Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 127

If this is discovered by the big barrel wood family in the universe, it will definitely use the power of the whole family to snatch it.

Throwing things into the system space, Kuroyoshi continued to check the remaining two dolls.

"Building masters: Put chakras on the doll, and the doll will become as big as an adult, with super building skills. As long as the materials are sufficient, a tool doll on the second floor can be repaired in one minute. . Note: To build a house once, you need to refill the chakra."

"Tool man: Inject chakras into the doll, and the doll will become as big as an adult, and will do things for the owner without complaint. Note: The performance of the tool man is no different from that of an ordinary adult man. If he does things beyond his own ability, it will break."

The architects don’t need to think too much, they must be the stem of the real estate tycoon, and the tool man

Kuroyoshi can only think of Kakashi who uses Yamato as a tool.

To some extent, Yamato's character is really cute!

Naruto Office.

Sarutobi and Yamato are talking about Kuroyoshi.

Sarutobi tidyed up the things on the desk while asking, "How do you feel about Kuroyoshi on the first day of contact?"

"Very strong, I don't mean hard power, but experience." Yamato said with some doubts: "Although there is practical guidance for Shinnin, there is still a difference between actual combat training and actual combat. I can't understand his like a well-rounded experience. Where did the experience of war come from."

Sarutobi stopped his movements, took out his pipe and took a sip, and said with a smile: "Anyone who has suffered hundreds of fatal injuries from ordinary people in actual combat training will be the same as him."

Chapter 87: The Time to Endure

Konoha March 20, 60.

In the early morning, the sun slowly rises, and the sun pours on the earth, covering the world with a golden coat.

Kuroyoshi put on a simple dirt-resistant clothes and went out early.

Today, he will usher in the first mission in his life as a ninja.

However, Xia Ren can only perform D-level tasks at most, and also helps with farm work, finding lost pets, sending letters and running errands.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi did not have any expectations for the first time in this life.

But Naruto is obviously different.

When they arrived at the meeting point, Naruto and Sakura had already arrived.

Naruto had a very excited expression, squinted his eyes and hummed a tune that he heard from nowhere. He walked like a crab.

As for Kozakura, she was also full of expectations for today's mission, but she didn't act as obvious as Naruto, just with a subtle smile on her face.

The three greeted each other, and Teacher Yamato also rushed over soon.

After everyone continued to say hello, Yamato looked straight and said, "Since everyone is here, let's start the mission!"

"Don't you want to go to the Hokage Building to pick up the task first?" Sakura asked.

Yamato smiled, "I have already received the task ahead of time."

"It's great, now, Yamato-sensei, what is the task? I can't wait to complete the task." Naruto ran, looking excited.

"Help Grandma Yoshimura's medicinal field eradicate weeds."


Naruto petrified with his mouth open.

It took a while to recover.

"Isn't this just doing farm work?" Naruto protested loudly, "Teacher Yamato, is there any mistake? We are ninjas. Shouldn't the task be performed, yes, what is it?"

Speaking of excitement, Naruto forgot his words and couldn't help but look at Kuroyoshi for help.

Kuroyoshi couldn't help but smile, and helped add: "Thrilling."

"Right, right, right, it is thrilling." Naruto suddenly said: "We should do more challenging tasks."

Kozakura made a speechless expression on the side.

Yamato even raised his head and covered his face.

At first, he worried that Kuroyoshi, who was the first in grade, was a thorn.

As a result, Kuroyoshi is very obedient, and the tail of the crane is the thorn.

Not easy to bring!

Yamato breathed a deep sigh of relief, showing a leisurely smile, and said, "Well, I don't understand your mood, but the ninja mission needs to be started step by step. If you can't even do the chores, what client will Do you trust the task?"

"It seems like this!" Naruto nodded, "If this is the case, then go to weeding as soon as possible. Finish the task of weeding as soon as possible to prove my ability to everyone, and then go to perform higher-level tasks."

"Hmm! Let's go!"

In this way, Yamato successfully fooled Naruto.

Sakura and Kuroyoshi looked very speechless.

However, Kuroyoshi thought of a question when he was speechless.

Will the Nation of Waves mission be the seventh shift like the anime?

Now Naruto is not a very patient person, Yamato can fool for a while, but not for the rest of his life.

But his character is more cautious than Kakashi, even if Naruto is noisy and noisy, he will not easily agree to leapfrog to take the task.

However, I don't know if I will miss the mission of Waveland.

If it is missed, Dazna and the team that took the task are probably gone.

After all, it was only a C-level task, and it was taken by a team of Zhongnin at most, and it was not the opponent of the misty ghost and the snow white.

By then, a Zhongnin team will be killed innocently, and the country of Wave that could change its destiny will continue to be poor. Everything in the country will be in the hands of Kado.

Kuroyoshi thought for a moment.

If you really missed the Nation of Wave mission, then find an opportunity to kill Cardo.

If you are afraid of trouble, you can contact Itachi directly and let him do it.

Kuroyoshi is not a bad person, and will not harm his own interests for others.

But he thinks he still has a bit of conscience. If he can help others without harming his own interests, he doesn't mind extending a helping hand.

Just like the original Itachi.