Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 129

It's not.

Although Sasuke thinks so too, he knows that although there is this factor, it is not the main reason.

What really made him resent was that the dazzling image in his own mind was shattered.

The person he is chasing should be an extremely dazzling brother who is very kind to him, not a wanted criminal who is despised and hated.

Therefore, he wants to surpass Itachi, and through this, he negates his past visions for Itachi.


Thinking of his life trajectory so similar to Itachi but lagging behind, Sasuke Uchiha clenched his fist tightly.

At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in the distance.



Hearing the sound, Sasuke looked up and saw a figure waving at him in the river channel on the right.

She was a girl, judging from her height and voice, she was about the same size as herself. She had long pink hair that was waist-length, and she was wearing red clothes with a cute face.

Sasuke looked familiar, but didn't remember who it was.

But the two teenagers next to the girl made Sasuke remember all of a sudden.

One was Kurayoshi, the object he desperately chased when he was in school, and the other was Naruto Uzumaki from the tail of the crane who didn't deal with himself very much and often made trouble in front of him.

How are they together?

Sasuke has some doubts.

But when he noticed the basket on the back of the three of them and the trash inside, he immediately understood.

That's it.

They also graduated from Ninja School!

It is divided into a class and is doing the miscellaneous task of Shinnin!

The corners of Sasuke's mouth rose slightly, and a sense of superiority rose in his heart.

I think at the beginning, in the school, Kuroyoshi always dominated the first place, and he was the second child.

Especially the grade assessment that graduated early.

I asked my father for guidance in the practice. After working hard for several months, I was full of confidence, thinking that I could regain my position as the first in grade.

Unexpectedly, he was defeated by a shadow clone of the other party.

Sasuke still remembers that unwillingness and humiliation.

Naruto, who is obviously the tail of the Wannian Crane, has no consciousness. He always makes trouble in front of him, making people annoyed.

As for the girl with pink hair, it's Sakura!

Sasuke thought hard.

It seems to be tied for first place with Kuroyoshi in the theory class.

However, the actual combat class is ordinary, and like the other girls in the class, they are idiotic, always wandering around in front of themselves.

Humph!It's better to train yourself hard if you have that time, so you might be better.

Well!Compared to the average person, it is considered excellent.

However, no matter what, they are now just graduated novices, Shinnin, and they are already Zhongnin, and they have also entered the Anbu of Naruto-lord's direct troops.

Sasuke's heart was dark, and Wannian's cold face showed a smile, "Oh, isn't this Kuroyoshi, Naruto, and Sakura?"

"Sasuke-kun, long time no see."

Kozakura smiled implicitly at Sasuke, and Li's personality already roared excitedly, "Sasuke-kun still remembers me and smiled at me."

"Long time no see, Sasuke."

"Long time no see, bastard Sasuke."

Seeing Sasuke say hello, Kurayoshi and Naruto also waved in response.

However, Naruto's jerk Sasuke made the corners of Sasuke's mouth twitch.

This bastard, not seen in a few years, is still so annoying.

Forget it, don't care about him, I am already Zhong Ren, and I need to have the skills of Zhong Ren, and I can't care about it with ordinary newcomers.

Thinking of this, Sasuke calmed down, with a smug smile on his face, "Are you doing a task? You should also graduate from school after counting the time."

"Yeah, yeah!" Naruto nodded and said, "We have been Shionin for a month, but Mr. Yamato has no energy at all for some chores."

"Well, Shinobu can also do chores." Sasuke comforted: "Don't worry, you can do advanced tasks after you officially become Zhongnin, just like me."

"Like you!" Naruto was stunned, his eyes opened slightly, and then he asked: "Are you already Zhong Ren?"

Naruto's expression and questioning made Sasuke feel a little refreshed, but on the surface he didn't care.

"Yes, and I also joined the special organization of Lord Naruto. As for what organization, the organization requires confidentiality."

Keep secret a hammer!

Don’t you tell us that you have joined Anbu?

After graduating a few years earlier, has your mind changed from what is GAI to where is it?

There was a lot of sweat on the back of Kurayoshi's head.

"Ah, so envy, I really want to do high-level tasks, damn it, I blame Mr. Iruka for not allowing me to graduate early, otherwise I would already be in tolerance." Naruto said with envy and hatred.

Naruto's words choked Sasuke, and it took a long time for his cough to calm down.

"Well, you don’t have to be reconciled. After a few more years of exercise in the position of Shinnin, you will become Zhongnin sooner or later. Although the time is a little longer, this is no way. After all, Uchiha is an elite family, so I can To become Zhong Ren so quickly, the gap in talent is not related to people's will."

Chapter 89 The Sun Is Out

Sasuke's words are a bit harsh.

Although there is no yin and yang strange, it makes people uncomfortable to hear.