Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 130

Kuroyoshi frowned, then stretched it out as if he hadn't heard it.

Kozakura stood there a little embarrassed.

She liked Sasuke very much, but Sasuke's words clearly belittle them.

If it's just herself, she doesn't think there is anything.

Because he was not as good as Sasuke, whether it was strength or talent.

But Sasuke's words included the entire seventh class.

Especially Kurayoshi, in the school, he was all over Sasuke.

And Sasuke said this at this time like deliberate provocation

On one side are teammates, on the other side is the person I like.

For a while, Sakura was a little at a loss.

However, Kuroyoshi has a casual personality and does not want to make trouble. Sakura also said nothing because of such scruples, but Naruto is a single cell.

After hearing Sasuke's provocative remarks, he immediately asked unhappy: "Who do you say has a talent gap with you?"

Sasuke glanced at Naruto, ignored it, and turned his gaze on Kuroyoshi.

His previous remarks were indeed provocative.

But it was not to provoke Sakura and Naruto, but Kuroyoshi.

That year, in the ninja school, Kurayoshi kept pressing him.

He was very unconvinced and had been practicing assiduously, trying to surpass Kuroyoshi, in order to prove to the world that what Itachi can do first in school, he can do it, and even better.

However, no matter how he practices, the gap between the two sides has not narrowed, on the contrary it has widened.

After the grade assessment three years ago, the school proposed to Sasuke to graduate early.

He thought of Kuroyoshi at the time.

Anyone who is second in his grade can get advice for early graduation from school, and Kuroyoshi who is first in grade must have received it too!

If the other party graduates early and he continues to go to school, the gap between the two parties will be widened.

After all, what the school teaches is no longer helpful to them at the time.

Only by training in the ninja's mission career and wandering between life and death can you make greater progress.

So Sasuke accepted the school's suggestion to graduate early.

However, when he followed the last class of students to take the graduation exam, he didn't find Kuroyoshi.

That guy did not graduate as early as he thought.


Sasuke was surprised when he got the news.

Obviously, the school could not teach them anything, he didn't understand why Kuroyoshi didn't graduate early.

Are you afraid of death?

Afraid of a dangerous career after becoming a ninja?

Thinking left and right, Sasuke can only think of this answer.

Suddenly, Sasuke, who had originally regarded Kurayoshi as his biggest competitor, disdains Kuroyoshi.

A guy who is afraid of even danger, no matter how talented he is, no matter how high his grades in school, he will die in the mission after he becomes a real ninja.

An unconscious guy cannot become a ninja.

However, no matter how Sasuke disdains Kurayoshi, he cannot change the fact that Kurayoshi is the number one in the ninja school.

And he, Uchiha Sasuke, the son of the patriarch Uchiha and the younger brother of the genius Itachi, was only second, and he was always overwhelmed.

But he graduated early and never had a chance to prove that he was stronger than him, nor did he graduate early in the first grade like Itachi.

It is also regarded as a misunderstanding that people did not dare to compete with Kuroyoshi and graduated early.

How can you forgive such a thing!

If the other person is a person with deep consciousness, he is a true genius.

Even if he loses, Sasuke will certainly feel unconvinced, but he just wants to try to catch up.

However, he is a guy who is afraid of even a ninja career.

It's a shame to be overwhelmed by such a guy.

Although Sasuke didn't specifically come to the Ninja School to make trouble with Kuroyoshi, he still had a lot of grudges about it.

At this moment, I met by chance and couldn't help but provoke.

He hoped that Kuroyoshi could not help but attack him, and then he could counterattack justifiably, and prove to the world that being strong for a while is not a big deal, only those who have been strong are true geniuses.

His Uchiha Sasuke is definitely no worse than Kuroyoshi.

It's a pity that Kurayoshi turned a blind eye to his provocations, just like in school.

If it were in the past, Sasuke would regard Kurayoshi's behavior as magnanimity, but now, he only thinks Kurayoshi is timid, just like he didn't dare to graduate early.

"Hey, what do you mean, Sasuke, bastard?"

Seeing Assistant Zuo ignored him, Naruto was really furious.

He rushed to the bank of the river in several steps, stood in front of Sasuke, staring at him viciously, "What the hell do you mean? Do you look down on me?"

The distance between the two is very close, and each other can feel the sound of each other's breathing.

Sasuke looked at the angry Naruto, frowned, then stretched out, and deliberately provoked: "Why is it worth seeing the tail of the crane?"

"what did you say?"

"I realized one important thing in my ninja career, that is, the weaker the guy, the more he likes to shout."

"You bastard!"

Naruto was furious, aimed at Sasuke's face, and subconsciously punched him.