Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 125

Seeing this, Yamato smiled lightly and turned to look at Sakura, "Although your physical performance is quite satisfactory, it is particularly rare to be able to use the textbooks in the first actual combat."

"Yes, is it."

Kozakura looked blank, she didn't know what advantage this was.

Yamato explained: “Knowledge is only knowledge, and only the use of knowledge is power. I have seen many people who learn but don’t use it. Most of them have rich theoretical knowledge, but they don’t have a good mentality. When the real battle comes, they will be nervous to everything. Forget, you can make countermeasures based on what you have learned as soon as the battle begins, which shows that you have a good mentality, which is very important for ninjas."

"So Sakura is so powerful!" Naruto couldn't help but sigh.

Although she has been in the same classroom for six years, Naruto's impression that although Sakura is sometimes terrible to get angry, most of the time she is just a weak and cute girl, but the theory class is more powerful.

Kozakura didn't speak, but smirked.

However, although it is very reserved, but the expression reveals happiness, and Li's personality is so excited that he clenched his fists and roared.

Sakura has been lacking confidence for a long time. Although her friend Ino often says that she is excellent and must be confident, she is just a comfort for her friends.

Hearing Naruto and Yamato's praise at this moment, I felt very happy.

But Yamato shook his head inwardly.

Although I can apply what I have learned in the first actual combat, blindly act according to the knowledge in the textbook, without knowing the flexibility, and it is not particularly good. I can only say that it is more than the best.

"What about Kuroyoshi?" Naruto asked suddenly, "I and Sakura have shortcomings like this, what about Kuroyoshi?"

As soon as she said this, Kozakura turned her head to look at Yamato. They didn't see Kuroyoshi and Yamato fighting, so they wanted to know what Kuroyoshi looked like in Kamininchi's eyes.

Kuroyoshi also watched over, and he also wanted to know how Yamato would evaluate himself.

Yamato didn't seem to expect that Naruto would ask this question, so he was stunned, and then coughed slightly, "Well, there are many advantages, but in short, better than you is enough."

"What, didn't you say nothing?"

"The so-called ninja, sometimes it is necessary to know how to suppress inner curiosity."

"Suppress curiosity is not used in this place!"

"Anyway, don't ask so much. To celebrate the establishment of Class 7, I went to the Seven-Pin Soup House and the teacher treated me."

"Ye, long live Teacher Yamato."

"Long live."

Hearing Yamato's treat, Naruto Sakura suddenly lost her mind and stopped asking.

Yamato breathed a sigh of relief.

Only Kurayoshi was slightly disappointed. He now wants to know what his level looks like in the eyes of others.

After that, several people followed Yamato teacher to Konoha's back mountain.

The so-called Qipin Yuya is a hot spring hotel in Konoha.

"Konoha real estate tycoon" Yamato teacher invited everyone to soak in the hot springs, and then covered a courtyard separately, and invited everyone to eat a rich meal.

This is a real high-end consumption. A lobster sashimi costs 3,000 taels and a bottle of sake 1,000 taels.

In comparison, a bowl of ramen is 60 taels of regular noodles and a bottle of sake is 300 taels, which is really civilian level, and Konoha's most expensive barbecue Q is insignificant compared to the consumption here.

Konoha, in a dark room.

The three Anbes waited boredly in the room.

Suddenly, the door was pulled open.

Sasuke, who had put on an Anbe costume, walked in with a samurai sword on his back.

Everyone was attracted by Sasuke, and they looked over.

"Isn't this still a kid?" someone couldn't help asking.

The other person didn't say anything, but his eyes and expressions all showed distrust and contempt.,

Sasuke's eyes cooled down, and he was about to say something.

The man in the innermost room came out.

Wearing an obscure costume, wearing a face mask, wearing a forehead diagonally to cover his left eye, and a silver-gray hair, it is Kakashi.

He glanced at the two who were talking, and said: "You can't judge people by their appearance, this is common sense among ninjas!"

"Although you can't judge a person by appearance, he is still just a kid no matter how you look at it!" the person who spoke before retorted.

Kakashi didn’t say anything, and looked straight at Sasuke, who was expressionless, and said, “You heard it. Although it’s hard to hear, Anbu is such a place. If you want to gain the trust of your teammates, you can show your strength. !"

"Is it enough to show strength?" Sasuke asked rhetorically.


The Anbu who looked down on Sasuke pulled out a long knife behind his back and put it on Sasuke's neck. "Anbu has been wandering around in life and death. I don't want to be dragged down at a critical time."

"is it?"

Sasuke turned his head and looked at him quietly, his black eyes turned bloody, and there were two gouyu slowly spinning inside.

As the sun sets, night falls.

After the seventh class finished the big meal, Yamato ordered the meeting time and place tomorrow, and then disbanded.

Kuroyoshi went straight home.

In the dojo room, he took out a vial with some nails in it.

This was cut by Yamato at the Seven-Pin Soup House.

Kuroyoshi found it out of the trash can when there was no one.

He poured his nails out of the vial, and Kurayoshi threw it in his hands with nausea. Suddenly, the system reminder sounded in his mind.

Ding!Special materials "Real estate tycoon's nails" are detected, and special props "weak sacred tree crystals", "portable huts", "super golden celebrities", "architects" and "tool people" can be forged.

As the tone fell, Kuroyoshi had a few more items in his hand.

A thumb-sized green crystal with faint light, a palm-sized model house, a palm-sized bag, and two palm-sized dolls.

"Sacred Tree Crystal!?"

Cangji was startled, and some did not react.