Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 128

At that time, although it was in exchange for what I needed, it also made up for the regrets left by watching anime in the previous life.

If the country of Nami is really declining because of the butterfly effect it has caused, Kuroyoshi's conscience will be guilty.

When performing tasks, Naruto is very enthusiastic.

But this guy really didn't learn any theoretical knowledge in the ninja school, and he took out the herbs as weeds.

Not only did this task not get paid, but it also lost money.

Fortunately, the spring has just begun, and soon after the herbs are planted, the compensation is not much.

If it's the season when the herbs are ripe, Naruto will probably accompany all his underwear.

Yamato took the opportunity to use the radical technique to stop Naruto from underestimating low-level tasks and clamoring for high-level tasks all day long.

However, this silence was broken with the smooth completion of the task in the next few days.

Naruto yelled again that low-level tasks were not challenging, and that more advanced tasks should be done.

And Yamato also rejected Naruto's request as expected.

Naruto wanted to pull Kuryoshi Sakura to ask for a high-level mission, but Sakura refused, and Kuryoshi smiled and did not comment.

After a few days of low-level tasks, Kuroyoshi also noticed it.

These tasks are deliberately set up for the novice Shinnin to turn the basic theoretical knowledge of the school into experience, which is of great help to the novice Shinnin, especially the guys like Naruto who hardly learn theoretical knowledge in school.

Although Kuroyoshi didn't need it, it was only the shadow clone who performed the task.

The body has long been running to the training ground to practice Mu Escape.

Although I didn't expect Mu Dun's power in particular, it's better than wasting time on chores!

On the second day of the mission, Kurayoshi showed Yamato Mudan, who had just awakened, and asked him for advice.

Yamato was surprised and shocked for a while, and asked him to wait for a while, then disappeared in place with an instantaneous spell.

In less than an hour, Yamato returned with the original Naruto Mudan Ninjutsu script.

Danzo once gave him a copy of the original Mudun Ninjutsu handbook, but this one was given to him by Sandaime and asked him to give it to Kuroyoshi.

In fact, Mu Dun's practice method is also recorded on the move.

Kurayoshi did this only to gain the right way to practice or use Mu Dun.

Because he didn't want to make trouble.

Naruto stopped a lot after Kosakura Kurayoshi refused to perform high-level tasks together, and started low-level tasks patiently.

Just when Kurayoshi thought that this kind of peace of mind to do low-level tasks would last until Naruto was exhausted, an accident happened.

April 20.

On this day, the seventh shift took over the task of sweeping garbage in the river.

Kuroyoshi Naruto Kosakura and the three of them carried baskets, rolled their trouser legs into the river, and cleared all the way from the downtown area to the edge of the suburbs.

At this time, the setting sun went down.

Sasuke, dressed in Anbe costume, returned from the mission and walked home along the path by the river.

Chapter 88 The rain stopped and the sky cleared

In the afterglow of the evening, Sasuke walked alone on the way home, the shadow was dragged long and his back looked a little lonely.

Anbu's career is far more difficult than imagined.

Before entering Anbu, he was full of confidence.

Especially when he first joined, he used his strength to gain recognition from his teammates.

However, after entering the Anbu, he still dragged his feet.

In the two assassination missions, he rushed over confidently and was almost killed by the enemy.

If it weren't for the help of his teammates, he would be gone.

The mission of the Anbu is very different from the garrison. It is darker and more dangerous.

At this time, he knew that the recognition of his teammates did not mean that he had the same strength as his teammates.

It's just that he has reached the lowest level of Anbu.

Perhaps, even the lowest level of Anbe has not been reached, just because he is young and belongs to the Uchiha clan, his teammates believe he can catch up quickly.

Thinking of this, Sasuke was a little frustrated.

He likes his brother Itachi very much and has been pestering him since he was a child.

Especially after knowing the glorious deeds of his brother, he worshipped him again, chasing after him.

Because my brother is so kind and so dazzling.

However, the more you catch up, the more you discover the gap between yourself and your brother.

Entered the Ninja School at the age of 6 and graduated from the school in just one year. At the age of 8, he started writing round eyes. At the age of 10, he became Zhongnin and was the first ninja in Konoha's history to take and pass the Zhongnin exam.

Joined Anbe at the age of 11.

According to his father, Itachi was also working under Captain Kakashi at the time, and his dark deeds were extremely dazzling, which won the trust and praise of his companions.

And myself

Although he was praised as a genius compared to others, and was recognized by his father through hard work, compared to Itachi, he was a younger brother.

However, although he could not catch up with his brother's footsteps, Sasuke did not have any strange emotions, but took it for granted.

Because, that's my brother Uchiha Itachi!


When he was young, Itachi taught himself so kindly, letting him love his companions and guard the family and the village.

But he himself committed the killing of his companions and betraying the family and the village.

This made Sasuke extremely resentful.

Is it resentful that Itachi deceived, betrayed, betrayed the family and the village?