled triumphantly, and continued to seal with both hands, "Shuidan Waterfall."


The big water like a sea wave rushed down the wall, and the big trees and flowers were swallowed and broken in an instant.

If this thing is photographed on a person, it will definitely hurt the bones.


Kuroyoshi burst into a swear word, and immediately took out the samurai sword and injected the wind attribute chakra into it.


Chakrali spit on the knife.

Kuroyoshi cut the cell off without hesitation, then turned and ran.

But it was too late.

The big wave has come, swallowing him instantly.

Chapter Eighty Four

"Have you overdo it?"

Yamato squatted on the cliff and looked down. He saw Kuroyoshi being swallowed by the waves, with only one hand sticking out of the water from time to time, and then rushing into the distance with the current.

The technique of water escape from the Great Falls and the Great Falls is not the same technique. They are just used to change the environment and create a waterfall-like flow. Compared with the latter, the flow is much gentler and not enough to kill people.

However, if you occupy the upper position and perform it, the water waves fall from a high place to form a wave, and the person who is photographed will not feel well even if they do not fracture.

At this time, the water level below dropped a little bit, revealing the original lawn.

Yamato stood up, ready to gather Kurayoshi and others, and announced that the mission would begin tomorrow.

Suddenly, a long knife sticks out from behind and rests on his neck.

Yamato raised his hands, turning the corner of his eyes back, and saw the man holding the sword.


Not only was he not injured, he didn't even touch a drop of water on his body.

"It's a shadow clone!" Yamato was startled, and then sighed: "Although I thought of this possibility before, I didn't expect that you, a ninja student, would actually be as cautious as an experienced ninja."

The thick smoke from the previous explosion blocked the vision of both parties.

He can take the opportunity to make a series of surprise attacks, and the opponent can naturally also take the opportunity to make a series of preparations, whether it is a trap or a backhand.

"Since Yamato-sensei predicted this situation, why not make preparations?" Kuroyoshi tilted his head slightly so that his eyes could see the other's expression. "Is it a fluke, or I think I'm just a fresh graduate, Shinobu," Don't think it is necessary to be so cautious?"

Yamato smiled lightly and said, "No, I'm already prepared."

As the voice fell, a handle of Kuwanichi stretched out from behind Kurakichi and placed it on his neck. The cold touch made him dare not move rashly. He just glanced back from the corner of his eye and saw another Yamato.

Kuroyoshi retracted his gaze and looked at Yamato in front of him and asked, "Is it the same clone as before?"